Do blogs help with seo

do blogs help with seo

Are blogs good for seo

Yes, Blogs are good for seo, in fact they help people discover your content. By you as the writer, placing the right keywords inside your content to be discovered in search engines. Search engines pick up on content because it matches the user’s keyword search, so be sure to research your keywords.

Keyword search – Is for the user
Keyword research – Is for the content writer

Both of the keyword search and keyword research is important to the writer. Both need to be done, in order to accomplish good structured content that can serve a purpose to the reader.

Reading other people’s blogs and and using keyword research tools to find out how many keywords belong into the particular content you are interested you want to model after, and finding out how long the content is (how many words were used in the article) can be a good starting point for your content creation.

Writing content for your business, increases an expertise knowledge on your part, and also provides your audience and potential customers with additional information of how you can solve their problems.

What does seo do for business

seo helps businesses rank well in search engines, this is done by optimizing your website and content with keywords that you would like people to find you by.

Building community trust is the most important goal for local businesses and if it’s not, you should make it your highest priority. A business that is search engine optimized is able to be discovered first before the ones that are not optimized.

It gets much easier to be found by potential clients that are looking for a service that you are providing, local businesses have high rates or returning customers and earning reputation in your local communities should be an on-going practice, that you works around for your business.

Community support can be developed out of being a local business, your local community can keep your business alive and help with your longevity in whatever industry you are in

Local seo benefits

Near me businesses, rank first in local directory search and search engines. Customers who search for local businesses, use maps to locate the nearest local businesses they can seek and work with to eliminate their problem.

With laser targeting and focus, you can cater to an audience that is specifically interested in your industry. This can include optimizing for local seo search and also advertising with (for example: Facebook and Instagram).

As a business, you can get referrals from other businesses because they trust your service. By sending customers to seek solutions to your business, Endorsement most of the time holds a much bigger voice and is valuable when it comes to word of mouth promotion.

Does Domain name help seo

There are so many tips on how to optimize for your business but other ways to locally optimize your business is by buying the right domain name.

Optimizing a domain search to the city you are in, or the region you think your audience lives in, will get you more targeted traffic.

Business domain seo name ideas
Include the city you are in, in the domain name: eg, lawyersinbrooklyn, lawyersincalgary, graphicdesignerinottawa, etc. to focus on an audience that needs you.

Avoid broad searches by including the whole city in your domain name, to laser target and optimize further for more local traffic. Example, avoid domain names like and instead make it To make it easier for people who live in Brooklyn to find you and not everyone that lives in NewYork, especially if you will not be able to provide service outside your area.

Giving your business a broad name and also including a broad search. This doesn’t make you a local business, it just makes your business found within a broad search listing and not in your local area. This can cause confusion to potential customers who can’t find your local address where you are operating and end up choosing another business instead.

Content marketing seo benefits

  • Keyword Research
    Knowing and being aware of the keywords people are searching for at that particular moment, will earn you the first consideration with search engines for being shown on the first page if you optimize your content right.
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
    Keyword rank trackers, will help you track the keywords you are using in your content and see on what page of search engine results you rank for that specific page. To improve your position you will just have to change the keywords if you think they are doing more harm than good, and try other keywords.
  • Affiliate Program
    Affiliate programs are good way to educate people on products and also recommend products that will solve a problem that they have. Write good reviews, educate and sell less. Put call to actions in your content but don’t spam your calls to actions everywhere.
  • Audience Targeting
    Know your geographic, know if your audience is male or female or both, what age belongs to the people you are targeting (this will help you know how to talk to people that belong in a certain age group) and. Knowing which country you are writing for will help you differentiate your audience. You can always set up your website with multiple languages and have your content translated to the countries you desire speaking to.

Content Marketing

Write your content by taking the position of an educator. Your desire should be to educate more than to sell, The person reading your content should feel like they are gaining value from your content rather than expected to buy something. As a writer only pitch by putting call to actions where it is appropriate.

SEO Benefits for business

Optimized products

By optimizing your products with the keywords people are searching for you have a good chance of ranking high than, naming your products anything you think is appropriate for the product that you are selling.

Optimized services

Your services need to be named appropriately, by following the rule of thumb, by doing research and finding out what the popular keywords people are typing into search engines to look for service that you provide.

If you can, laser target your country and even city or region you live in, if your search engine will let you do this.

You can see search engines results this way with for example; Google Search, and Google Trending Search Results.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is the food chain of the website, your website should aim to get organic traffic from search engines even if you pay for advertisement, It is always good to get organic traffic from search engines and not have to pay for website visitors all the time. Acquiring long term organic visitors should be one of the aims you have for your website.

SEO Benefits for website

Content marketing

Placing promotional or sponsored links inside your content, will help you make passive income from your content and also educate people on the content that you love.

High Ranking

Content that is optimized ranks higher, so optimization should come first before you start writing content for anything. Search engines favors long content that has the most high value, so know the topic you are writing on, and how many words belong in the content that ranks higher in search results, to avoid writing too short content.

