7 Expert Mistakes People Make When Naming A Business

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A business name is a very important part of a representation for your business. Having your business hold value, and be strong enough to create brand awareness, this is the right stage of free marketing, brand authority and brand growth.

A business name however sometimes might not be able to do this. Not because having a good business name guarantees success, but because a good business name will guarantee a memorable brand, when it comes to people remembering your business name.

The following mistakes are so easy to make, they are so obvious but not a lot of start-ups give these points a core value of thought like they should.

1) Name Ownership
Use a search engine: Foe example, Goolge “type in the business name idea you have in mind and see if the name is already taken”. Do this on twitter and other social media sites that you think of exploring your presence in, and see if the name is available.

2) Legal Use
Finding a name that you can legally use only, is not enough. If you want to trademark your business name, you need to do research on trademark data bases and see if your business name is trademarked. This can save you name and likeness lawsuits in the future.

3) Domain name
Look for the domain name in a domain registrar you have in mind. To see if the name is available and if you can afford it. This is because people buy domain names to resell and they can sell them for such high prices you might not be able to afford. Avoid causing your customers confusion by having to change your domain name, check if your domain name is available first before settling on a name.

4) Name for future growth
Look for a name that does not limit your opportunities to grow. Naming a business that does only one particular thing, and then adding other services after a couple of years, just in the goodness of expanding your business, Can be confusing and leave people wondering why you have services that don’t relate to your business name.
Example: Having a business name that represents your production of ice cream or bakery goods, and then in the future you add extended services that have nothing to do with ice cream or the food industry. and add something like, drapes, renovations, construction etc, as an extension of other services you give.

5) Evoking Nothing
Choosing a name that evokes nothing, a name that does not bring any interest in mind when you say it. Introduce your name idea to other people to see what they think of their name, their first reaction should tell you something, if you need to re-evaluate your decision
An ideal name can convey across, about the company’s values, what they are really best at doing, their core service and most of all brand authority.

6) Pronounciation
The pronounciation of your name should not be hard to say. The simple the name is easy to say, the faster people can remember your business and less awkward other people are going to try and pronounciate it.
Pronounciation can include the values of unity and inclusion. When the name of your business gives a chance for people to feel included and relate to what you are doing, the more chance you have at people gravitating to your business.

7) Think Global
Think of appealing your brand in front of global audiences. This kind of thinking will give you a bigger picture of how your brand looks and what to aim for in-terms of growth, expansion and lasering in to your customer’s need and services you need to provide for the mass.
Challenge yourself to get a name that is marketable globally, because you never know what expansions you might desire in the future.

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