5 Reasons Killing Small Businesses

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1: Listing
Most businesses as easy as it is to list their business in online directories, many will not do it, and if they do it they won’t do it well, their profile will is incomplete or all over the place and is not optimized for search results.
Search for the key words you want to rank for in your search engine appearance results and use those in your listing and website content “blog” and source outside help to help you with SEO. There are companies that help businesses with SEO content optimization and ranking in search engine results “depending on what search engine results you want to appear for your keywords”
Example: Search Engine Results: Google
Location: Toronto
Keyword: Bakery near me, Bakeries in Toronto etc.
Content: SEO Content for Bakery Reviews, Bakery Recommendations etc.

2: Email List
Small businesses don’t do extensive email list building like they should, it is something that should not be put off, having an in house list that you trust and know your sources of email lists is crucial. Don’t buy or rent email lists you don’t know how they were put together.
Buying an email list can be for many reasons, can be because you are running a campaign and you would like people to buy a certain product and so you source an email list to promote your product to people from the email lists given to you.
Email lists range in sizes and prices, Do your research before you trust a company has good lists, look around for reviews from other companies, search for testimonials, and even go further to ask the company how they put together the list you are interested in buying.

3: Promotions
Promoting your business with sponsored ads can be a welcome sight to people who have not seen or heard of your business before. Look for collaborators you can build your portfolio with and run ads knowing your end goal eg: traffic, email list collection targeting etc.
Seek local sponsorship for your brand to be mentioned or displayed a banner of in events, like sports game and fundraisers. Make sure their brand and your brand fits well together and can stand next to each other. Don’t put your brand next to another brand just because you want your business to be noticed, you don’t want to pick up a reputation that might stick and be so easy to get rid of. Make a good first impression with your ads and sponsorships.

4: Analysis
Create a habit of looking at your data and knowing where your business is, if you are making profits, if you are incurring losses or if your business has been still for a while and look for other angels to change the problems.
Checking your books from 3-6 months within a year is a good healthy checkup for any organization. Knowing where you are and where you stand is crucial, this can help you prepare for up-coming seasons and know what change of an angle you need to aim for with your customers and product rotation in general.
It’s better knowing your problem before it gets worse, than noticing the problem when it’s worse. Analyzing your company data can help you avoid costly mistakes.

5: Change
Be open to change and trying new things for your business, get out of your comfort zone and be the first to be curious and think, what opportunities can do for your business.
Sometimes to know what works for your business, you have to go through trial and error, Know the triggers for your audience, how they react to your new products and existing products, what they think of your company ethics and values. Aim to provide value more than selling and customers will always seek to know about you, because they know they might be educated about something they have not learned about before.

There are so many reasons that can kill a small business, but these 5 we consider to be the top because they are easy to do, but so simple for companies to ignore and think they don’t matter. List your business in high quality traffic directories, collect emails, promote your business, analyze your data and make effective change for your business.

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