3 Ways To Convince People You Have A Startup That Is Legit

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Startups are ideas, without action they remain ideas. Just like with anything else, without showing how your idea should be valuable to improving the human race, in some way, then that project that you have in your hand “it doesn’t matter how smart you are” will remain an idea until you find a way to involve people. Whether what you need is investors or buyers, you are going to deal with people.

Being a people person, enthusiastic and always ready to explain to people that are valuable to your project “what your goals are after” you will find it often, that natural collaborations that make a difference will be born this way.

3 things to make people think your startup is legit

1) Project Making and Solutions
Have the total map out of your project. It is very important to map out things for your project, because it is easier for people you are presenting your project to, to understand the deep informative details that they would have rather not understood if you were talking, and not showing them the mapped out plan of your means and needs to meet your end goals.

End goals are easy to map out, its the journey and the prospects you are going to be dealing with along the way that need management, and that management will come from your product mapping idea that can be revisited and made better as you go along completing your project.

Have mapped out solutions, that you have prepared unless a problem arises. Pre determine your problems even if you have got them under control, show them to people who are unfamiliar with your project and have discussions about possible problems that might arise and what solutions you have them. This creates less panic and more control to all parties involved in the project.

2) Performance Expectations and the Norms
Have your performance expectations, always gear towards the results. Imagine a finished project and pre approve the strategies that will be taken to get there.
Projects have their own performance norms, depending on what you are doing, some projects are difficult than others and some projects are simple than others. Know a detailed value of your and what what under circumstances could your project perform under the norm, and what under circumstances your project wouldn’t perform under the norm.

These norms could be anything from
The production capability of your supplier of manufacturer, should be discussed, for how the project needs to meet its standard performance by the requirements of the manufacturer or supplier, so you are not caught up without supplies for your startup.
The launching date should be clear, guide lines should be put in place to get all your clearance and permits before the launching date approaches.
Number Expectations
Whether it is profit or the amount of loss, you should have numbers that determine the highest performance your project can perform. Knowing you numbers will motivate you to aim higher and study your startup even much closer.

3) The sharp edge of Perceptions and Assumptions
Be aware of the expectations other people have over your project “especially if you have investors” Know how to communicate and explain to your collaboration partners of what is going on with the startup “whether you are having problems or not”
In check in meetings, to determine where the project is, evaluate new goals to meet, things to watch for, and the importance of letting others give in suggestions of what could be done better, what should be changes. These are not pain points for you as a start up owner, instead they should be treated as learning lessons, because sometimes good feedback can make a huge difference.

The noise of the public and the assumptions for your project, if you are lucky and it gets off the ground quickly, there should be Reputation Management welcomed into the company, to control the company press, brand awareness and values.

Every start up is hard. Please share this article with anyone you know it might help.

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