An Introduction to backlinks

An Introduction to backlinks

What is a backlink, backlinks meaning, backlinks definition

A backlink is your website Url placed on one or more websitem referending back to your website.
Backlinks give you an existance in other people’s websites, and this can grow your authority and reputation as a source, an expert at providing solutions and improve your serach rankings.

How to create backlinks, How to get backlinks

1) Guest posting
Reach out to people in your industry who write blogs for their website and ask to guest post. Guest posting will give you an opportunity to educate other audiences and potentially earn traffic from those audiences.

2) White label backlinks
Buying backlinks is not recommended but this sometimes can get you fast results at improving rankings in search results. Be sure of the source your are getting your backlinks too before you pay for the service.
To look for White label backlinks you can do a search on Google or any search engine you prefer and use keywords like

  • link building services,
  • Backlinks market place

3) Content sharing
Ask people who read your content to share your content on social media platforms, so other people can see it.
This kind of backlinking can be recognized by Search engines as votes. The more people share your content, the more signals are being sent that you content, has value, and should be shown to other people.

Types of backlinks
Do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks

a) Do follow backlinks
A do follow backlink, means that if you pot on someone else’s website, your Url, will point back to your website and this be noticed by search engines

b) No follow backlinks
A no follow backlink, means that if you post on someone else’s website, Your Url, will not point back to your website, there for it will not be noticed by search engines and no traffic will be redirected toy your page or pages.

Why you should use backlinks
Advantages of building backlinks

  • When you have backlinks, you have an advantage of being ranked higher in search results, because people like your content.
  • When you have backlinks, you have a high chance of being visiting your website without searching for it, but because they like to consume your content first before they go looking else where.
  • People reading content that has an outbound link to you, will get to know about your website and what you do.
  • Backlinks given signals to search engines that you are social and you participating with other people’s content too.
  • Your website gets to have quality traffic and you can monetize your website for content that works.

Backlinks Frequently Asked Questions

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