3 Directory Listing Platforms For High Quality Traffic Sources

Business Directory Listing Platforms For Quality Traffic Sources.

1) Google
As one of the largest search engines, Google is the go to service finder for most consumers, with increasing traffic visitors per month, Google has strong Authority reputation in the whole world, there for trust is high. If you appear on Google’s first page, people will trust you more than someone who appears on the tenth page, there are pros and cons of being on google, when we start to talk about page ranking, search engine optimization, back links and so forth.
Create content because google loves content, and with optimization maybe you might get the chance to be on the first or second page “Be careful on out sourcing SEO it can get expensive and some of them don’t work so be sure to know what company you are working for and see the testimonials from other people that used their services before you invest your money.
You can run Ads on google and the best part is if you are a first time on using google ads, you might qualify for free credits on google Ads. Experiment with Ads bidding, banner ads and more to find a groove for your business
With additional assistance for your business google provides you with free accounts on;
— Google Analytics
— Google My business
— Google Shopping
— Google Courses

2) Facebook
With Facebook, all you need is one account and you can create multiple pages for different ventures and be able to control everything in one dashboard without having to log in to many accounts.
For a new account the advice given most is posting everyday, form 2-3 times, from most of the research done, it is suggested that videos work the best on the platform and tends to get more engagement than posts and pictures, but this is an experience that can be experienced by type of business you promoting, and until you try different methods that’s when you can know for sure what works for you and what doesn’t.
You have the opportunity to run ads and look at your data nd know where to scale. The responsibility all fall on you, the targeting, the keywords, whether to use pictures or videos and so forth, so be careful on the methods you choose and the first hours of running your Ads consider it as a test before you scale or turn of your Ads because Ads take time to optimize and that time should be spent wisely reading data and analyzing what is working and what is not.
To further expose your business on Facebook, you are provided with free resources to use and register your business in
— Facebook for Business
— Facebook Shopping page
— Facebook integration with Instagram
— Facebook Market place for selling and trading

3) Yahoo
This is a platform that is considered old and outdated but let me tell you it is not at all, this platform has high quality traffic and your business can gain a lot from it. You can run Ads and your ads can be shown on Yahoo, AOL, Msn and much more, They have platforms that they push your ads to, and they are not expensive like most, but you will have to watch your ad spent and track everything just like you do with other areas of your business and watch if you are getting results or its time to pause the ads, look at other angles and so forth.
There is further help with support and an organization that provides you with assistance, tips and guides on how to drive your business. You can dive into native ads and see how the
— Yahoo Small Business tools
— Gemini Yahoo Ads

Honorable Mentions – These are also high traffic websites, with high quality traffic every month, but because this a top 3 Listing platforms we thought we would mention the two platforms below because they also drive small businesses forward the same as the 3 mentioned above.
Bing – Bing my business
Yelp – For business listing





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