How to SEO Without Tools

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SEO Meaning

SEO simply just means Search Engine Optimization.

It is writing content that is catered to the search results, and what people are putting into the search bar when they are searching for something.

And for you to be found by search engine, you have to include as many relevant keywords as you can (without keyword stuffing) into your content to cater to everybody that is looking for “that specific keyword result” in the search engine results.

Now! Lets get into it

Tool for seo

Have you ever heard of being able to do Search Engine Optimization without any tools at all? Yes! this is possible, you can do Search Engine Optimization without using any third party tools at all.

If you have ever SEO tools we all by now we all know they can get a little bit too pricey and not give us all the information that we need.

For our businesses to have the most amount of optimization that will help us rank in search results, we must look at “Keyword Optimization Search” in a different way than you one way.

What is keyword optimization search?

Keywords optimization search, is when an internet user, searches a keyword in the search bar, in order to get optimized results.

These results can be in the form of a blog, a video, an infographic, a graph, and so on. The optimization with the mentioned content above, is what is called a keyword research optimization for a specific type of audience.

Without optimization you cannot be found, and if you are found then your content will not be in the ranking top positions where there’s most engagement , but far below where high search volumes do not exist.

So How do you rank higher?

Keyword Optimization

Use a free tool of a search engine optimization reseller.

You can find a search engine optimization reseller that has a paid version of their keyword research tool, and use their free version to search for your keywords.

Most of the time these seo company paid tools can give you a free trial of their tool, or they can allow you to use their tool for free but they will lock some keywords into their platform until you upgrade your plan. This can still be helpful because you can still be able to get some keywords to use for your projects.

Audience research power

a) By choosing your settings on google search results. Optimize results you are searching for, by choosing the country you want to see results from and applying other filters you consider useful.

b) Search engine optimization by google
In the early stages of looking for keywords, Search engine optimization on google can be done by putting in a few keywords into the search bar and seeing the suggested keywords at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page.

And another way to find even more keywords is by installing a Google Chrome extension.

c) By using a free tool called Keywords everywhere, you can search for keywords, and see which high ranking websites are using the keywords you are search for.

By opening the websites in the search results using the keyword extension tool, you will be able to see what other keywords these websites are using and what pages they are ranking for. You will be able to optimize for your own website by using this method.

Chrome extension to install: Keywords Everywhere

This free extension will show you the keywords people are searching for on google and also the traffic the pages are getting monthly. By seeing the traffic people get for the keyword and also the suggestions of keywords, this can be a good starting point to which keywords you would like to use for your content.

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Keywords Everywhere Showing Traffic Analytics of a Search

keyword for search engine optimization,

Types of engine optimization

There are so many search engines on the internet, it is almost impossible to optimize for all of them. The best thing you can do here is, to optimize for search engines that get a reasonable amount of traffic each month.

Optimize for big search engines, but if you can cater to small engines that have targeted traffic for your business, then going for big search engines might not make sense. Optimize for a search engine that has most of your audience.

Collecting data and data analysis
Using third part paid tools or free tools like, Google search console, Google analytics, and other heatmap tools. You can study data, that helps you see how people are behaving when they land on your website.

Seeing the interaction that happens on your website, can help you better optimize for best suited content or call to actions, to increase conversions.

Rinse and repeat what works
Why break what is not broken? If you have found a method that works for your audience and your website. Stick to what works until is does not work anymore. All a while, studying other trends, and events so you don’t fall behind, when change comes.

Being able to adapt to change, will always save your business, and help you stay on top of customer behavior change and page optimization.

But see rinsing and repeating what works, is not simple as it seems. As your web pages and content gets older, you need to look for new keywords people are search for, to refresh your content over and over again, to the current times.

Doing this can lead to fatigue of content creation and putting out new content for new bloggers. As much as the free version of looking for seo keywords is rewarding because you don’t have to spend a cent.

Using a paid keyword tool, might be an option for you when you start to get traffic that is worth investing a keyword tool analyzer for.

With plenty of choices in the marketplace, when it comes to seo, make sure you are well advanced to use the seo tool, and if you are at the beginning stages, make sure you understand the tool first before paying for it.

Free versions of seo tools are available everywhere. Try this one!

What are seo tools?

seo tools, are tools that make keyword research much easier, faster and simple (these experiences might be different, according to the platform you are using). Contrary to the keyword tool, Data being pulled from search engines may range from: Google, Bing, Yahoo etc data.

