20 Reasons Why a Business needs to build an Email List.

how to build an email list

What is an email list ( Email lists )

An email list, is an email data base that has been grown over time, to get to the size that’s called an email list. There is no specific amount of number that can be considered to present an email list.

Which leads to the conclusion that, as long as you have an existence of an email list that compiles of people’s emails, you have an email list.

Email lists are not grown over night, but much as over time. A good email list will compile of a lot of things, such as;

  • A responsive audience
  •  and An audience with the exact interest

There are so many advantages of having an email list, but below are 10 advantages for having an email list.

10 Reasons Why a business needs to build an Email List

1) Brand Awareness
The first thing you will need to do as a new business or a business that is re-inventing itself, you will need to create brand awareness.

  1. Tell people who you are
  2. What your company is all about
  3. Describe what kind of solutions you give
  4. Offer incentives and discounts to get off the ground
  5. Study your audience for business ventures
  6. Read your data and implement best decisions
  7. Do both email and direct mail campaigns
  8. Create content for marketing purposes
  9. Write marketing emails to promote to your audience
  10. Listen to feedback

How to write an email marketing strategy

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2) Customer Relationship
You need to know that, before people ever buy from you, they will need to trust you first. People don’t just buy online for the sake of making a purchase.

Customers need to know what kind of a company you are, or at least get a feel of who you are before they can consider your company for any services.

Tell your story to customers and new people that have interest that come into your business. Whether it is in your physical location, or online subscribing to newsletters or creating an appointment. The relationship needs to be nurtured, to make people stay for a long term as buying customers.

3) Industry Expert
Being known as the go to individual, not only might it feel good to you, this reasoning will also grow your business.

Being able to be an expert, in something other peoples don’t know how to do in life, can help you be seen as a problem solver “and an expert”.

Being an expert in your industry, gives you reputation, and the respect of other companies in your industry. People will be able to look to you for solutions before considering someone else. And this can be very beneficial to the business in the long term.

4) Reputation Management
Reputation can be gone overnight when it comes to businesses. You can spend your whole life building reputation for your business and have it threatened and lost before you even have the time to explain yourself.

Proofing your business with business reputation management can give you an outstanding reputation with the public.

This mostly applies to big companies that have massive reputation, that guarding that reputation becomes the foundation of the business. Being able to respond to lawsuits, customer complaints, and other issues that might not put the business in the best light, might require a reputation management team.

5) Attention Span
People’s attention span is growing smaller and smaller as the internet continues to grow. People are exposed to a whole lot amount of information, you need to strategize

  • Create capturing videos
  • Post images that are capturing on social media
  • Engage with your audience and answer their questions
  • Get customers to participate in programs and contests

6) Crush your competition
Being able to re-engineer successful things that have worked well for your business, will help you to crush your competition because you know what works better for your business and most of all the right practices.

Every product and every service in the industry you are in might not be different, but you can definitely deliver it differently than other business are doing it, and this can make you stand out and become a company that is ahead of competition.

7) Study data
Customers decisions are influenced by behavior. Learn customer behavior according to the industry you are in.

  • Find out other interests your audience have
    Find out their demographic location
  • Find out the gender that is most likely to convert well if your product is specific to one or all genders
  • Find the average pricing they are willing to pay for a product online. Not all people like to spend a huge amount of money online
  • For more advanced products and services, you might need to be aware of the education level of the individual and also the education level, to know what triggers them to make a purchase.


8) Provide new experiences
By re-inventing your data, you will be able to provide new experiences to your customers. From our data, you will know what your customer’s behaviors are like, and customizing products for them will become easier.

If this step is done right, companies will not have to promote their products or services to their audiences, because the need of the problem solver in the eyes of your customer, is already there.

Knowing when your customer is ready to buy will help position yourself well at the crucial moment when the customer decides to buy.

9) Campaign follow up
Expose your business to more successful opportunities you can take advantage of.

  • Come up with the perfect direct mailing campaigns you can build. Advertise your brand on other related business website’s to get traffic directed back to your website.
  • Write content to further market to a wider broad market, here, people that read blogs will discover your company and come to know about your services.

10) Repeat success
Repeat success and tweack what you failed along the way. This will help you improve the experience of your customers and your business in general.

Experiencing failure should not bring you down, instead you should find the experience interesting enough to implement in your business again. Look at the results you get out of each campaign, or strategy, and always find that, there is always a need for improvement.

It’s looking at things twice or ten times that will make you notice what is there that you din’t see before. In other words, what you could have done betterm that you did not see or consider as a good option before.


