How to draft a business plan for a small business

How To Draft a Business Plan For a Small Business

Drafting a business plan does not have to take ages, the identities you are looking for in order to have your products sell, will depend on the following factors that are made in order for you to have a successful business.

Business entrepreneurship plan

1) Identify your products and services

Know the identity, texture, look, functions, abilities, how to make or produce the product. The identity of your product should be clear, The category in with the product belongs should be identified and be able to be recognized by potential customers.

The services that your products will provide, which are identifies as your problem solvers, should be highlighted on your product “packaging”, and always made clear, Audiences will find your product easily is the product is serving a purpose.

Knowing the purpose of your product, will help you to better target the right audiences, that don’t know about your company yet. But if are made aware, could turn into long term clients.

2) Specify the ideal person that needs your product

The identity of your customer, can compose of age, geographical location, seasons of the weather, and gender. Take all these characteristics into account, and you should be able to narrow down the marketing capabilities for your product.

The age of your customer is very important. For example; a product that an 18 year old might be interested in, will not be the product a 50 year old might be interested in. So knowing your the age gap of your customer, will help cater to an age group that is more likely to convert, than targeting everybody, and there for reducing your conversion rate.

3) Determine the age and income of your customer

Whether you customer can afford your product or not, will come down to how much they are making yearly. Pricing your products should accommodate your customer’s income. And that is why point number 2 is very important.

All the mentioned about, gender, age, location, and season of weather will determine high demand of products for a certain months, and create a down ward slope for other months.

To help your business maintain performance throughout the year, evaluate your best months and your slow months, and figure out how your audience can still buy your product, even when it wouldn’t make sense for them to make a purchase of it.

To ensure this happens, you can offer discounts, coupons, introduce new arrivals early to entice customers to buy before the actual launching date. etc. Exclusivity makes customers feel special, and this can lead to early sales. Forecasting your slow months for sales projections and sales strategies, will bullet proof your business for anything, “otherwise” always being ready for anything.

4) Come up with the means that your customer can acquire your product

a) Physical shop

A physical location with an address that people can visit, can be another way for your business to be found with “near me requests searched online” and also can be another way to optimize your business for search engines you desire to be indexed for your products and services.

b) Online fulfillment

Online order fulfillment, can help you achieve your sells goals. If you accept payments online, and are able to fulfill your orders without your customer needing to visit your physical location, can be an enticing factor for customers, because of the comfort that exists when it comes to shopping online.

c) Shipping methods

If you are offering shipping methods make it clear what your shipping terms include. Eg: Spend $50 and get free shipping, free shipping on all orders, tax charges, or customer paid shipping. make this clear on your check out page or product page, so your customer is aware of what they are expected to pay for, and what deals they are getting.

d) Pickup methods

If your customers can buy online and pick up their orders from your store, you should make this a notice on your store, both on your physical location, and online website. And also add onto weather you offer delivery, to further be clear, with your customers.

e) Payments

Payment gateways applies both in online stores and physical stores, do not treat these two entities different, let your customers know what kind of payment methods you accept. This will avoid confusion when it comes to checking out (especially in your online stores).

Confusion on the payment gateways options, can hurt or benefit your business. Offering different kinds of payment methods that you are willing to accept will reduce the abound of abandoned carts you might be getting, and also the bounce rate of your checkout page.

6) How are you going to educate your customers about your product

Developing a product or service is not enough, you need to find and tell your audience of a better solution that you have developed, compare to already what they have, and why they should buy from you and not your competitors.

Individuals will not turn into customers, until they have enough education and background about your product. For people who buy products, it’s important for them to know how to use the product, what the product helps with, what results they can expect to achieve, how they can get a hold of the product, how much is the price mark you have set, and so on.

Figuring out on how to educate your audience about these subjects, will help you achieve an educational purpose for your products, and not cause any confusion as to how your products work, and why one would need it.

7) How you are going to promote and build reputation for your business

Marketing promotion

Marketing promotions are strategic brand awareness actionable intentions that businesses can use, to get the public’s attention. This attention in return will bring back business, and interests from potential clients that might be interested in your products and services.

