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Google. Facebook. Yelp. There’s no shortage of places where consumers can leave you feedback, and with multiple locations listed across hundreds of sites. Review Monitoring leverages our direct integrations, with tools that can pull all your reviews from all listing locations, you have in other platforms, into a single work dashboard so you can access all your listing reviews, and stay informed at huge scale.

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reputation management software

Review Monitoring

See what kind of reviews are being submitted, choose to share, comment, suppress (collapsing a review), and resolve misunderstandings without earning a bad reputation. Fast response reduces mistakes and on going complaints, feuds and  concerns that might put your brand in a bad reputation, and even bigger problems.

Personal Review Responses

Respond to questions and concerns, give more details to your customers, invite them to Learn more by giving them a link where they can be educated more about your service and build a good relationship that can be natured into future business opportunities.

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API integrations dual sync

API Integrations Dual Sync – Integrate with Zapier and more, update your relevant changes and be published across the industry’s largest network of maps, apps, voice assistants, search engines, event discovery sites, social networks, and directories. Don’t leave the last mile of your customer journey up to chance. Optimize it with Our in house Listings.

Notification Alerts

Get notified on submitted reviews, decide your call to action by putting your business upfront and making decisions that are revelant and beneficial to your brand building reputation. Grow your business by interacting with your customers, answer questions, respond directly in your reviews from notification or schedule your notifcations answer review selection.

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Make your competitive edge, your customer.

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List your business, get found

Drill down, zoom in or out of specific regions or areas of local ownership to see the state of your listings and learn where to focus your attention. Discover opportunities for improvement and see how you can stack up against your peers. The key to improving your business are seating with us right now. Your business belongs in the most powerful customer search engines. Learn More

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Marketing for email marketing

Emails that bring in conversion and not cold actions, Customized to your needs and industry, powerful emails always get interests to Learn more, and this diverse field explore just that. Get created emails for your products and services that will market for you and set for you email follows, promotions and much more. Focus on your business we have got the emails for you!. Learn More