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What is an online Review Reputation Management Software?
An online review software is a software that helps businesses manage their reputation online by managing the reviews or feedback given by a fulfilment of service to one or more individuals. This software is supposed to alert the management team of what kind of feedback was left behind by a reviewer to liked or disliked their service, either way, by having the tool, you can manage your reputation online by choosing reviews you choose to share across multiple listing platforms and your website too.

Reputation helps build a strong brand and helps you read data that is relevant to your business to change things up and infuse introduce other tactics that could improve the performance of your organization. Capture the experience of reviews through your customer’s eyes and see what you can leverage with a social proof reputation. But before choosing a review software there are many questions you need to ask yourself.

Choosing a review software tool depends on the size of business that you tend to manage. You need to ask yourself, the following questions!

  • If this tool is enough to cover all your business needs
  • If the tool is easy and everyone can understand it
  • If the data you get is accurate and helps with better decisions for your business
  • How long you tend to keep the tool and how much costly the tool is.
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As a business owner, the last thing you have time for is juggling five (or more!) systems and platforms. Doing so makes good communication impossible, which can hurt the consumer experience. A bad experience leads to a bad review, and a bad review sends potential clients running in the opposite direction. The solution? Review management software. This software allows you to answer questions, schedule appointments, send reminders, collect reviews, and get feedback all on the same platform, combining all your customer interactions into a single inbox.

Consumers who used to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations now rely on online reviews. In fact, over 80% of consumers trust reviews as much as they trust recommendations from family and friends. One quick Google search is all they need to make a decision about your business. If the reviews are good, then congratulations! You’ve likely won yourself another customer. If the reviews are negative or nonexistent, however, your potential client will probably move on to the next candidate. The best way to boost your reputation? Use a review management software to  gather good reviews as well as constructive feedback.

Online businesses may not be as concerned with local SEO, but brick-and-mortar businesses rely on it. While organic SEO is based on relevant search terms, local SEO takes proximity into account (how close a consumer is to your store). Managing online reviews is one of the best ways to improve your local SEO ranking because good reviews will ensure Google sees you not only as a real business but also as a quality resource for your community. Source 

Being found in the right search engines to display your business listing, operation location, hours that you are open for, your address, email and contacts can be the upsell that your business needs to already existing customers and new customers.

For several apparent reasons, businesses navigating what software they can use to make the best intentional decisions for their business, can be crucial to a strategic implementing math that can build or break a business.

To be prepared for decisions making, there are many white label factors that we can cover, but again that depends on your business, what services you offer, how big your organization is and the end results that you want to achieve for a set out goals that is pointed in weeks time, in 3 months time, in 6 months time and even yearly.

Business Listings Solutions
Being aware of the radius that you can reach your customers is very important, you don’t want to advertise your business where you know you can’t provide a service physically, if that is what is required of you, and also you don’t want to earn a bad reputation for not being the best at providing the right service in your reviews,

The Reason you don’t want to list your business everywhere

  1. Bad reviews can undermine your business credibility if customers leave reviews of dis-satisfaction with your service.
  2. It is a waste of money on your part for advertising optimization, you might as well split test that budget somewhere else.
  3. It is a waste of your time and energy because you know you can’t reach those customers and you are getting zero results in reaching new prospects.

How to start listing your business

  • Start by listing your business in your local area directories, you can do this manually or source a company to do this for you for a small fee Suggestion.
  • According to your needs, you can decide how many directories you want to register your business in by seeing if the directory can serve a purpose to you.
  • Do research on your competition and see what directories they have listed their business in, this can work to your advantage if you position yourself in the same directories, this could be where your competition gets most of their customers or referrals from other businesses “in your niche”
  • Compile a list of free directories and paid directories that you can register your business in and make sure to update your information if there is any information you need to update to let your customers know of the basic changes.

Things to know when you list your business in business directories
– Know how your business appears in business search directories
– Know your location, address location, your business email contacts are up to date.
– Know what reviews you have under your business listing, and if you don’t have any reviews or you have a few, there is a way to get more reviews Check out this article.
– If you do not have a business location, you have the option to rent a PO BOX at your local postal office and that be the identity for your business address.

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  • Make sure it is cost effective to your business
  • You can log into the system and read data
  • You can respond to your customers reviews
  • You can get notifications when a customer leaves a review
  • You must have the option to respond to reviews to engage with your customers
  • You can send out emails or text blasts to your recent customers to request a review
  • Make sure you can schedule your review requests strategically without it looking like spam.
  • And also you have fast customer support to help you with the system when you get stuck or something is challenging to figure out.

