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Now that you have a business location, you have figured out that listing your business in directories is your next step.

First lets talk about what a business directory is
A business directory is a list of registered business that provide a certain service and they want to be recognized by their community , country or even the world, by being the best at providing a “Such” service.
Many businesses make a mistake of listing their business in random directories that serve them no purpose at acquiring new business, this is a mistake, and anyone with a business that is meant to operate to make an income shouldn’t do this.
Doing research on what directories could fit your business, is the first right step. Note down all your suggestions and then gather data of the same businesses that might offer the same service as you and then check them out, to see which directories they are listed in and see if you can position yourself next to them and even be able to offer a better service to customers that might have gone to them.

Know your listings

  • Know your listings and how they appear in search results
  • Know what keywords you are raking or could rank for in your product or  service
  • Create content around the keyword for people who are searching for the problem solver (write content catered to solving a problem) Writing content will help you rank higher in search results, because when people search for the service and the problem solving content you provided, all the traffic will land on your site, there for increasing more visitors to your site, and maybe even more customers.
  • Know your listing by being aware of the information that you have on your listing page, this includes your website, your contact information, your location and most important good ranking reviews at the top Learn how to acquire reviews for your business.

Why reviews under your business listing or listings are important
Social proof, people look for social proof more than anything these days, and being able to show proof that other individuals liked your product or service is crucial for people to be able to trust you. So… trust shows faith, and when new customers take a leap of faith in your product, you can only earn new life time customers and even referrals on the way, “there’s power of word of mouth” in business.

Top 5 Business Directory Listings
1 – Google My Business (Domain Authority = 100)
2 – Bing Places (Domain Authority = 94)
3 – LinkedIn (Domain Authority = 98)
4 – Yellow Pages (Domain Authority = 91)
5 – And Yelp (Domain Authority = 94)

The Top 100 Online Business Directories To List Your Business In

Whether you list your services in a directory manually or hire a reputation and review management agency, all factors that play into making the brand with a shared discussed vision is what matters. The compelling values should always serve the business and not personal reasons.

Do not get so attached to the business that you forget the purpose it’s supposed to serve and the problems it’s supposed to solve, your position is to make sure the system you have put into place flows well with you values and your accomplishments complement what you believe, stand for and value.

Values to a business are very important, values give a direction to accomplishments, accomplishments bring more challenges and the business is able to rotate in a perfectly evaluated equation that is able to be repeated again and again and bring success that has stable income, results and targets

Know your prospects
Knowing your prospects is very important, knowing who needs your service is easier for you to approach individuals without them suspecting, and there for making a natural smooth sale “this is free traffic you won’t have to pay for if you get into evolving your brand into your community and doing community events, being invited to events, be introduced into these events and getting awards in these events, it is a way you can bring a cause to monetize your brand awareness and, meet new people and educate them on your problem solving solutions. Because you are expected to talk about your product in these events, your educational material won’t come off as a hard sell and this can be good for an over al first impression.

If your professional peers trust you, You will get referrals hopefully from their clients, friends, and even be mentioned on their website or social media profile, which can lead to new prospects and discovery for your brand.

Acknowledge your peers
Your peers might be your competition, but having a relationship will not hurt your business but help it in the wrong run. Take time to acknowledge your competitor’s websites, in a friendly manner, introduce yourself and make it a point to highlight something that you think they do so well as a complement. This opportunity will present you partnerships, a community you care share your ideas with, People that can become friends and have something in common to share with.

Like any business listings is not enough, there for looking for other ways to grow your business is essential, Testing ideas, tools, marketing strategies, updating product, will be part of your business cycle life. Done every year, divided attention according to specific needs will be invested so a narrow path road is easy to walk on than that you keep pouring gravel and making up on the way as you go.

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