How can my business come up in local search?

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Business Listing In Online Local Directories

For your business to come up in local search, it is not just about having a profile in a directory. Is about seo and the optimized profile that you have. If you have a profile that is not optimized, you have a less chance of ranking high and people knowing the exact services you cater to.

If you can’t find your customers, your customers can’t find you!, and if there is a misunderstanding between the presence of your business and potential customers, you could be loosing clients and leaving money on the table.

Why you should Improve your local search business profile

1) The first reputation is everything
The first reputation you give to your customers online should be the best. Help your customer want to know more about your company

2) Put your phone number
Your phone number is the most vital part of communication that stand between you and a potential sale. Normally phone numbers are given out with office hours. So be sure to register your opening and closing hours so your customer knows when you are available to take a call.

3) Email is powerful mean of communication
Allow email communication. Not everyone likes to call into a business, even though this makes sense more especially to business owners. Have an alternative for your customers to communicate with you

4) Why you should use email
If your phone line is business, this might be the easiest way for a customer to get in touch with you
Incase something happens with your phone, you can always look to, answering emails to communicate with your customers.
Emails are memorable just like phone calls and you want to be memorable to your customer

5) Pictures speak more
Nice pictures that represent your business well, will always put you in a good light. If customers are able to see the sneak peek of what you do, they might feel a connection and want to give you a call.
Picture Guidelines:

  • Upload pictures that are clear that best represent your business
  • The image of your pictures should be big
  • Your images should appeal to the eye before logic, this will help you hook an audience and raise curiosity to want to know more.

Some platforms You can create your Business Profile with. These platforms have high authority domains and you should consider them. The number of traffic they get per month can shine a light on your business.

1: Facebook (Domain Authority = 100)
2: Google my business (Domain Authority= 98)
3: Linked business directory (Domain Authority = 98)
4: Bing local business search (Domain Authority = 93)
5: Yelp (Domain Authority = 94)

How your business can come up in local search directories

  • Free business directory listings
  • On an online business directory website, you can get your business on an online business directory
  • You can find any business directory by searching for a business listing directory in your industry or register in most ever green directories that exist like the mentioned following

1 – Google my business
2 – Bing local business search api
3 – Yelp
4 – Yellow Pages
5 – Facebook for Business

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