5 Best Ways To Get More Customer Reviews For Your Business

reputation management and reputation repair

Building Reputation for Businesses have changed over the years, and most highly trusted brands in the world, They have earned their reputation over reviews from their best customers.

Whether a product is being pushed by a celebrity that the public trusts or a brand awareness community works of a small business, Word Of Mouth has power to Influence other people to make a purchase of something just from a testimony or review left online.

The common difference between companies that have sealed their reputation from customers and those that have not or just have a few reviews from their customers, Is the large number of scale that the business sees in revenue returns and those that don’t because they luck trust. Reputation and Marketing for reputation are two different things but in this article we will only talk about how you can help your brand to achieve the status it deserves by asking your customers for reviews.

5 Ways you can get reviews from your customers

1: Email Billing Submission
When a customer buys something from your business, you will normally collect their email address, this is to send to they an invoice, shipping details and so forth. Your part as a business is to come in and ask your customer for a review after, 1 week or so or after you are sure their product is delivered and they have had time to open it and experience your “customer experience” from your business on their part.

Don’t send the emails too soon, because this can come off un-natural and will push your customers away from leaving you a review or purchasing from your again. Avoid sending them constant emails for reviews, if you have done it 3 times and you did not hear back it’s because probably they don’t want to do it, so not asking anymore would be a good choice.

Don’t tell them what to write, Make sure the process for leaving reviews on your website is a quick nd easy process, Allow pictures and not only text reviews for your review submission, because this creates even more trust in the public eye with your business.

2: Verbal Requests
For businesses that have physical locations, after a customer has had their service and they are ready to leave, you can have a nice charming conversation with them and ask them if they would give you a review. Ask them to do this at home or have a computer of your own close to you checkout area you can provide for them to do it quickly.

Other option is giving them an option to provide them with a paper they can write it down from and have your review written that way, and then you can quote them on your website, submit their name and their review.

3: Social Media
Selling products on social media is becoming the new market place for more businesses. Because social media is a sharing platform, most people don’t mind leaving reviews on brand’s comment sections because they are already there anyway.
When you have an audience and you know they are likely to respond when you post something, don’t be afraid to ask them for reviews whether it on one of your products or anything that have out promoting. Social media creates brand reputation and brand reputation creates memorable moments for people so asking for reviews in a strategic marketing manner would be beneficial for you, your brand and also your customers.

4: Audience Communication
Communicating to your audience so they feel included in your journey is crucial, You don’t want to come off cold or as someone that only promotes when you want to sell something, engage with your audience and be helpful when they ask you questions or leave a review. Building on that bond that you and your customers have is what will increase your customers over time, because people will visit your website and they will see the amazing brand reputation you have and maybe just maybe they would want to join too and this will mean more customers for you.

Always update your audience about your brand so you are not forgotten. There a millions of brand focused on growing their brands, and if you don’t pay attention to your customer, they might leave or even forget about you after a while. Positively communicate with your audience.

5: Website Review Popups
People hate pop ups these days, but most businesses say they work, when it comes to email collection, giving away coupons and so forth.

Have a pop up set up to remind customer to leave your store a review before they close the window, These pop ups can be set up to appear after a couple of minutes the user has been on your website or, The pop can be set up to appear when a user is about to close the window of your website, this action will trigger the pop up to appear and ask a customer for a review or anything else you would like them to know before they leave.

Final Though!
Some businesses get overwhelmed with responding to customer reviews because they have too many reviews, and this is because they have way too many accounts representing their brand and also because they have listings on other platforms they can’t manually log in to everyday and they would rather do other things. This is Understandable but there is a way to control this for maximum results for your Brand Reputation to grow.

Get a Tool that can pull all your reviews from other websites you have for it all to be under one website, One login account, One dashboard, One username and one password, You can have as many websites you have, pulled by integration under one umbrella, and control everything from one account.

Get Started With Review Integration and never leave your customers idol and in chance of running to other brands again.



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