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Hosting your own website

Hosting meaning
Hosting is the storage of files in your webhosting company, to provide a simple access to the people that visit your website, with the files that you have stored in your website.

What are the types of hosting?

1) Self hosting websites
As the owner of the website, you manage your website. You build your website from scratch and get to design the whole look of it with a representation that you have in mind.

Example: wordpress is a popular self hosted website
It is free to install wordpress as long as you have a hosting plan with a hosting that you trust and then build your site from the ground up.

Things you will need with a self hosted website

  • Theme instalment for your site
  • Plugins to give function to your website
  • Updating plugins to get current versions from plugin developers
  • You have an option to install a website builder like Elementor, or just use the default website builder that comes with WordPress

Find free theme ideas here Free WordPress Themes

2) Managed hosting services
With managed hosting services, here your hosting service provider owns your whole site, they don’t own your files or the functions of your website or anything, but they own your website in terms of that, if you ever leave, you won’t get to download your website and migrate it to another host. Leaving means you will have to start from scratch and build the website all over again. This can happen with for example Wix

Managed hosting websites are expensive compared to self hosted websites, and their plans includes a lot up upgrades to get a fully functioning website. Price wise, it will be a good idea to look at both hosting costs before settling on a self or a managed web hosting website hosting company.

Website hosting cheap: You have a shared website hosting server that is not cheap and does not included upgraded plans to maintain. When it’s time to renew your hosting you will also have to watch out for other upgraded plans you have inside your web hosting plan.

Pros and Cons of Website hosting solutions

Advantages of a self hosted website

1) When you pick a plan and pay for your website hosting, your plan comes with free web hosting. in terms of a free website hosting, you will get to host more than 1 website in one plan per year.
Example: Siteground hosting with the (GrowBig plan), you are able to host multiple websites.

2) You get hosting and a free domain name for a period of one year, all you have to do is claim your free domain.

3) You can migrate your whole website to other hosting company without ever loosing how your website looks.

4) You get to make your website from the ground up, or install a theme that is free and customize things around to make the website your own.

5) You get to pick and choose plugins from a lot of plugin developers and owners, many of the plugins are free and can make a difference to the function and appearance of your website.

6) There are paid versions of plugins that really make a difference to your website if you buy them, but you can use the free versions and your website will adapt just fine.

Disadvantages of Managed hosting services

1) When you want to leave your website hosting company, you can not take your website with you, there is no way of backing up your website and migrating it else where. If you are not using WordPress and you are using other website hosting companies like Wix, you might run into this problem.

2) It’s unfortunate, that you won’t get to choose from an unlimited number of free ready made templates like from a self hosted website. Rather you will experience that you get ready made templates, but don’t have many in their archive and most of the time, you will have to build your website from an empty canvas (if you are a beginner and not a website developer you might have a hard time)

3) Most of the plugins available to add more function to your website are expensive and this can lead to more spend on your website

4) Most hosting plans are only for one website, and don’t offer multiple website builder options like SiteGround does.

How to choose a hosting plan that fits your needs

A) Knowing the needs of your website and what you are doing with that particular website, can help you narrow down the plan that you need for your hosting and help you avoid choosing expensive plans and upgraded plans that you don’t need

B) To choose a hosting plan that you need
First ask yourself if you would like to build one, or more websites. This is because, it is better to have your websites hosted under one plan than buying seperate plans for each website.

C) You also need to know, how much visitors your website can take per month. Your plan will tell you this information. The last thing you want is your website breaking, because you chose a plan that did not meet your needs

Example: Siteground hosting plan for a personal, a blog website or business website
The start up plan hosts for about – 10, 000 visitors per month and starts at $4.99 per month
The growbig plan hosts about- 25, 000 visitors per moth and costs $7.99 per moth
Go geek hold up to – 100,000 visitors per moth and costs $14.99 per moth
Cloud hosting – best for large ecommerce websites and big hosting resellers

WordPress Hosting services

  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Web Hosting for Agencies
web hosting solutions for siteground

Things to look for in website hosting providers

  • Control for your cpanel
  • Fast responsive hosting servers
  • Fast, quick and easy, website hosting responsive team
  • Tutorials and additional resources to help you get started and and reference to when you get stuck or want to learn more.
  • Good reputation in the community and in the industry in general, this helps make a solid judgement that the service is reliable.
  • The best internet hosting companies offer the best web hosting deals
  • And other things you might need or think are related to your website needs.

Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What does hosting mean?

Hosting means, storing your files, images, profiles, and all data compilation of your site under a resource computing service that is provided, by what is known as a hosting service.
The hosting makes your files, data and resources available to your users, and website audience searching individuals, that can find your content, read it, and download it.

What is hosting used for?

Hosting is used to store your files, data and all the available resources you would like to make available to whoever you choose to make it available to.
hosting gives function to give data to your audience.
Think of it as a library
The library – is your hosting service
Their shelf – Makes your data available to the audience
Your goals – fast hosting, effective hosting, storing data for audiences

What are website hosting services?

Website hosting services is an act of storage of data you want available to the world.

Which is the best hosting?

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The best hosting, depends on the type of website you want to create, you want to think who you are serving, how fast your hosting servers are, and the budget you are able to afford. There are cheap and expensive hosting plans, be sure to look at the reputation of your host’s services.

What is a good web hosting service?

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As of 2021, a good web hosting service is bluehost and siteground, these two companies have been able to build their reputation with many people, and, from bloggers to ecommerce store people trust these website hosting services.


Hosting is not hard to get, all you have to do is google hosting and you will get a lot of company suggestions. But is makes a difference in choosing the right hosting and the right plan for your website.

Highly recommended is SiteGround for any kind of website, but also be mindful of the plan, you want to choose a plan that is right for you. Thinking of having multiple websites? choose the GrowBig plan, and if not, just stick to StartUp plan. Either way, making your website should be easy with a self hosted website.

Reliable web hosting shows through a webhosting company, by providing the best hosting plans and being one of the top hosting companies. The best hosting plan can only serve your website’s purpose, and choosing top hosting can lead to you have a successful website or a bad performing website.

How mush is website hosting?, it depends on the website hosting provider you have in mind.

What experience stand out the most with your web hosting experience? feel free to share your story in the comments section!

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