3 Things To Look For In a Business Directory Before Signing Up

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Choosing the right Business Service Directory can be an up hill battle sometimes, there are so many directories to choose from, but like with everything else you have to have guidelines, below are some guidelines you need to follow before even signing up for these websites.

Domain Authority
Find out how much traffic the directory pull in per month, and decide if it is worth your shot. Look through your Industry Services and the businesses already registered on the platform and see the best ranked businesses and study them to see what they differ from the others “you are going to have to open at least twenty websites and look at their website to make sure you are getting a good prospect of what kind of websites are on the platform”

If the websites look modern, current and up to date, this could only mean for you that you need to study your competition in order to do well on the directory, because people who search for services on these directories don’t only open one page but seral until them make up their mind on whose business they are going to settle on. So make sure your website is appealing, is current, is up to date and most of all operating in hours like most of your industry competition is.

Alexa Ranking
Find out what they website you want to register your business ranks in on Alexa, See their world wide ranking and your “Specific Country” ranking. This will help you choose if your business is well or less likely to benefit on their platform.
Evaluating the data for any website you want o do a marketing strategy on, is very important, seeing raw data like where their most traffic source comes from, or if they have enough traffic to their sit per month is a good way to establish trust with their establishment in order for you to list with them

Recommendations and Suggestions
The website work flow of blogs, resources or content should have a flow that determines the users useful information. The users need should be put first in the aggregating of content rather than off topic and confusing information.

Users should find it easy to find what they are looking for. The directory should be able to allow users to browse the site without logging in first. If people have to login first before they get to search for a service, this method of locking content might not be useful for your website to get enough visits it needs.

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