How To Build Your Email List And Grow Your Business Without A Website

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Is it possible to start building your email list without a website? many people ask, and the answer is yes!. You don’t need to have a website to build your email list. It doesn’t matter what kind of Business you do anymore, if you are serving the public , and this source of income is welcomed government, you can start to build you email list using platforms that will let you collect email list and grow your business

Emails are a form of communication you keep with your customers. It in a way, keeping your brand fresh in people’s eyes. Considering being memorable is everything for this era, you should really consider building an email list as your the look of your front store.
You should ask yourself if you have customers in your store, nd if there are more potential customers walking through your doors. Having an email list is just like that, you have potential customers in store and you are also accepting more by the form of an email subscription since this is selling online and not physically, in a physical store.
People develop habits of wanting to buy something at home, and if there’s an option of them making the purchase at home, many people will take it. Look at this way!, not many businesses have physical location, there are business that are online, these are called “home based business” you can not go right into the store to get your service but order your product or service online.

Every business should adapt to email list building because you have an opportunity of still selling to your customers when other businesses can’t. For example; during the holiday, national holidays and more.

You can start building your email list as soon as possible by following the following options mentioned below.

  1. Find an Email Collection Subscription Platform that can also allow you to build a landing page. In that landing page you will embed your email subscription box that will be provided to you by the platform and be able to collect emails from anyone interested. Those emails will be automatically entered into your email automation funnel “that you will have created, because your email subscription goes live”. to be ready to start giving people value. Like
  • Welcome email for those who subscribe
  • Giving coupons for the product that you are about to launch
  • Telling them of of what you are working on
  • Giving them tips and guides
  • And eventually being able to sell to them when your website is up and running.

The best platform to use for your email automation and landing page building is Kartra,  Aweber. and Active Campaign. Not only do they have great customer service, they are available 25/7 and they can help you through anything when you are having trouble or just concerned about something you don’t understand. You want to sign up with a platform that is helpful, knows what they are doing and their system is secure and safe for you and your customers too.

2) Create a simple landing page
Your Opt-In Email box should be appropriate for the goal you have set in place. Visit websites that are in a niche that you are in, and look at their Home page, the design of the Subscription box, the colors they are using on their website, analyze the font and get the over all outlook in a customer’s prospective, and not your own, learn to separate the two visions of view (your own and the customer’s).
For your landing page use 1-3 colors only don’t go more than three. Use only one or two fonts. Don’t use more than 2 fonts.
The landing page should be simple, straight to the point, informative to the individual that’s landed on the page, clear call to action on what you want them to do on the page ” to give you their email”, what your promising them need to be good enough and realistic for them to be convinced (what you are offering), and anything else you can think of that you would like them to know. Being transparent is the best way to conduct future business.

3) Leverage your social media accounts
Set up social media accounts, that you can find your audience in and start interacting with them. There are popular apps, forums, and communities that you can join on different kind of platforms and start to spread your awareness. Be sure to educate people first before you start promoting to them or telling them you own a business.

Grown your trust in these social media platforms because most people who join these kind of platforms and looking for social people, to network and more, but not being sold to. Give values on other people’s platforms. But post your expertise and articles on your page, so when they visit you they can decide to visit your page or not “in the big marketer’s world, this is the best practice of marketing.

Some of the social media platforms you can use

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
    Be sure to check if you can get an audience in these platforms before signing up. Be sure people who provide in your niche are on these platforms too. This will signal that they are also getting traffic or some kind of business value from these platforms.

4) Guest post on popular blogs
Ask people who already have popular blogs to let you post on their website. Look for websites that allow guest posting. Search for blogs in your niche and reach out to people that own these blogs or, you can go the bottom of their page and see if there is anything mentioned of “guest posting or We want writer, Or write for us”. There should be something on their page that says they welcome other people to guest post on their website.

This could be good for you because, you can link your landing page in the articles that you write for different blogs.
For the guest posting request to go smoothly, make sure you check what kind of content that have on their website. take time to look through what they already have on their catalogue before you ask, this could help you not waste time if they don’t accept a certain content submittion.
Also be sure not to write content they already have, this could lead they to saying no to your guest posting because they have already provided that content to the audience. Be unique and different.

5) Publish on content sharing platforms
There are high traffic content sharing platforms out these that can get your an audience you need quickly. These content sharing platforms don’t turn out good results overnight but they are highly effective.
Write good content to be promoted highly on the platform. Follow the guidelines they have in place and you should be fine in getting your content discovered.

These platforms, are platforms that publish blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, news publishers etc. Don’t use these platforms to gain unnecessary attention like you would with social media. This is a value exchanging atmosphere for people who are looking for articles or blogs to read.
This or the reader and not the consumer,

— Publish on Medium
You can publish your content on this platform for free and also sign up as a writer, so when people read your content you get paid “Disclaimer: When you become a writer, you cannot put any kind of links inside your content”.

— Publish on Blogger
Publish your content on blogger to be discovered by people that read blogs on this platform. Blogger has high traffic per month.

These are the best five ways to start building your email list. Email lists are profitable and are a drive to any business. These tips are recommended for any business. Apply these tips for growth and your own hacks.

Search for more blog sharing platforms and them onto your list, you will that are you post on these platforms, you will prefer a certain platforms from others, so be sure to utilize the ones that you think will work for your business, and give value on those.

If this article helped you in any way, or you gained value from it. Please share it with anyone you might think it may help. Our blog is here for you to explore. Happy marketing!!.

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