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How to integrate email marketing with a Landing Page

Email marketing is a form of marketing where, the person selling goods or offering a service, uses email to sell more to their customers, develop client and business relationship, increase their B2B marketing services. Basically any goal that you have, as a business person, you can accomplish if you have an email marketing platform subjected to the services that you offer.

The services that you offer, don’t have to be tangible goods, physical goods or printable goods. They just have to be a legal transaction and they offer a solution to the third party that you are providing it to.

It is important that your services offer solutions, so that they become a primary goal of someone. Once something is primary to someone else’s life, as a token we get the opportunity to get into marketing and form tools to bring us more profit to our business.

Some Business Tools Include

  • Website Hosting: Site Ground, Blue Host,
  • Email Marketing Platform: Aweber, Mailer Lite
  • Advertising and Campaign running platforms: Kartra, Mailer Lite
  • Physical locations of your store: Address, Suite, Shop
  • Shipping or delivery methods: E-packet, Courier,
  • Banking For Business: Personal Preference
  • Payment Acceptance Methods: Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, Apple Pay, etc
  • Brand Reputation Management: Reputation
  • Local or Global listing Management: SEO Listing
  • And easy Customer Service Journey creation: Aweber
    And so much more…

Don’t forget to have business tools in place
Business tools will make your business life follow-ups easier and strategic, because you planned for them ahead before you even got to that place you are in now. Don’t plan for now, but also for the later! because it’s important to fore see things, assume things and plan for them so your reaction is calculated and strategic if a problem arises.

There are all kinds of problems with business, remember to take time and study the problems your business is experiencing and outsource services that can bring you solutions and results that are of the best interest to your business. Because the problems that occur in your business can equal to your customer experience results, and it’s good to watch these two, because they walk on the same road to bring fruition to your business.

Landing pages can be considered as the first impression people get of a new product, service or company being introduced to them.
Landing pages can have call to actions, that people are looking at your landing page can decide to take, ignore or think about. Depending on what you offering and if there is an interest there for them for them to be interested enough to agree or, follow the call to action in hopes of achieving what is promised to be delivered on the landing page.

mailer lite landing pages

Landing pages can be structured in 3 main ways

1) Home Page
A home page, is a page that displays first on your website, this page can be an introduction of your company to anyone that is on your page. Most of the time it provides the outlook of what you do, but not giving the emphasis of everything and leaving most of the to story telling to the About us, About me, or Company story page.

2) VSL (Video Sales Landing Page)
A video sales landing page, is a page that lands the customer or the page visitor to the video sales page that you show them, what solution you are trying to give to people who have a problem “of so and so, that you want to eliminate with so and so”.
This kind of a page, is normally set up with a next page that asks the visitor to subscribe their email to get more information or to get something being offered with the people behind the website. “business website”

3) Squeeze Page
A squeeze page, is a page that is created to represent to the website visitor that, in order for them to get access for what they are there for, they are going to have to submit their email before going any further into the website.

A squeeze page can be set up to lock every content behind the website that, if the website visitor should not submit their email, they cannot access anything in the website. And other times the squeeze page is set up to be an option for the website visitor.
They can be given two options, they can enter their email in the squeeze page and get inside the website or, not enter any information at all and having the option to click the close button [X] to close the squeeze page off, and they can still get access to the website.


Email Marketing and Landing Pages Integrating 

Email marketing and lasnding pages speak to each other, they move with one another when it comes to actions being triggered by website visitors taking action on the call to action buttons on the website.
Call to actions can be anything from, News letter email subscriptions, Buy items call to actions and any set up call to actions formed on the website.

Combining the two can be beneficial and can offer more services to the person that has decided to join your business for whatever the reason may be.
Email marketing follows the call to action that you have places on the landing page


  1. Email subscriber
  2. Purchased of an item
  3. Payment Subscription
  4. Abandoned Carts
  5. Newsletter Subscription


  1. Welcome email to email subscriber
  2. Send a coupon code for next time purchase
  3. Reminder of an upcoming subscription payment
  4. Send an email reminder of abandoned cart
  5. Send Newsletters in a sequence to the subscriber

Corerelation and servicing a puprose to the poeple that engaging with your business, service or offer, is important. Because first it’s going to put you in control, letting you be aware of what peopleneed from you, and you are going to fulfil the promise you made to deliver to them when they gave in to your call of action.

A customer journey, is a very important plan to map out with your email marketing. Doing this before people start taking actions on your call to actions, will set you up for success. Being able to automate your customer’s journey and value that you are giving to them is going to allow you to concentrate on other things that part of your business needs.
Its like a machine that works behind the sences for you, without having to worry if you sent a certain email to a certain customer, subscriber or client. Being able to schedule and automate your call to actions will be easier on your shoulders and marketing capabilities.

The worst mistake that small businesses do, is not apreciating this opportunity. They think they can do everything manually, until they find out they can’t and how difficult of a process it is to serve everyone individually instead of creating an Email Marketing Journey Mapped out Funnel for their customers.
Money is always the most common problem, when it comes to taking up this opportunity. But the truth is this step shouldn’t be skipped.

There are Email Marketing Platforms that offer Email marketing for FREE until you have reached a certain threshold of visitors, then that’s when you can start paying for it. There are platforms that offer you to have a “Free Forever Plan” until you have 500, 2,000 or 5,000 subscribers at most, and that’s when you will have to upgrade your plan and start paying for the service.
And let me tell you, if you have that many subscribers, and your product is selling, your list of worries will be paying example: $30 / per month to the Email Marketing platform, because you will be making a lot of money anyway, or enough to not see the absolutely advantage it has over your business and your peace of mind when it comes to your email marketing.

As the publishing date of this article, you can have a limit of subscribers before payment or upgrading your plan with



  1. Aweber
  2. Katra
  3. Mailer Lite


  1. FREE
  2. 14 DAY TRIAL
  3. FREE


  1. 0 – 500
  2. Unlimited
  3. 0 – 1,000

All Platforms work the same, it just depends o which one you want to join. Connecting your landing page shouldn’t be a problem. Most platforms especially the ones suggested in this article, they will give you steps on how to connect everything from just choosing options from their Settings for Email marketing sequence that you choose to set up.



Connect your Landing page with AWeber

I hope this article helped you in some way or another. I hope you consider Email Marketing as a serious option for your business, and quit the manual setups because that just steal time away from other business delegations you have in place and choose the easy way to market.

Once again here is;- Aweber, Kartra & Mailer Lite

Happy marketing to you business owner!!..:)

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