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Backlink Tiers

What is a tier link building?
A tear link building is linking your links through multiple channels to get them to point towards one another.

First tier backlink – tear 1 backlink
This is the first backlink you have on one website. The first one that you get before you even get the second tear backlink

Second backlink tier – tear 2 backlink
The 2 tear backlink you get, will point back to your first tear backlink, acknowledging the link that exists in other website.

Third tier backlink – tier 3 backlink
Your 3 tear backlink, will point back to your tear 2 backlink or tear 2 backlinks to acknowledge the 2 tier placement.

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Tie Backlinks: How Tier Backlinks Work

Benefits of Tiered Links

  • All links are not directly pointed to your website, but instead the existance of them through other websites makes them visible to finding you other audiences, that might be looking for content or services like yours, and there for earning you more exposure
  • The traffic flow is much better, You will always get traffic from these other websites that you have your links on. Whether it is tear 1 backlinks, 2 tier backlinks or 3rd tear backlinks, the traffic will always flow back to you.
  • If you are doing guest blogging to get backlinks, this service can be free and sometimes can be paid. Its the most affordable way to get cheap backlinks without spending a lot of money for high quality backlinks
  • Lower quality backlinks works the same as high quality backlinks, the only difference is, your ranking might not be as fast as that of someone that has a backlink on a high domain authority website.
  • You can always remove the tear of backlink that is not working for your website. If you see your (backlink checker) is not showing high quality traffic returning to your website, you can always get rid of these backlinks and find new new ones.
  • You can use forums, social media platforms and other low domain ranking websites to join a community, comment and educate. With leaving your link in these websites, your link will point back to your website. Having it be your tear 2 backlink or your 3rd tier backlink

Risks of doing tiered backlink building

  • Building backlinks on websites that are not industry related can come of as fishy, and this can look like spam to search engines. Keep off from spamming looking website whether you are getting a free backlink or paying for backlinks.
  • Your website could be blacklisted by search engine results, if your backlinks are violating search engines rules and guide lines. Be sure to read the guideline of search engines on backlinking.
  • Search engines change their guidelines regarding backlinking so be sure to look for updates, to prevent your website from being affected, black listed or deindexed.
  • If you are paying for backlinks, this service might be just for a year and they you will have to pay again and again to still have a backlink on a website. This cost can add up and bring down your backlink count.
  • If you stop paying for backlinks, all your paid backlinks will disappear from the websites you have your backlink on, and you don’t want search engines to recognize that you have lost so many backlinks. This notification will get your website ranked lower. Be sure to check if the search engine you are optimizing for allows buying backlinks. If they do this shouldn’t be a problem, but if they don’t then you should be aware of the consequences they could direct your way.

Backlink Tier FAQ


Link building gives search engines results signals that there is a much depth and diversity story to your website. There for structuring your content, with your audience in mind will work more in your favor that just writing any kind of content with no keywords in mind.

Having a lot of backlinks or just high quality backlinks, This is looked at by search engines as votes. The more your backlinks are on other websites, the more people are voting up your content. So be sure to be social and encourage sharing of your content by putting a sharing icon on your for social icons on your content.

tear 1 backlink will point to tear 2 backlink and and tear 3 backlink will point to tear 2 backlink.
Optimize seo for your seo tier 1, tier 2 will act as a direct link to your seo tear 1 and tier 3 will act as a flow to the first tear one content and tear 2 backlink content.

Interested in knowing How to build first, second, and third-tier backlinks? find out article here to learn more, and start building your tier backlinks.

What do you think of backlink tiers? are you going to use them? or start considering them for your search engine ranking strategy? comment and share your experience below, we would like to hear from you. and feel free to share this article with someone you think it might help.

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