SEO Blog tips, SEO for beginners and SEO benefits to Small businesses and bloggers

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What is SEO

SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization)
It’s when search engines are used by everyday people like you to look for information, services, products, blogs, articles, restaurants, hotels, cafes, you name it. As long as you can put some keywords into the search engine and you can get results, that’s what it is called, Search engine optimization.
The people that appear high in the search results, lets say page one two, those people have optimized their content with keywords that serve relative to your needs, that’s why you were able to see the results you see.

When content is optimized, and is created specific to the user (who is seeking to solve their problem), search engines take it upon themselves to analyze if the content creator is providing value to the reader and if the content is solving problems according to the reader (if people like your content, they will tend to stay for a while on your website, and search engines can recognize this).

If your content is shared on other platforms, even better. Other platforms will notice the interactions you have on their audiences and begin to give you rankings on their platforms because these platforms, like to give their audiences content they love, and by recommending your content, your provided value whether it is a blog, a post, or a book, will be optimized.

There is no number you can put on optimization, and most of the time it is not even guaranteed. that is why for beginners, it is recommended to use SEO Tools to make it easier for yourself to see the specific keywords that you require and avoid mistakes like

  • Choosing high competitive keywords that big brands and well known bloggers are using, these competitive words will not work for you because, you don’t have a lot of content that is already optimized. Therefore the priority will go to those with more content optimized because, search engines already trusts them and people like that content too.
  • Choosing low keywords that nobody is typing into the search engine, the biggest mistake here is coming up with keywords on top of your head thinking that, that is what people will type in the search engine and it ends up not working in your favor.

SEO Blog Tips

Writing any content is not going to get you the top appearance page in the search engines. You have to be mathematical and strategic about it.

  • You have to do research on your key words,
    using the keyword density checker, to see how difficult the keyword is to use against other competition.
  • Take it upon yourself to look at websites that have been successful with the keywords that you are researching, most of the time these websites will be given to you when you search a keyword in the keyword finder tool and you can do further research this way.
  • Read your competitor’s blog or a article and see how it is structed, write your content following the successful pages that are not so competitive but somehow at your level. You can check this by searching their domain authority on several search engine checkers or if your SEO tool includes this filter you can use it too.

Content Marketing Strategy:

Only start writing a blog when you

  • Know the topic you are writing about
  • Know what problem exists in your topic
  • Know what kind of people that topic is for
  • Know how they can solve their problem
  • Know How you will provide them proof of how your problem solver works
  • And know how they can get your “problem solver”, and be able to simply use it without the process being over complicated

If your “Problem Solver” needs instructions to set-up and might be difficult for some people to use,

  • Create a graph on how to assemble the product, this must be or can be included in the packaging when you ship the product out to your customer.
  • Create a video illustration, where the instructions are clear, and people can easily watch along and assemble the product themselves.
  • Upload the video on your website and another video hosting platform you prefer to instruct your product users to go to and watch it. Or so other users can find your product and become a fun or a customer.
  • A Q&A section and including the features and highlights of what your product contains and evolves around.

SEO Benefits for Small Business and Bloggers

Being known to be a problem solver and a product recommender goes well together, and if you happen to offer a service that convers, the problem people are seeking to solve, can also increase your profit margins among other things.

SEO Content Small businesses and bloggers can create

  • Video Instructions
  • Blog and articles
  • Vlogs of the business and progress
  • Downloadable books
  • Cheat sheets, tips and guides
  • Discounts and prizes to create more brand awareness
  • Community events participation
  • Sponsoring events to reverse engineer advertisement for your business
    And so much more….

These SEO tips for bloggers and small businesses, should get you started on your journey to creating SEO search engine content. Keywords is what makes content king. like, comment and share this post, we like to hear back from you.

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