How to Use Pinterest to Skyrocket Your Email List Building

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How to Use Pinterest to Build Your Email List and Send Traffic to Your Website

Step 1: Convert to a business account.
By converting to a business account, you’ll have access to analytics and the ability to promote pins (aka, run ads).

Step 2: Place target keywords in your name and bio.
Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google or YouTube, and yes, keywords count! Place a few target keywords in your bio to help potential customers find you.

Step 3: Create boards that feature target keywords in the board title and description.
Again, Pinterest SEO is important. Unlike Google, so far it doesn’t seem that Pinterest penalizes for keyword stuffing, so feel free to put several target keywords in your board title and description.

Step 4: Join relevant group boards that your target audience would follow.
A great way to expand your reach is to join group boards. You can find group boards by using the search bar to type a keyword plus the word “group board.” Next, click the drop-down on the right side of the search bar and select “Boards.”


Step 5: Create a vertical graphic that will link to your opt-in landing page.
I like to use Canva, which has a free option, to create pin images. Create a vertical image for your pin. Then, link that pin to your landing page. Don’t forget to add relevant keywords to the pin’s description.

Step 6: Pin it to relevant group boards to expand your reach.
Once you’ve pinned it to your own boards, pin it to relevant group boards. This expands your reach because when you pin to group boards, that pin shows up for the people who follow those group boards.

Because of Pinterest’s search engine-like qualities, your one pin can have a long shelf life, as people keep searching, finding, and pinning. It helps, though, to continually re-pin to your own boards and group boards. To automate this, you can use Board Booster or Tailwind.

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