How to write an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing strategy campaign sales automation Plan
How to write an email marketing strategy for campaigns and automation.

Email marketing strategy

If you were asking yourself what an email marketing strategy was, you don’t have to ask yourself anymore, below is the definition, meaning, and a broader meaning inside a marketer’s world.

An email marketing strategy is, a strategic plan for a campaign that campaign is put in motion to serve emails to new and existing customers, in form of marketing email sequences, to perform marketing purposes.

These marketing purposes can range from promotional materials (in terms of posts, articles, videos, and blogs), and promotions for products and services (coupons, discounts and sell countdown alerts).

Every email from a campaign point of view, marketers are able to read data, study their audience, and scale on making better business profits.

The perfect strategy must be used in selling and scaling to have a successful business practice in email marketing.

How to write an email marketing strategy

You can write any email marketing strategy for products and services, but before you write your strategy you must know the following

1) Audience

Think of what audience your product is talking to, Identify your audience (Example: Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, College student etc). Know the audience that is interested in your product.

2) Interest

The exact interest and likely hood interests of your audience will expand your targetting map (For example: Youtubers might be interested in growing their youtube channel, and there for they might want to know ways of how to grow their channel)

Solution: Youtubers interests is ranking high and their solution to their problem is Tubebuddy, by using the right tags on their videos and optimizing for search engines like google, a You tube channels is able to rank on Google search results and also on you-tube search engine results.

Also it is a good idea to Use the Facebook audience interest insights to look for other interests your audience might be interested in to find a look alike audience when you eventually decide to perform advertisement.

3) Geographical Location

Identify the weather and where your audience lives. What kind of weather do they experience, what are the things that they need during months they are experiencing that weather condition?. These questions will help you figure out when to promote your products to maximize sales.

Because people are always looking to prepare for a certain events through out the year, you will find that most families put aside a budget for the year’s particular events, selling appropriate products / high in demand products due to demand, can give your business more exposure.

4) Average customer age

Narrown down the age you are most likely to sell to, This means your product has an age group and is most likely to speak more to the audience of that age group, rather than it would to any other group.

IE: A 50 year old and 15 year old might not be interested in buying the same thing. Consider this fact, on what age you are targeting for your product.

5) Gender Identity

You should be able to identify in detail and know if your product or service caters to only female or male, or o both, Knowing this, it can help you focus on one gender and ignore the other, because you know who one is highly to convert.

6) Education and career skills

How much a household earns will influence their spending habits through out the year, knowing how much your customer is able to make a year, will help you figure out how to price your items, how to talk to them and most of all how to sell to them.

Talking to people with different education levels can sometimes be different, here you should mind the tone, the delivery, and the explanation of your product in your emails or video tutorials.

Email campaign and How to write an email marketing email

1) Fear

People have fear, when it comes to loosing something. If you can inflict fear into loosing something if your customers, don’t take action and evaluate the problem they are trying to solve. You can help them convert into customers by showing they advantages of eliminating their problems with you. Mention to your audience the best features of your products.

2) Curiosity

We as people are naturally curious, when it comes to learning and knowing about new things, we like to know someone that has the knowledge to teach us something. Spark curiosity by being a teacher and a master of something you are trying to offer a service in, and educate people by finding your audience of interest.

3) Excitement

The end results that can be achieved by taking action, can help us fore see a better future we can have if we took action to eliminate our problem. Help your customers picture how the future will look so much better if they got rid of their problem by converting into customers.

4) Results

Show the end results of the product or the service you are selling to further convince people that, they can achieve results with what you are selling. Sometimes what people need is proof, so be able to provide reviews and testimonials to further seal your authority and reputation for your product.

Direct email marketing research

The only purpose of an email marketing email is to sell. Testing emails is encouraged, and should be done if the company has the resources to do so. Research costs can bring in more profits later on, even though a lot of costs are involved. Big corporation each year, use more than 2,000,000,000 dollars to conduct market research.

Investing means in campaigns that test your audience and the market, can sometimes be money draining for companies, strategies like these should be put in place for companies to know how much their market research

Direct mail marketing campaigns

Creating, designing and sending out physical mail campaigns to physical addresses, can seem like a complicated task but it’s not. There are companies that make this process easy for you.

They will help you design your campaign, send out your mail to postal codes that you provide them with or the postal mailing addresses they provide you with if they have a list, “and if they offer this service as part of their direct mailing service”.

Direct mailer campaign

In creating the perfect campaign, more than one campaign design need to be created. Having different designs, will let you know how people are reacting to your emails, by looking at the click through rate of your call to actions in your email campaign can help you curate the best mailer campaign, before you ever create or send your mail out..

By using heat map extensions and plugins, information can be collected to see how people are reacting on your email campaigns and more. As an extension help, to study your audience, take advantage of heat map marketing tools when, testing out your emails because most of the time the truth is, your emails act like your landing pages. And you want to have the best landing page for every campaign you ever do.

