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 Email marketing segmentation

Email Marketing Lists

Email marketing lists, are lists of clients, subscribers or people that have opted-in, into your embedded website form, to get anymore information on terms of emails from something you promised them of. Being in possession of people’s emails, is called having an email list.

Having an email list and growing an email list can seem exciting for any business, but to have an effective email list, you must segment your email list to know more how to cater to your customers.

Email marketing segmentation

An email marketing segmentation is an act of segregating individuals into groups, because you believe they have the same need, or would like the same information and might be interested in the same things.

Do you want to increase your email open rates and content click through rate ? and get a low unsubscribing rate?. Email segmentation can drastically shift the effectiveness of this and implement for you closer targeting with email campaigns.

This is a technique marketer use to send emails to highly targeted groups by dividing the people they think would be interested in whatever they are tying to sell into groups.

These targeted emails are personalized and custom to the needs of the individuals. Highly targeted call to actions and valuable content is continuously promoted to the groups at a timely manner, to make an effective progressive email marketing target, towards a service or product being provided by the marketers.

Every business is different, and there for your segmentation will be unique from someone else’s business, have email segmentation practices that you can practice, abide by, and always include in the practice of your email list. Example: a fixed time to send out emails.

Email segmentation best practices

Checklist To segment your list properly and effectively

1) Email marketing providers

A marketing automation platform software is a must, when it comes to practicing email marketing for any business. Choosing from the list of e-mail marketing inexpensive plans easy to use software, and the use of direct marketing, will enhance your business practice image and look overall.

2) Keyword targeting pages

The creation of keyword targeting pages for your audience, will help you grow with more, searching potential audiences as time goes by. Search engines will index your content and there for it will be found over and over again, becoming your source of growing your email list.

3) Digital marketing automation

Create lead magnets offering free e-book downloads, a free evaluation , a consultation or a phone number for customers to call in, can lead to a new clientele you would not have gotten if you didn’t have this kind of information for your business.

This is an outreach method that expands your growth as a business, highly recommended: provide as much details as you can for your business, including your contact information inside your lead magnets.

Email marketing strategies


Send your new subscribers a warm welcoming email,

Not everyone that lands on your website will become a new subscriber. To maximize your chances of getting more subscribers, create an exit pop window, that will remind people to subscribe to your incentives.

Use your emails to remind people of the benefits they will find in being in your email list. Example, you can give them reasons such as: you will be the first to be notified of new arrivals, discounts and so on.

Set an expectation for your audience to know, how many emails they will be getting from you. Specify for or example: 1 email a week, 2 emails a month and so on, depending on how you are spacing your content for them.

Make sure you are showing your subscribers the best of your new stuff, so that you can start to grow a relationship with them easily and quickly.

An example of a welcome email to a New Subscriber

New Subscriber Welcome Email Example


Ask your subscribers what kind of content they would like to receive if you can when they are filling in the subscriber for, ask questions if they would like; blog post updates, discount alerts, limited edition deals, or all of the above?

Giving your subscribers preferences to update their subscription list of your emails if you have more than one, in case they become interested in another topic, product or service that you have. This will make your segmentation much easier and they can get targeted emails because of the funnels your email lists “segmentations” have.

This can lead to your email list being more responsive because they are highly targeted to the people that seek the exact information. Use an e-mail marketing software to segment your list, rather than sending your subscribers anything just because they are in your email list.

Customizing your audience’s experience and solving their problems fast, will lead to high conversion rates and low bounce rate on your business.

Take an example of Bonobo to model after your preference customization

Bonobo Email Subscription Form Example


Look at your email open rate, segment subscribers that open your emails from those that do not open your emails. Subscribers that are inactive and none responsive to your emails, can be followed up with a series of emails that lets them know of the importance of opening your emails and what they could be missing out from your email list if they don’t.

  • Remind them of how your company has grown
  • Mention new features that you have
  • Give them a discount expiration timer they could take advantage of
  • Give them a reason to provoke fear of missing out from what you have to offer

Some companies go out all the way to, removing none responsive subscribers from their email list. To keep their email list “clean” and fresh at all times.


If you have multiple lead magnets that cater to different needs, segment your email list by using different email forms embedded on your website. This will ensure people get the right emails and promotional materials from you.

Being able to know the specific interests your web visitors have on your website, can help you further target your audience by personalizing content to their needs.

Give your subscribers the content they like the best. Some subscribers might opt in for one or more lead magnets, Giving your subscribers what they ask for counts more than giving them the wrong information hoping they would be interested or pick up interest on something they didn’t need too.


People change their minds all the time, and with email subscription there is no difference. People sometimes will fill in the information in your email subscription form “or box” and never hit the submit button.

This action can cause you to loose subscribers, but with plugins that are able to capture emails, even if people don’t hit the subscribe of submit button, with automated marketing your marketing tool will help you contact them by email and encourage them to go back and complete their subscription form.

Not only will this allow them to give you consent to send them emails, they will not report your email as spam when they decide to unsubscribe for whatever reason. Making you abide under the SMAP-CAN Law.

