5 Ways to increase Traffic and Make your Website more Popular

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If you need to get traffic to your website, here are the 5 best ways to get traffic to your website. These methods are long terms and guaranteed to bring more income and stable results and running expensive Ads or opting on buying traffic, that we all know can get expensive in the long run.

1) Prioritize free generated traffic
Free generated traffic for most businesses comes from business directories. These listings stand as a bridge between the business and the customer that is looking for a service and hopefully they find our company and reach out to us to find a solution and resolve their problem.
People tend to search in their local communities before reaching out to a company that is not within their radius. Make sure to list your business as near me in your place of business, so your community can find you easily. Local and global directories.

2) Guest Blog
Besides from building your backlinking, your content will be shared by other audiences, that you might not have reached if you did not guest blog. Getting ourselves involved in other people’s content and educating even more people, will only create brand awareness for us, and hopefully bring more traffic to our website. Because someone thought of us as an expert, trusted out opinions and decided we were worth them visiting our website.

3) Target long-tail keywords
Targeting long tail keywords in our content is beneficial not for only our readers to het the full prospective of their questions but also answering everyone else typed a short keyword that we have taken in part of for ourselves to write the long tail keyword, including the short key word. Keyword Finder Tool
NOTE: Most people type 2 to 3 words in the search bar of any search engine for a keyword they are seeking results on.

4) Take advantage of email marketing
Email Marketing requires building a list and also with a list, you will require Marketing Emails. Depending on what kind of a business you have, utilize promotional cycles, up-selling, down-selling and cross selling to make profit and study your marketing strategies to make effective decisions in the future.
Marketing software platforms will make your life easier by creating your emails in a funnel sequence that will serve your customers well. Try and choose Aweber, Mailerlite or Kartra these platforms are trusted in the most high performing marketing software in the industry.

5) Utilize Social Media
Brand awareness is everything, this being a free form of advertising, take advantage of the audience you have and will continue to create, by being an ambassador of your own business. Advertisement on social media can be from Uploading videos, Sharing pictures of your projects, Uploading progress with mini project clips, announcements and so much more.
Explore your branding and image as social media is another way of marketing and educating the world. those who don’t know you, will see you and those who know you, will support you, and there fore you will create a community.

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