Best Ways To Promote Your Offer As An Affiliate Marketing Beginner

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Affiliate marketing is commission paid to someone that sells a product for another company and gets a share of the sale that’s been made. And just like anything else, there are beginners to everything, this is a basic honest way on how to go about affiliate marketing and making money.

Most Affiliate marketing beginners find themselves getting many offers from different platforms they have signed up for but, don’t know where they are going to get the traffic from, for them to make a sale.
Many of them end up abandoning their offers and saying affiliate marketing doesn’t work or finding it too hard to do.

The truth is if you want to do affiliate marketing you must have a little bit of money for advertising, and if you don’t, you are going to get swamped and swallowed up by the people that do. There are people that invest thousands of dollars to promoting their offers, the big affiliate marketers have an understanding or marketing nd prospecting returns so it’s not a problem for them to go down this route! but what about the small affiliate marketer that are just beginning to get their feet wet into this industry? Well there is a way for you too, to do things differently and make money

1 – Join Forums
Joining forums and becoming a valued member in the community is good way of helping people by sharing your knowledge and participating in the discussions or commenting on other people’s topics. This is one way to show you have knowledge in a certain topic and people might be interested in checking out your profile and even clicking the lick to your website or offer that you will put on your profile.

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With this method, getting traffic to your link you have to do it like this, Post informative content on your profile, these are only posts that you can see, don’t share these posts with the forums you have joined because you will put links in these posts “to your offers”. Create as many as you can, making them different and talking about different things but not getting out of your niche. This method is a long term thinking goal and not a quick making cash way of affiliate marketing, so make sure you put a lot of time into this method because people will always see these posts and you could possibly make money for a long time if the offer merchant does not end their program soon, which they normally don’t.

TIP: There are websites out there that offer free domain for up to a year, you can register for a domain name and then put your offer link into your domain registrar and have your domain redirect to that offer instead of clogging your link if you don’t want to or pasting in your long like “which you shouldn’t do.

2- Answer questions on Quora
Answer questions on Quora, don’t leave your link as it is from your offer’s platform (clog your link, don’t paste in your long link into your answer, this will look as suspicious and no one will click on it)
Clogging your link is like white labelling, You put a word that directs the reader where to go to get their problem solved or Learn more but you link those words by clogging the link that the user is going to clink on without them selling your link but just the words you are directing them to, to go and Learn more.

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3 – Join Blog sharing platforms
People always look for blogs on a certain topics, and before they buy something they need to verify if what they want works and how it will solve their problem, that’s where you come in, writing a blog that solves somebody else’s problem is a natural of making a sale because first, someone is getting educated on the topic and second of all, you are verifying their doubts by giving them facts, features and highlights of the product, and when people buy though your link that’s when helping people becomes more important than spamming your links in other platforms everywhere.
Blog sharing platforms: Blogger, Medium.

Join as many platforms you can to give value to people, and always remember to know that there is an audience within those communities you join, don’t join a community that is not in the goal you are trying to accomplish. Getting customers is hard and keeping them is even harder, so make sure to have everything in place like Email Marketing, Marketing Emails, Landing Pages, Website email collection form, and whatever you think is relevant to your offer.

Once you build an email list you can always give free value to your email list and you can promote offers to them because they engage with you and already trust you.

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