3 Backlink Tips That Work For Bloggers and Small Business Owners That Create Content

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Backlinking Tips for Small Businesses and Bloggers for 2021 Traffic Strategy.
Traffic strategy for 2021, bridging traffic between your website and other third party platforms that you can gain and build your audience from.

1 – Content Writing
Write a piece of blog that serves your audience, and help them with their problems. Giving solutions that make you look like an expert can build trust and relationships with people, and you can build your audience that way.
Link out your website or link inside your own website to other pages, to provide people with more information about topics you might think they need to read next. Don’t link too much to or inside your own website.
By linking to other pieces of content from other bloggers or websites, search engines will see that you engage with other people’s content and there for might favor to improve your ranking in search results.

2 – Guest Posting
Guest write a blog on other platforms. You can do this by visiting websites that are close to your niche and asking them for a guest post. Some websites are known to doing this, letting other people write on their websites and post content. If you can post a link that directs back to your website. Search engines will trace this and be able to identify that you are engaging with other people’s content and not just a website standing on it’s own.
Search engines look for engagement. You need to be able to engage with other people’s content in order for your content to be favored too. This can method can slowly build for an authority status in the online space.

3 – E-books
Writing E-books is another way to gain a link from other websites. You can write and E-book and post on other platforms in order for you to get a link pointing to your website. Look for Follow back backlinks, For the link to be traced back to your website. This will show you are an active website and you have content on other platforms too. Sell your books in third party platforms and if you are able to submit your website, then this one way that your link will point back to your website.


  • Write Content and help other people solve their problems by recommending the best solutions they can use to rid of their problems. Other bloggers might see your post and decide to write or quote your content and linking back to your article and website.
  • Guest post on similar websites by submitting articles and being helpful to their audience. You will get a backlink if you can link your article with your website link, the search engine will be able to trace your appearance to the website with your article.
  • Write E-books that provide value and give them away for free. You will get a backlink from people who read your book and decide to write a review online, linking the book and your name or website.

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