Even though this is not guaranteed that email campaigns and mailer campaigns could work the same, your email campaign tests could still leverage your mailer campaigns because of the high positive rates you got on your email testing design campaigns before advertising.

Direct mail advertising

Direct mail advertising campaigns should be looked as advertisement just like you see an advertisement online, whether they are banner ads or voice over playing ads, Ads are just ads, and they are there to display a message to people, to hopefully encourage some kind of interest to eventually make a purchase from the targeted Ad campaign.

Going into ad campaigns and thinking you must get your returns of an investment sometimes can leave some marketers heart broken. Emphasize your interest on your audience and advertise to market educate and not market to sell.

Because marketing to sell, sometimes can come off as over selling and you don’t want your customers to get that dialog from your company.

Direct mailing

People are tired of seeing ads online as it is, to divert from online advetsing, you can instead curate a mail campain and use.

1) usps direct mail

Knowing the practice of mailing by law. Avoid commiting mail spam and other offences by using a direct email company to deliver your mail instead of doing it yourself and dropping off mails to people’s addresses. Your local postal office can do this for you.

2) postcard mailers

Dedicate postcard mailer companies exist for your marketing needs. Use them to your advantage and see what best marketing practices they offer and what you can do expand authority and create brand awareness campaigns.

3) Mail campaigns

Divide your mail campaigns into 2-4 times a year, choose addresses you can send your email campaign to so you stay relevant in their eyes, and most of all memorable. Postcard Mailing Template examples:

Postcard Mailing Template examples

Email marketing for small business

Build up an expectation from people by expectation, people expecting your mail a certain time of the year, can raise awareness on discounts or coupons you give, and this can increase a growing return of existing customers and acquire you new ones.

Free email marketing software

If you want to grow an email list and keep people’s information safe. A free email marketing software is not something you should be thinking about. Your customers need to be assured that their information is safe with you and will not be stolen or shared.

If security is something you would like for yourself if you gave information to a business, then try as hard as you can not to do it to others yourself.

Trust is hard to build, and if customers trust you with their information, you should act responsible enough to want to keep their information from being stoles, shared, or sold because of security breach.

Email marketing campaigns

Divide your emails into sequences that make sense and is not overwhelming to your email receivers. Choose how many emails your target gets every week, per month and even in some cases per year plan.

Marketing Email Number 1

Tease the product:
Without giving away too much, tell your audience of the upcoming product you have, and how exciting it is. Build anticipation without mentioning what the identity of the product is.

Marketing Email Number 2

Mention some features of the product:
Mention the main beneficial features of the product and reveal what the product is, explain how the product is used and what to expect when you use the product, explain the results and benefits of your product. If it is possible, use a video for illustration if you can.

Marketing Email Number 3

Give an exclusive discount offer to the product:
Give an exclusive one time offer to your product to encourage customers to buy; because they know they won’t be getting the deal you are offering else where but only from you.

Marketing Email Number 4

Explain how the product works and why they need it:
Filter out members that have bought your product and send another series of email to individuals that did not make a purchase. Explain to them even more in detail, the deep benefits of buying your product and what they can achieve from it, to further shift them from non buying customers to buying customers.

Marketing Email Number 5

Up sale, down sale, and cross sale

Email Number 6: Up-sale a product

Bundling your product with other products, to make it even more useful. Up sale by giving the ultimate price for your bundled up product.

Email Number 7: Down sale

Down sale a product by listing it for a low price, in case the product’s price is too high for your customer, this might entice them to finally buy.

Email Number 8: Cross Sale

If you have similar products that complement one of your products, you can suggest another product that is complementary to the product you are already selling, with a reasoning to your customer, that it would make sense if they got both of the products.

You can divide these emails according to what you think your client might need, and expand to sending out more emails if that is what you need. The examples given above, doesn’t have to be in the same sequence, change it up and see what works for you.

Email marketing strategy Conclusion

Don’t be discouraged by failing campaigns, tweack and adjust your emails and try again until you get a winner email when you are in the testing phase.

Writing the perfect converting email is not easy, coming up with headings for your title, figuring out what the body is going to contain of, and what the end going to sound like can be confusing for many.

Practice to write marketing emails when you have spare time and join other businesses mailing list to see what kind of emails they send out. Watch the tone of voices they use, the structure of the email and their call to actions.

This can help you reverse engineer your own emails and eventually be good at writing Marketing emails.

Also seo marketing campaigns work well, more than random marketing campaigns. If you plan on running a campaign online and the campaign will lead your click through rate to your email subscription form. Then you should consider optimizing your campaign with keywords that people are searching for. Learn how to segment your audience emails.

People relating more to your campaigns will increase on more conversions and higher responsive audience rates and most of all, the value of your customers being able to understand your business.

Its the value of your business that customers look for before buying. Build a brand outlook for your business in all operations and practices for better authority and reputation.

Are you going to start using email opt in forms on your website? Tell us what you think of our suggestions, and feel free to Share this article with more marketing communities.

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