Being able to see where and how your business is listed on directories is an opportunity that should be optimized correctly, Having the right hook for your product or service, tells the reader what what to expect, and to provide people with an anticipation for what you have to offer can be encouraging for some to check out your product or offer you have in place.

The best reviews come from customers that loved your service, there for treating every customer like they are your first is everything, especially if you want to ask for a review from them. Using any software that will gather reviews for you, from your customers, it is great that you wait for a couple of days or even hours before you send out a request to be reviewed. The process for your customers to leave you a review should not be complicated either. It should be easy like a 1, 2, 3 step and then it is done “PROCESS: login into an account example Gmail, write the review and hit submit.

Be attentive to the reviews and engaging with this type of content because it matters, if you see a customer that did not enjoy a certain product tell them to contact your team or call them personally and talk to them about the issue and maybe offer them a discount to another product “discounts work for great reviews”.
If a customer leaves a comment and mentions how they liked your product, then write to them words of appreciation under their review, provide them with more helpful content via newsletter because now you know what kind of content they are in to and maybe you can upsell them on another product in the future.

Best reviews work well with cold audiences, warming up those audiences with reviews can be an entry for them to take an interest in what you offer. So when you lay out your content, whether it is on your website or on your business listing directory, that appears on search results or paper form printed material, make sure you are paying attention to the cold audience and looking to involve them in a way that you want to serve some kind of purpose “if they have a problem that you have a solution for!”

Know your software tool

  • Your software tool should be easy for you to train new members on your team.
  • The dashboard, however it may look, should be able to provide you with data that you can see what your competition is doing and where they are getting more of their reviews from.
  • You should be able to see your competitors websites inside your tool, that you can visit their website and see what their layout looks like, their placement of content, their theme, their color theme, the words they use around their website, maybe you can reverse engineer and make your website even much better than it was before.

Where to start looking for a review performance software
To look for the right review performance software, research is king. Google is the mother of all information, so this starting point is not bad at all. Search the top 10 or whatever number you come up with “review performance software” and look at the suggested results pulled up for you. Take time to open as many websites as you can and read all the features and functions of the tool, the pros and cons and then make your own decision on what you see fits your size of organization.

Take note of a couple of business websites that offer this kind of service and call them up or send them an email to get further information about their service. Never jump into a software that think you won’t understand and is not being made clear to you how it works. Take your time and survey more companies until you feel comfortable to make a decision that feels right to you.

Why Take-Up on Business Listing Management and why it is important.
The listing process is automated, you don’t have to list your business to one by one directory at a time, You can do this all at one by a click of a button and submit your business to different directories.
It is a great way to establish your business as a well rounded player, show the years you have been in business for, how you serve your community and how you are the best at what you do.
It is a way to gain respect without asking, people knowing of your existence and having a brand recognition image in their mind of you! goes a long distance to say you are an authority figure and everyone trusts your solutions.
You have control to list your business in any directory and own your information without being controlled by a third party.

More on why business listing management is important to you

Accurate Business Listing Plays a Role in Local SEO
Every online business has the goal to be relevant or get top rankings in the search engine portals, and how to do that? Of course, SEO has a role to play here!

There are so many factors that play into Search Engine Optimization and you need to accomplish those basics for your website to get higher ranking in the search engines. Also, there are tricks and ways to optimize the business online so that it appears above the competitors for queries in the search engines.

One such trick is optimizing and correcting local business listings for SEO to work better and give results to draw traffic to your business. Local business listing and management is also called Local SEO, however, it is just a piece of the big puzzle named SEO.

Business Listing As A Part Of Advertising/Marketing
We had mentioned earlier in the introduction that business listing helps a business in its marketing strategy. You can also say that online listing forms the basis of local marketing. However, online business listings can help you in several ways. For example, advertising via local directories allows you to be specific about your business. You can draw a targeted audience based on your business profile, like the service(s) or product(s) you sell.

Local listings are also great for cross-promoting the social media platforms. Attach Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. This, allows you to grow as a brand and raise awareness. It can work as a free marketing and advertising strategy when you will utilize tweets, posts, and pins to create brand awareness and promote a product(s). Source

You can always try different tools if your budget allows you to, so when a software fails you don’t think they all don’t work it could be you just fell into the wrong product and you should give others a chance.

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All you need is one dashboard, One easy tool with less difficulty to learn than all the other tools, And new opportunities that awaits you to expand your business.

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