Reputation management

Gain good reputation with people will create trust, before a product is bought, the customer needs to have trust and a developed belief in being able to achieve a desired solution from the product.

Aim to build your business around good reputation, and providing goods and services people can trust, because this way your business will flourish and continue to perform better and better in the long run.

8) Building an email list and maintaining it

Maintaining an email list that combines of responsive audiences can be hard to do sometimes, but it is necessary with big or small businesses, to always cleanup their email list, and keep it fresh.

Cleaning up your email list can mean, to remove all subscribers that do not open your emails, remove freebie seekers that are in your email list and you think will never turn into customers, separating customers who have turned into customers from those that have not, there for segmenting your email lists.

Having a large email list for your business, is a good thing, but make sure all your audience’s interests, fall into the service they would like to be offered. Segmenting your email lists, and naming them according to what was promised to the subscriber before they joined your email list, is very important to accomplish.

Email segmentation can help a business avoid sending the same email to everybody in your email list, without causing a conflict f interest. Segmenting your email list is very important because it will reduce on your email opening bounce rate, and also the number of unsubscribing rates that might happen to your email list.

As a business when you start to lose people from your email list, you should ask yourself why. it could be, from a number of reasons, look into the reason why by evaluating your business.

9) Content marketing and promotional materials

Content marketing

a) Blogs / Articles
Blogs that are an extension of the services that you already give, can serve as informative piece of information to audiences that read blogs. For audiences that search for bogs, before they buy something, this can be an opportunity for your business, to highlight the best testimonials, proof of why your products work, and reviews from customers.

b) Podcasts
Podcasts, are another way to sell your products and services. Creating your own podcast, or going to other people’s podcasts, to talk about your products and services, can help your business be in-front of other audiences, and there for maximizing more exposure.

c) Video
Third party video hosting websites like, Youtube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, is a great way to be in front of the platform’s audiences. Your business can flourish this way by acquiring customers from other platforms, and back to your website or store location.

d) Infographics & graphs
Infographics and graphs are other means, hen you can explain your product by wording and instructions. This method of teaching can serve for all human being that want to consume your content.

People who are deaf, to those who prefer to look at a graph, instead of watching a video or reading a blog, can still be educated by you, on what your business doesn’t and why it is the right solution for them.

Promotion materials

a) Discounts
Allocate products that you can offer to your customers as discounted items. discounted items sell the best because people are getting the best deals. Offering deals that are a steal to customers, can invest a great return for your profits. Advised: calculate your margins in a way that will still see profit even if the item is discounted.

b) New Arrivals
Introduce new arrivals in your store, and let your customers know of it. Getting products before they actually launch, is sometimes desired by customers, and there for leading them to make an early purchase.

c) Flash sales
Exclusive flash sales for your customers is another way to optimize for more sells. In this method, countdown watches are used to create an urgency to customers to buy soon.

10) Data analytics

Email marketing campaigns

The email automation marketing software you are using, and that is collecting data for you, should be able to tell you how your email campaigns are performing, in order to maximize for the best results.

Email opening rates

When you send emails to your email list, you want to look at how much email open rate you are getting, knowing how many people open your emails, will help you work out the responsive rate you have, and if there are things you should improve on. Eg: writing better email titles.


A business entrepreneurship plan should be structured according to the services and the products being offered. Not many business plans are different, this comes down to how big your business is, the performance expectancy, the fulfillment, and production.

Taking as much factors of performance you business is expected to perform, can avoid surprises and additional costs that should have been seen from the beginning of structuring a business plan.

Content marketing is important, read Do blogs help with seo to find out how better you can optimize your content for best and fast organic traffic grown to your store and physical location.

A goal tracking app can help you to keep in track with everything and evaluate your goals, and your desires of where you want to see your business, in 5-10 years. This ambitious plan can always remind you to check on your checklist analysis, and meet deadlines, accomplishments, and goals set.

If you learned something new from this article share it, and tell your friends about it. Share how to draft a business plan for a small business so more people can learn about entrepreneurship business plans work.

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