Note: Know where your Keyword research tool is pulling data from. Identifying the search engine your keyword optimization tool is pulling it’s results from, will help you better optimize for your content and that particular search engine you may want to optimize for.

SEO Optimization Tools

1 – Seo tool for keyword research

Answer the public, collects questions that are being asked by the public, this a great source for content writing, because the search gives you questions that people are searching for and that you can optimize for.

As search engine results are from Answer the public, this needs not to worry you. Answer the public search engine, pulls data from google, so if you want to optimize for Google, this is a great place to conduct your keyword research.

2 – SEO Tool Report

Being able to generate a report for your website and even other people’s website, to see what their optimization is like, will help you reverse engineer your own website, to get the best results.

By putting a url of any website in the search bar, Analyze any website and generate a report. All reports are generate quickly and include background information on data that is detailed.

Seo Tool Ranking

1 – seo enterprise tool

Looking for keywords for any search engine you have in mind. Use FAQfox ****. This seach engines, help you pull in keywords being searched by people from any search engine you have in mind. For example: Quora

2 – seo tool keyword

To avoid writing too long titles, use a Google SERP Tool to avoid your content from being cut off because it is too long. If users can read your content and not have to guess what the rest of the tittle says, this will help you avoid people from scrolling past your content.

By using Google SERP Preview Tool, you will be able to optimize your page title and meta description. Google serp tool

3 – seo tool ranker

Google’s mobile index, looks at how fast your website loads and if your font is easy for peopleto read, among other things.

Optimize your website to load fast, For both your mobile version of the website and also phone. Being able optimize for both audiences, will earn you content device optimization points from search engines, and there for your website will be ranked higher.

To improve the speed of your website, optimize for your website eveery time you upload new content, use pictures, images or media files.

4 – keyword research seo tool

Your onpage seo and the overview of your content grade, will help you know where you are with your optimization. To improve, simply look at the grade you get from SEOptimizer and see where you can improve and optimize better, for the future of your search results.

Get a close look at your page speed, looks at how the website loads on mobile and desktop, your accumulated social shares and seo grading for your website, all in one place, using one tool.

5 – Google seo tools

Google analytics and google search console can share with you data collected from your customers and website users, to let you know best what your users are searching for and why your

Driving traffic that is targetted to your specific industry, you are going to need to study your audience and know well what they want from you.

Free Google Accounts: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Kit.

What is the best seo tool

The best seo tool, is an all in one seo tool, that can provide you with information such as,

  • The volume of people who are searching for the word
  • The CPC price if you tent on using ads
  • The paid difficulty of the keyword you want to use
  • Will provide you with the seo difficulty of the keyword if you were to use it
  • Will also show you with other search engine results. Eg: Google, Bing etc

SEO Tool for excel

Having an excel sheet, to record all your keyword findings, will hepl you keep the records of your keyword finding. In order to structure your content with optimization letter.

How to Do Keyword Research for Free? (Free Keyword Research Using Excel)

Free Keyword Research Template & Guide

SEO Tool for Plagiarism check

Google the biggest engines of them all, that most businesses and content creators depend on. But because not everyobody can write content, there are plagiarism concerns when it comes to original content from creators.

To make sure your content is not copied, and if it is to make sure that is does not rank higher before yours, you can optimize this in your WordPress Website in settings: Reading.

To make sure that you rank higher than your copied content. Configure the settings in your (WordPress website)

Free SEO Tools Conclusion

Fancy tools that are pricey and come out every year shouldn’t scare you into finding keywords using free methods.

seo tools have advantages and disadvantages, and people who have used paid tools will tell you, or say atmleeast they have found that.

Looking for keywords without using a keyword search tool can seem like a daunting task especially because the paid tools are made to look so easy to use, these tools can achieve fast results and they have other functions into them that do more than just SEO, but if you make more efforts in using free tools or free methods, you might be able to have content that ranks well from a pearson that used paid tools

With paid tools you will be able to see more information on your competitors and your own website. For example: you will be able to get keyword rank reports, heat maps for website user engagement, backlinks anaysis to reverse to your own website and more.

Free seo tools and methods might consume a lot of time in your content creation, don’t let this leave you feeling hopeless. You can make the most out of free tools if you invest in, the time to look for all that is necessary to create good content.

So don’t be swayed to buy tools too fast if this is not a place you are in.

Still New to SEO?

Do blogs help with seo will show you how to write seo friendly content.

all in oe seo tool for agencies and bloggers

Help us mention other free seo tools you have found useful. and hit the Share button to share this knowledge with someone else.

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