How do you write a Marketing Email? Strategy and Tips for Successful Campaigns

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To get to a place where you start to write marketing emails, you must have email lists that you can send your emails to. Starting to create or build an email list can take time depending on the goal of subscribers you have in mind, but it might also be easy depending on how many customers you would like serve at at time, because of this, you might not need a big list but just enough of an email list to start promoting to, giving value and turning your subscribers into your buyers list.

What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a motive created in a business relationship experience between the buyer and the seller. The main communication of selling and educating takes over in a period of promotional emails, and eventually to buying a product or service of the email sender.

Email Marketing is practiced by anyone that has a product to see and they have an email list, to send that product to.

What is an Email List

An email list is a list of emails you have collected online or in person. This can be a big email list, a small email list or an average email list. As long as you have an emails of people, you have an email list. Sometimes called as contacts.
These emails have their purpose in the marketing world according to different niches, and serve a purpose between the email giver and the email keeper, that promises something in return, to the email giver.

How to start Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

1) Form for subscribers
Within your website, assuming that you have a website which is recommended that you must have. Place an Email Subscription box that will collect emails for you. By people signing up to your subscribers list or newsletters, this is how you will build your email list.

In your email form filling design

  • You can decide to only ask for an email
  • Or you can ask for their first and last name and their email

Make the process easy, and if you have a form that has a quiz or a couple of questions that will take sometime to fill out, in your form, show the progress the person is filling the form out is in. to avoid someone closing the window of your form because they think the process is too long.

2) Content
Having content ready to service your subscriber’s need is crucial. Your subscribers getting information, value or a product promised “Example: a PDF digital book” can build trust because your subscriber sees that you can deliver on promises.
Creating and providing content that has high value and can teach people something they did not know before, can make you an expert in their world, and earn you a customer for life in return.

Content Ideas you can create for your Email Subscribers

  • Youtube videos for educating them further on different topics
  • You can create newsletters to send out monthly or weekly
  • You can send them tips and hacks and make them special. Eg: Monday tip; delegating these in your niche experience.
  • Create free PDF’s to give away to your new and existing subscribers
  • You can start a podcast and communicate with them on social media wit comments on posts and also your blogs.

3) Email list
Assuming you have an automating email marketing software platform, It is important that you segment everything to keep organized and avoid confusion.
Name you Email lists, collection folders. When you create a new email list, make sure you give it an appropriate name that serves the purpose of your email list and you will remember.

Here is an example of how you can name your Email list

  • Customer list
  • Lead magnet list
  • Newsletters list
  • Promotional emails list
  • Marketing emails list and so forth

Segmenting your lists, will help you do split tests with different audiences that you already have. You can test Emails titles, content and articles.
By being able to study your email open rate and link clink through rate this can help you figure out how to write emails for certain audiences. Studying your audience to make effective marketing decisions can save your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Emails

What Are The Benefits of Marketing Emails?

Marketing emails can help businesses increase their profits, scale advertising, recover abandoned carts and read data. And further understand your audience.

How Do I Build an Email List?

Give a free downloadable guide, tips or hacks to 10X something in your niche, that can give your subscriber a feel of what you have to offer.

What Regulations Are There for Marketing Emails?

CAN-SPAM and GDPR (for Europe) require you to respect user’s privacy and avoid sending emails that appear as spam and overly promotional.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Email Marketing combined with Email Automation helps the marketer reduce the complexity of having to send individual emails to an email list manually. Automation allows your email segments to send emails based on actions performed by third parties that are seeking your services, product or offer.

Email automation allows you to create complex email campaigns that send emails based on actions, such as when a subscriber adds an item to their cart or downloads an asset.

How Do I Segment An Email List?

By creating a new folder or a new email list of contacts “folder” naming the folder, and attaching a call to action to it with a relevant page in your website. this will help you send segmented messages to different email lists.

How Do I Split Test My Email List?

On your dashboard use your email tools to split audiences, do A/B split testing and more. For Example: with AWeber, MailerLite and Kartra.


Aweber: How to Split test a Sign Up form

MailerLite: A / B split campaign

Kartra: How to Use Kartra Page Split Tests

Email Marketing Conclusion
Email Marketing is a form of engagement that continues to grow businesses and also seal customer relationships and build Reputation. Building trust with your customers, will require you to build an email list, in order to get to know them better. Knowing your customer is knowing their needs, and knowing their needs is serving them better. Once you know your customer, you will know how to target and market to them. And Marketing Emails can do all this.

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