Organic Traffic

Forever free traffic is what every website wants, but not everyone can achieve this, Optimizing will always get you organic traffic, by increasing that traffic. The only thing you will have to do is re-fresh your content and re-write your outdated content as time goes by.

seo audit

Not everyone is willing to start a website from scratch, this is also because it take a long time to grow a website and reach the achievement that you want your website to have. That is when another option comes in, Buying a website.

Buying a website that already has traffic and has been operating for a while and people trust can can give a shortcut from working on a brand new website. Research and price is made before acquiring a website and questions that the buyer has must meet the expectations and the on going up keeping of the website that will have to be done.

But it is advised before you continue working on the website, you must have an seo audit done, to know the over all health of the website.

seo audit benefits

1) Find broken links
Finding links that are broken in your website is important, saving users from clicking on links that take them no where or are none-responsive, will help you re-instate your call to action, by putting back the right url to your call to action and having your customers complete their customer journey.

2) Find 404 pages
Customers finding pages that have nothing can sometimes be disappointing, avoid frustrating your customers by providing pages with content or redirecting url’s to pages that have content

3) Find 301 redirects
Sometimes you will write content that you don’t think fits the url perfectly, this can be changed by redirecting your url to a new url, that you think is fitting. A 301 redirect can be used to index content that you think your customers might need.

4) Find low traffic pages
Low traffic pages that are hurting in the search engines can be revived back to life by you, looking for current keywords people are searching for, and including those keywords in your old content and resubmitting that piece of content again into the search engines to be re-indexed.

5) Find high traffic pages
Finding high traffic pages that are bringing traffic to your website, will help you optimize for those pages even more, by including more keywords, re-writing your articles to the current information that people are seeking, will help you have more fresh content in the search web. by re-writing and re-indexing your pages.

Feeling overwhelmed yet!, Spacing how you do your website audit, can help you get rid of the clatter that might bring down your website rankings. Use a Goal Progress Tracking App, to track your progress and schedule reminders and alerts to update your website.

Why seo matters

seo matters because it is the new search engine, without optimizing it means you have a lesser chance of being found than someone that does. Optimization relies on good high value content.

Content that is basic will not do well, while content that has value, will do well. Research a topic to the fullest to get the whole scope of your reader before you start optimizing content for them.

seo only serves a purpose to the reader. And because readers are looking for the right solution, they are most of the time willing to take action when they find an article that explains the solution they are after. Write for solutions and problems, including features and the important benefits of the product or service.

To read more about how Backlinks can help with your website, read this article
How to build first, second, and third-tier backlinks

all in oe seo tool for agencies and bloggers

What’s the problem?

SEO is more important today than ever before. More than 2,000,000,000 websites are discovered by seo. Through data, an all in one tool is crucial, keyword research and rank tracker contribute to the health of your website.


seo takes time but the results can multiply your expectations, you can make an income from your content, and digital marketing is the way to do it.

Digital marketing mixed with education will equal to sales, if content is optimized right and the right call to actions are places effortlessly, then a high click through tare should be achieve by the keyword attraction to the reader.

After creating content, Avoid having old content in your website, yes content gets old over time as you write more and more content, but don’t allow your content to go for years and years without being refreshed.

Re-write your content to the appropriate wording, audience, including keywords that are in demand that current moment and your audience’s situation (eg. the right pricing of products and services).

Always have call to actions in your content and link inside to your other articles where your audience can reference to for more information. This will help you have visitors that stay on your website longer and thus decreasing your bounce rate (search engines likes to see that people re engaging with your content)

Low bounce rate – people are engaging highly with your content
High bounce rate – people don’t stay long on your website before they close the window or page of your website they opened.

To reduce a high bounce rate make sure your website loads fast, your pictures are optimized and your content is easy to read.

When people are able to follow along to your, they are more likely to turn into conversions and take action to whatever you might be selling.

Customer journey is very important and readable content holds one of the characteristics of turning a reader into a buyer. So think of educating first because nobody buys before they read, people only buy after they read, and hence that is why you are into Content Marketing.

Frequently asked questions about seo

Are blogs good for seo

Yes, blogs are good for seo, optimizing right for your blog, will lead to more organic traffic in different search engine results.

Is search engine optimization worth it

Yes, Search engine optimization is worth it, for any business and anyone that is exploring any niche. As long as you write high value content and optimize with appropriate keywords you should be fine.

Which domain name is best for seo

A domain name that laser targets people in a certain area is good for long term seo benefits. including states and regions, in your domain name can bring authority to your business in longevity for being known as an expert in a certain areas in the specified town.

What is search engine optimization and why is it important

Search engine optimization, is using popular keywords that people are searching for, and encorparating those keywords in your content in order for you to be found. This can apply to both your website or a physical location of your business.

Search engine optimization is important, because most people these days are doing their search online before they buy something or seek a service from a local business.

Does seo help your business

Seo helps your business by building authority in your communities and growing your reputation as the go to business, for a certain service.

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