Note: By law, it is not allowed to send people emails they did not agree to, spamming people with emails can get you sued and also earn your business a bad reputation, look un-trust worthy and even worse get black-listed.


Looking at your email list and identifying which subscrbers turned into paying customers, will help you suggest products differently from your not yet “converted subscribers” to actual paying customers.

Ecommerce marketing automation activities you can take with paying customers
Cross selling ideal products that complement their first purchase and enhances the use of what they already have, will make sense to them to buy another product that goes hand in hand with what they already have.

Selling expensive products that are, all-in one product. This works if your product has different portions and by bundling it together, you make an all-in-one product.

Down selling
Selling something for less than it actually cost by means of giving discounts or coupons to your customers.


If you have buyers that are frequent shoppers on your website, give them a coupon or a loyalty program invitation to earn points and save more.

Your buyers satisfaction level should be set high, especially if someone is spending their hard earned money on your product or service, offer a Money back guarantee if they don’t like your product, incase of damage, or loss of package in shipping.

This will create more trust in pushing potential customers into the conversion process easily, Your checkout page should have convincing advantages of shopping from you. to make sure your customers feel secure, because they are buying from a trusted source.

Not selling your information “links” and encrypted checkout assurance, should be shown on your website, this is because most people are sensitive about their information being shared or possibly not kept safe.


Your sells funnel, should determine what email your subscribers receive next. By writing Marketing Emails that have the right intent. Each email should express engagement to the content and the intent of the call to action you want your reader to complete (or have in mind what they are to follow next or expect in the future).

Email campaigns make the perfect sells funnel if you have multiple products, you tend on selling, and educating people about, and the best marketing automation systems can make the process easier for you.

The 6-step formula for writing emails that sell


We all know by now, that content looks different in model display screens, when it comes to phones and desktops, content is displayed differently. You will find that content that looks good on desktop might not look good on mobile.

Optimization for both will save you the headache of having your content look terrible on devices. Make sure you view how your emails look in mobile and on desktop. To do a screen test, send the emails to yourself and view them to see if they look professional.

A responsive email design will evolve your business and help you look professional and have your email subscribers love receiving your emails.

Because the reputation they have with you on emails is strong enough and shows that you are trustworthy. You will create brand awareness and authority that will grow over time.


Give your customers life time value to keep using your services. Share updates and what your brand is up to for the coming years. Share what you are working on, to keep your subscribers excited, showing them you have have upcoming events will keep them excited.

Making your business a journey between you and your customer, will make your business feel like a relationship and not just as a business. Seek to be helpful and go the extra mile to make positive experiences for your customers, whether it is online or off-line.

Giving your customers special treatment by monitoring their activity on your website. Help by catering more specific to their needs. Use programs that will show you the heatmap of your website where you can determine.

  • What buttons are being clicked on the most
  • What pages get the most engagement
  • Which pages have the lowest engagement
  • And which call to actions are more responsive or not

Best email marketing software

As you probably know by now, you are going to need an email service provider that will allow you to segment your email list. Allow you to create optin forms, contact forms, and subscribers forms, adding these to the emails you send out, will build more trust.

Top Marketing automation software email marketing companies

1) Aweber

  • Schedule your emails
  • Fast email delivery
  • Create email funnels
  • A/B Split test tools
  • Abandoned carts and more

2) Kartra

  • Crm marketing automation
  • Ecommerce marketing automation
  • Mobile marketing automation
  • Digital Marketing automation
  • Sell your own digital products

3) Mailerlite

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Domain connection and validation
  • A/B split tool and email segmentation
  • Resends unopened emails to subscribers

Summary to Creating targeted email lists

Once you have captured your user’s email addresses, your job is to make sure the segment that they are in, makes sense for their needs.

  • Give your users what you promised they would get
  • Make the information digestive
  • Keep it simple, your email design should have a clean look
  • Link in and outside your website when necessary
  • Make clear call to actions
  • Invite people to leave feedback
  • Create quiz questionnaires and surveys

Direct email marketing conclusion

82% of marketers see an increase in email open rates because of how personalized the emails are. Tailoring your email marketing campaigns to segments will help increase conversions

You want your marketing campaign to be precise as possible, making your messages in your emails clear and with efective call to actions.

Best practices are a must, to use when it comes to email marketing, avoid spamming (sending emails constantly), this is because most of your emails will start to be flagged as spam and end up in the promotional folder, which again users don’t normally use or check frequently.

By using email capture, abandoned forms work just like abandoned shopping carts, reminding visitors to complete the action they were interested in, by returning back to the website.

To not risk, losing your subscribers forever, When it comes to your none-enagaging unsers “people who are not opening your emails” attempt rengaging them with more different kind, of email communication, This will tell you if they are interested in what you have to offer or not.

From cancelled subscriptions to why subscribers want to unsubscribe to your email list. Asking you customers for feedback will help you perfect your website experience for future customers.

Income, level of education and employment, will have to do with the amount people are willing to spend online. Doing research on this can help you in extensive marketing opportunities that you want to explore.

Chime in, in the comments and tell us which email marketing software you like to use with us and also your experience, and don’t forget to share this content with anyone you think it might help.

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