How to choose the right Website Template for your Website Design

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Know your experience in website designing, if you are a beginner, a pro or an average web designer. Know your experience and be aware of what things you have trouble building. Some people have trouble building home pages, some have trouble with laying out products in product page in a way that is pleasing to the customer. Be honest with what you can do and can’t do and seek outside help if you can or learn from free courses, free tutorial and so on, to improve your knowledge in website designing.

The purpose of the website needs to be clear, the layout and the display of images and texts in your page needs to tell the user who is in your page, why they clicked on your page was to get what they were looking for, and there for do not put misdirecting messages on your website that don’t offer the services or the things you claimed to before the website visitor decided to clink on your link.

Know how you are going to place your content, how many pages you have, the pictures or illustrations you will be using, be mindful of the size of the images you will be uploading to your site because this can cause slow website loading issues.
Be mindful of the user experience and create content that is interesting and will lead to a visitor staying on your website for a while and even subscribing to your email list. Try and find a topic you enjoy talking about and you know you can advice someone else about and write to that specific audience.

Every hosting gives a website builder, and in the website builder there are templates. These templates are made with a lot of Industries in mind. Pick one that is most close to your industry and replace their images with yours and where there is texts but your own texts and do that with every page. Do not change the arrangement of the website first before you finish the whole page and see what the results look like.
This advice is for beginners and average website designers and works for many people who want to build a website on their own without starting from scratch.

Seek opinions from the public, from your friends, create a poll on your posts and ask people if they would mind visiting your website and giving you advice on what you could do different and improve on.
Feedback should not get you defensive but instead, you should look at what the feedback says and analyze your website according to the feedback and decide on improvements.

Update your website design as often as you feel like but not too often may be 4 to 5 times a year, update the home page cover or video and pictures just make it look fresh. Keep your website from looking outdated and old because nothing is ever changed.




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