How To SEO into the Future

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For a long time now S-E-O, Search Engine Optimization has been made to be believed, that it only caters to Google’s search engine / Google search guides.

But that is far away from the truth. Search Engine Optimization is the new search for the modern age, and it involves all search engines.

Like; Bing search engine, Msn search engine, Duck duck go search engine, Ecosia search engine, Yahoo search engine and Youtube search engine. Because in these search alternative search engines, people make all types of search commands, and are also optimized by content creators.

Types of Search Engines

1) Keyword input
2) Voice commands

Our notion of normal search is changing, people are searching for what they need from different search engines they trust instead of just depending on Google. And even though the majority of people don’t think this is trust, just take a look at the examples below

Search Engines other than Google

Alternative search engine other than Google, that people are using everyday to search for information, detailed research, comparison prices to purchase something etc, are

  • Directory search engines
  • Library search engines
  • Ecommerce website engines
  • Social media search

When we are talking about SEO smart practices

Lets not forget about optimization

Its crucial that you structure your content in a way that it can be found and be recognized by all relevant engines you have in mind, and desire your content to be found in.

For Example: If you make youtube videos and you would like to be found on youtube, you will have to optimize your youtube search engine. And if you wanted Youtube video to be found in Goolge search results, you will have to optimize your video for Google search engine too. How to rank a youtube video.

Curiosity has always been the focal point of turning a visitor into a customer, at the right crucial moment of, when someone is searching to purchase something on the internet, or for a certain information, your content could be the final point, for them to consume your content or to definitely make a purchase of what they were searching for.

Education: Educating people will get you a focused audience that you can always update, announce and give promotional alerts to your new content (if you are building an email list). What is Email Marketing? 4 Types of Email Marketing.

Every Search engines uses different algorithms when it comes to showing the best results, and to find out what those best results are a combination of, you will have to do your own research on the search engine you are interested in optimizing for, and read their optimization rules, what they want and what they don’t, the most crucial rule, is to look for their customer audience experience. Find out how they want you, to optimize your content for their audience.

Remember: You are a guest in search engines, and as a content creator. The guidelines they have for you, is to make you aware of their audience’s needs, and for you to get to participate fairly, and favored by their search engines, you are going to have to write for their search engines.

When you optimize content you don’t just optimize for now, you have, and can optimize for the future.

Tips to help you deliver reliable seo results into the future

1) Know your audience

This means you have to know who you are writing your content to. Knowing who you are writing your content to can combine into many things.

Listening to your audience

  • By you reading topics they would likely read
  • Researching the content structure they like so you can produce the same.
  • If they like videos, visuals, or both for content
  • And what time do they like spending doing all these activities?

In figuring out how to optimize for search engines

  • Know what your audience searches for in engine optimization
  • Know the alternative words they would use instead of the obvious
  • Know other related pages they would like to look at too
  • Include these pages in your website or further target for traffic redirect

2) Focus on alternative engines

Don’t just optimize for one engine, seek to optimize for more engines because this will give you a wider audience and most of all high traffic because your content is on different platforms

To further optimize for search engines considercontent curation. You can provide one piece of content and turn it into several formats, so people can find one or the other in search engines

Different types of content curation
– Blog / article
– Podcast
– Presentation video uploads
– And Illustrations with voice over

3) Easy to use website template

There is nothing more frustrating like searching for something you can’t find. And if this is on someone’s website, it can be even more frustrating. Make sure you have all your website navigations in display for easy search and navigation of your website.

This will reduce if not maintaine your bounce rate

What is bounce rate?

Website bounce rate, is the percentage of how long or how little people stay on your website. The lower the number the better your bounce rate the higher the number the higher the bounce rate.
Low bounce rate percentage – Good
Higher bounce rate percentage – Not good

When these two things happen, you need to evaluate your website and see where you could be going wrong. Check you website loading speed time, your size of images and more, for better optimization.

Search Engine Optimization Conclusion

Content is just not about words on the page, its about every single element that make up the user experience of your content and website in general. Search engines think of returning visitors, and if noticed, that people don’t engage with your content your website could be in trouble.

Don’t let ranking matters come between you and your SEO efforts, optimize for content and think of ranking later, with ranking you can always track your keywords to see which ones are doing better in the search engines and remove (or change) those that are not acting in the favor of your content.

Take this opportunity to review your current website design and evaluate how every page communicates with the other. Your pages must have a relationship with your visitors

Check that you are not making any optimization trade-offs either with your hosting get good hosting, that is fast and offers website SSL Certificate, to further prove your website is secure. If you are building your website with WordPress. SiteGround and BlueHost are the best in providing hosting services and you should check them out.

How to do proper seo for search engine

1) Know your audience: To write effectively you have to listen more
2) Focus on alternative search engines: Optimize for other search engines where you can pull in traffic from
3) Website design and flow: To have a solid foundation have better hosting and website design

Find this article useful? Let us which tip you will use first, and if you are using any, let us know which one. Remember to share this article, because sharing is caring.

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