4 Ways to Use Email Automation to Nurture Leads

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What is a Lead

A person of interest, that you would like to attract or gain attention of, in order for you to perform marketing duties, this can be from providing more information on your services or products, this can be in terms of selling or adding free or paid value into people’s lives, or both.

What is to Nurture

This is to develop a relationship from nothing, into a trustworthy level with someone that was stranger to you, but now can take opinion from you, because you are expert, provide value that they relate to, you are a problem solver and you provide other advantages that they find useful.

It depends with nurturing relationships on how long someone might take to trust you. Its all a white board, you cannot pin point a reason to make it an obvious conclusion on how determine when someone trusts you. It’s trial and error and in the marketing place there is a lot of consumer studies that have been put in place by companies, to easily further see what people are interested in, in order to give out customized service.

By now we all know what email marketing is, but incase you have landed on this article and don’t know the meaning of email marketing, in short here we go:
Email Marketing
Is a form of communication and relationship customers and businesses have to meet means to an end type of deal. Money and payments are exchanges for goods and services over the internet or in person, according to the business’s policies.

These relationships are very important for companies to keep, especially now! because most companies are going online, the competition is high and getting attention to web browsers who prefer shopping online holds high profit margins now more than ever.

If you are getting into Email Marketing here are 4 ways you can use Email Automation to Nurture your Leads

1) Set A Landing Page
After choosing your choice of Email Marketing Platform and making sure their plan includes Landing pages building. Set up a landing page where you can locate your sign up form and collect emails for future marketing opportunities.
Ready made landing pages should be your starting point, if you don’t know how to design landing pages. Look through designs your platform has available for you and pick to use, only designs that fit your branding and complement your industry.

2) Build an Email List
Build your list with your embedded sign up form, Digital Marketing
Automation should make it easy for you to send out emails immediately to your, new subscribers, people who have a made a purchase from you, and so forth.
Building an email list can lead to opportunities like
a) Up-selling
Selling something for a high price, because it is filled with so many benefits and value that anyone buying the item will be gaining so much that buying a down-sale, because it is half of the product and not a complete product. an Up-sale has all the features and functions.
b) Down- selling
Reducing the price of your product or service just to make it more affordable for people, this can be down in giving out coupons, reducing prices, and announcing timer flash sales. A down-sale is missing some of the features an functions from the up=sale but still works, but just now like the up-sale full complete package product.
c) Cross-selling
selling items in bundles. that the customer will be gaining more by having a a discount but getting so much value at a discounted price.

3) Communicate with your list
Send emails and pieces of content to your subscribers. To keep your audience entertained or occupied, You should structure out content that you can send to them so they don’t forget about you. n the world of brand noise and everyone asking for attention, it should be a commitment to you to nurture your audience and always be there for them

  • To provide problem solving solutions
  • Tips and guides
  • Video instructions
    and Marketing Automation Tools can do this.

Marketing automation examples

  • Email Marketing sequence to new subscribers
  • Sell alert countdown to your customers
  • Coupons, deals and new arrivals emails automations

4)Promote and make a sale
Online Marketing Automation gives you promotion opportunities, made to spread awareness of your products by and with different kind of emails construction, each according to their needs and targeted goal.

Types of Marketing automation
Email sequence, normally preferred to be called as the customer journey, draw out however Emails, you are going to send to your leads and decide the sequence you will being and end with.

  • Know if you are sending your emails in the morning, afternoon or night, this doesn’t matter, as long as there is a higher opening rate in your emails, then you should stick to the time you send them out. Because all audiences are different. That means people have access to the internet at different times and are active online at different times.
  • Know how to write your emails with clear call to actions. This might take some time to practice but in time you will get perfect at it.
    Sign up for emails with businesses that are in the industry you are in, and see how they communicate with their customers. Read their headlines, the body structure of the email, the ending and the call to actions. Reverse-engineer and make them yours but don’t copy.
    But if you don’t want to write email and would rather outsource, here are Marketing Emails

  • Send reminders to people who don’t open your emails and have your marketing automation tool send the emails or email, out again, this is because your email could end up in spam or may have gotten deleted by mistake by the subscribers. It is worth a shot to try and keep communication with every subscriber equally.

With these 4 tips I hope you have gained some value in your open source marketing automation research. Whether you are doing B2B Marketing Automation or you are a Small Business, benefits of Email Marketing should be coming your way, which of the following is a common feature of email marketing platforms?

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