4 Things you must know before Writing Marketing Emails

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Marketing Emails and Email Marketing

As long as you intend on selling anything, you must become a marketer, your goal of achieving success, must stand in between selling and educating more about your product. Selling only does not work, education must be given, to a person you want to acquire your product in order for you to make a sell.

A sell will come in, when marketing practices have been practiced to the fullest, in order to achieve a certain results. Personalized emails must be constructed to create a customer journey, that will turn people from potential customers, to buying customers.

Personalized Email Marketing Made Simple

Before writing an email, especially an an email that is supposed to be in a marketing form, you should know the language your audience speaks. To convey emotions and provoke reactions, you must speak in a language your audience relates to the most. This can be a National language, slangs, short codes etc.

Below we will discuss how to approach your email marketing emails, so they are clearly understood, and take effect according to what you want your emails to do.

Email perform the actions of what marketers want customers to do, there is a language and secret meaning to get your emails to perform well, these marketing strategies will be implemented by your organization, reversed and improved, through out your Email marketing campaign.

The Success Facts of Marketing Emails You Must Know

1) Knowing the subject you are writing the email to?

Knowing who you are writing your email to, makes it easier on knowing what kind of language to use, if you should include humor in your email, joke, or a specific stories into your subject like of the body composition of your email. Here, you must, Learn to tell stories that people relate to, evoke emotions, and arise curiosity, to force your reader to want to read the rest of your email.

How to send the email with email marketing software:
Specify the Individual’s name in the email, this can be done by setting up your email software, to send your emails using the first name of the person you are sending the email to, if you are using email marketing automation, this can easily be done in the settings area of your email composition page.

Making the email written specific to the person will look, like it was meant for them and was not just sent in a bulk; only for them to see that the email they got was also sent to other people too. This can leave people not feeling special and should be avoided at all times, customize your emails according to your email list’s individual first name.

3) Where Know where your customer Geographic Location is

Knowing where your customer is, will help you narrow down the areas you have to target the most, instead of doing trial error trying to look for your customer else where, know where your customer is, and what the place they live is like, in terms of weather, population, and their need for your service. Figuring this out, will help you knowing the responsive rate you are bound to receive and if your audience is an action taker audience. Aim to laser target on people’s needs, where they live and create awareness for your brand.

Not all products sell all year around, there are some products that come with demand only because it is a certain time of the year. this can all be due to (weather change, cultural events, public holidays and so forth). Either way, know your demand because this will help you determine your stock needs and customer expectation in numbers.

How to write the email:
Mention the obvious reasons why your audience will need the product, For example; the change of weather, You can sell winter coats when winter months are approaching, and, you can sell sunscreen when summer is approaching. Have an intent with what you are selling, and why people would need it. In your email, remind your audience you are selling a product they like to use, at specific times of the year.

4) When: Knowing when to explore your call to actions

This tactic, can help you generate more profits by knowing when your customer is ready to buy. Creating a customer journey will help you serve each and every customer the same way and individually, but effectively by doing email marketing. This can be done by creating funnels, and sending email sequences according to your customer’s needs.

When you are writing your marketing email:

Have a clear call to action that explains what you need your potential customer to do

  • Is it to click on a button to go watch your youtube video
  • Is to subscribe to your email list
  • Is it to take a quiz
  • Is it to download a free PDF?

Whatever it is, make it clear in your emails, so when your customers are done reading the email, they are not wondering what to do next.


Writing emails is not for everyone, and this goes for marketers too. Not all of us like to seat down and structure a marketing email or emails, that we hope to test and find the one’s that have a successful opening rate, and structure the perfect Marketing Email.

Your email should contain of

  • Catch headline

Write an interesting Title that makes the reader want open your email. Your Title is the first thing that is seen before your email is opened. Make sure it is interesting enough.

  • Intriguing body

The intro of your emails should be customized, address your email list by the names they go with. Avoid using hi, or hello there!. without mentioning the recipient’s name. This will make a huge difference, on how your reader thinks of your email.

  • Intensive Ending

At the end of your email, follow with a call to action that your audience should take next. This call to action can be, going to a landing page with an offer, taking the reader to a survey, etc.

  • and a Suspensive call to action

Direct your customer to the next step, you would like them to go, continuing the customer journey until what is needed is acquired, can bring in more conversions for your business. The creation for a customer journey should not be ignores, your organization should seat down, and discuss what kind of a customer you have, what journey you need to create for them, and how to walk they through to become a buying customer.

Resource: The 6-step formula for writing emails that sell

If you are not sure you can cover these points in your email, you must out source, in order not to waste time with writing emails and testing emails and rather focus on other parts of your business. Get the perfect Marketing Emails composed for you.

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