10 Advantages of Building an Email List

1) Being able to launch product test
Getting opinions from people that buy from you is valuable. If you decide to let a couple of your subscribers on your pre launch review, you could really as a business learn from your angle of marketing, make the product better, know what people like and most of all being able to serve them better.

2) The opportunity to get opinions before launching
You can compare data from your review test groups you get from your subscribers and compare to the real data that comes in when you launch the product and its selling, to further tweak things and add values to your services and products that you would want people to buy more of. Listen to your customers feedback because their experience with your product will help you figure out what you aim for with your next product, launch or business.

3) Getting people involved and excited
Having an email list, you have the advantage of teasing your product before its on the shelves and people can buy it from anywhere. You can get to offer people coupons, up-sale products, down sale and provide other means of accommodation to provide the best customer experience you can provide without hurting your business. “look at how you can keep your profit margins without under pricing your items, letting people use their coupons more than once and more…”

4) Being able to give tips, guides and be helpful
You can send videos of tutorials and guides to your subscribers, this way you are being helpful in providing more information about your product, how it works, how to use i. Mentioning features is one of the highlights of any products. Every customer want’s to know what the product they are about to buy is going to do for them. Solve solutions first before and don’t over sale something you have not educated people on, “only you know your product, give other people a better understanding”.

5) Growing the reputation of your business
Getting a reputation management company to manage your reputation online could be the best thing for your business. When you are a small business, your aim would be to please your customers, this can be a bigger undertaking after having so much on your plate. Hiring a reputation company and paying them to build your reputation online could be the best thing for your brand.

6) Being able to up-sale
When you are creating products you need to figure out, what problem could you solve for an individual that bought a product from you. Be able to foresee that when a purchase is made, that purchase could lead to another purchase because that first purchase only makes sense to buy the second purchase. If the first product cost less, the up-sale product needs to cost more because it more benefits than the first product and the first product needs the second product in order to function to the best ability, to the individual’s problem.
1st product: Eliminates some problems.
2nd product: Eliminates problems further in addition to the first product.

7) Being able to down-sale
When you offer someone a product and they don’t buy it, keeping them from not buying it all, you can offer them a low price in order to make it more accessible to them, this method is called a down sale because, some of the features are taken away from the first product to reduce the functionality of it. The customer does not et the full functionality and features but rather a small percentage unless they buy the up-sale product that is a full package of all the functions and features.

8) And Cross-selling
Cross-selling is an impulse buying item, that a seller thinks might be able to sell just because it is cheaper and the buyer might not be able to pass it up. Most most good cross-selling items come in form of a bundle that consumers are always tempted to buy knowing they might be able to use it for a long time and not buy it at a high price else where (a cross-selling item is usually a one time offer). Choose wisely your cross selling items, you don’t have to have these items but if it an option you are looking to try them make sure the item is well priced.

9) Organic traffic that is easy to keep
If you collect email lists by organic traffic or bought traffic, chances are you have people that willingly opted into your email list because they wanted more of something that you offer. Email lists are easy to keep, do they need refreshing? the answer is absolutely YES! “but that’s another topic”. Responsive email lists, meaning people that are already motivated and are buyers of what you sell are most valuable lists, so when you get good lists like these, make sure your consistent with your newsletters and provide exciting content.

10) Getting referrals from your customers
There’s a power to word of mouth. People being able to talk about your brand and share experiences could be the most amazing reputation your brand could have. Reputation for business is everything, and when you get it, work very hard to keep it, Always mentaine a good reputation in business and whenever there is bad reputation look for a way to solve it before your public business image is damaged.

Email List Conclusion

Every business needs an in house email list that should always be maintain, with cleaning, providing good value to subscribers and more. This is because, when it comes a time you need to start promoting your goods and services, your customers will have a natural process and interest of adapting to your product.

Giving customers a well structured journey to get them to the point of willingness, where they want to buy something from you, you would have built trust with them, to want to try a service or product from you.

Advantages of having an email list, are too good to pass, and this is why any kind of business should have an email list, or at-least try to grow one.

An email list will grow with your business, you need your customers to grow with your, and an email list is one way that you can do that.

Maintaining an email list might be a challenge but at the end it is always worth it. As a business, you will always have a fresh list at all times, and also a high responding audience at all times.

Reducing manual work by getting an Email Hosting provider will do more good than damage to your function of your business.

Practicing these 10 steps are very important, every business needs these, and if skipped, it can be really hard to get your business to grow. If there 10 steps are done, your business will always have something to look forward to because the practices will always bring results.

Growing your email list or at-least starting to, is a good decision for the business. Email lists do dot rely on personal preferences, but the benefits it has on the business.

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