5 Ways To Start Your Backlink Building – A Guide For Small Businesses And Beginner Bloggers

Backlink Building A Guide to backlinking

This guide is for small businesses and beginner bloggers who are looking for ways to start building their backlinks for the websites and rising in the ranks of search engines. These are top 5 ways to build your backlink history, but there are also other ways out of these 5, make sure to do your research and gather some more ways to build up your business even more.

1: Guest Posting
There are blogging sites that welcome guest posting. Where as a blogger you get in contact with the blog curators and have a discussion of you guest posting on their blog. Guest posting has a potential for strong back link, because if you guest post and the visitors of that blog or site like your content, then you can gain some traffic and even new fans for your work

2: Forums
Join forums that welcome you to participate about your expertise, you could educate people on a topic they are interest in and in return the could share your piece of content with other people and even decide to write a review on your content, welcome you to guest post on the websites and leading to further collaborations.

3: Social Media
Social media is already a sharing platform so people tagging each other or giving a shout out is a normal marketing practice. If you have a strategy of getting a backlink from social media. You are better off searching for people who do well in their industry, have a website and have a blog.

Reach out to them and ask them if they allow guest posting on their website. Influencers might cost money but again if you consider it as a marketing strategy you shouldn’t have a hard time paying for this service. Look for accounts with below 50,000 followers, these influencers tend to pay more attention to their accounts and are not overwhelmed by a lot of emails that are asking of their attention for collaborations.

4: Content Ping Submission
You can submit your new blog to a ping submission website and have your content indexed faster than others. Most pinging websites do have payment plans, there are others that are free out there, but you have to look and see if they are legit and there is no spam and malware on their platform just to be aware. A good way to go with pinging your along with your content is to use Google Search Console, Just submit your website’s sitemap to the platform and you will be good to go.

5: Interviews
Getting interviewed by a prospect or a media presence personality that you know will post something about you or the interview on other social platforms could be another way to build a back link. Make sure to ask them if they can link your site in their article “this should be something you agreed on, before the interview! if this was a backlink strategy gaining for your business growth”

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