How to build first, second, and third-tier backlinks

backlink tiers building

backlink tiers

Backlinks tiers are a hirachy of link strategies. A backlink building strategy that gets your link placements pointing to your website and other tearing building websited.

The best way to build backlink tiers

1st tear backlink
This is the easiest one of the two. This is placement of your backlink, pointing back to your website. This tear backlink point to no other backlink but only back to your website, whether is a follow back like or a no follow backlink.

backlink tier 2
Here, you can seek a tier backlinks seo and a tier 2 backlinks service in order to connect the two. Your 2nd tier backlink will be pointing to your first tear backlink (not going directly to your website). This backlink will go to your 2nd tear backlink, before going back to your website.

tier 3 backlink
The third tear backlink will point to your second tear backlink, before going to your second tear backlink and then to your first tear backlink and straight to your website.

Backlink Tear Illustration Traffic Travelling Graph

what is a backlink, backlink building

Backlink Tiers SEO Backlinks explained

What is a tier link building?
A tear link building is linking your links through multiple channels to get them to point towards one another.

First tier backlink – tear 1 backlink
This is the first backlink you have on one website. The first one that you get before you even get the second tear backlink

Second backlink tier – tear 2 backlink
The 2 tear backlink you get, will point back to your first tear backlink, acknowledging the link that exists in other website.

Third tier backlink – tier 3 backlink
Your 3 tear backlink, will point back to your tear 2 backlink or tear 2 backlinks to acknowledge the 2 tier placement.

what is a backlink, backlink building
How to build backlinks for a new website, backlink building strategy,

How to get seo articles and seo blog services

To get seo blog articles written by professionals, collaborate with writers at Accessily, to get optimized content that is keyword optimized and and will do well in search engine optimization, choose writers on the platform, and tell them what you content is about, Describe your industry, send them keywords you want to rank for, specify how long you need your article to be (word count), and anything else that you think is necessary to include.

Another All in one SEO tool you can use, if you are not yet using an seo tool or are interested in using an seo tool, Serp is a great alternative to your keyword research, seo optimization and keyword difficulty research. You can use this with your team to set up seo goals.

Whatever tier of traffic you choose to go after, doing only 1st tear or doing only first and second tear backlink, or combining all three, is up to you. Just remember the advantages and the risks you face. Do your research on websites you tend on placing your backlinks and also reading backlink guides you intend to optimize for.

There is so much advice out there on how many backlinks you should build for each tear. But here we are not mentioning any numbers because we would like to leave this an open question to you.

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