Small Business Strategies To Improve Brand Awareness

Small Business Strategies To Improve Brand Awareness

1) Listing
List your business in directories, with search engines consumerism is growing day by day than past years. People are searching for deals and brands they love online, and even willing to deter away from their favorite brands just to get a good deal on something they want.
With Listings, Consumers discover new businesses they never heard of before. Small businesses need to take a lead in listing their businesses in local directories they can find in their country in order to take advantage of this free traffic generator for their businesses
Looking for directories that have high quality traffic that are intended for your industry is a way to earn new customers and expand your audience in other area of brand awareness and re-targeting.

2) Social Presence
Open social media accounts you know you can keep up with in terms of nurturing your relationship with your audience, Don’t leave your account idol and without any updates, this will lead people to think you are not an active business and therefor stop following you.
Set up a posting schedule for your accounts and interact with anyone that leaves a comment of likes your product, be helpful by providing tips and guides and newsletters if you have subscribers.

3) Content Creation
Write a blog with quality content to help your audience with their pain points, this will increase their trust in you and always seek advice from you or your website before they look else where.
Provide instructional videos, that explain your product or your company story, People like to hear stories and this could be a journey between you and your audience, telling your story in an inspirational way could help people relate to you. In video creation remember everybody likes a good story.
Start building your email list to give out your newsletters to, newsletters are a great way for you to create your content curation ideas and have them used to the max. Newsletters can be sent by giving your list of subscribers tips and guides on why they subscribed to your list and you can also use your list to sell products, cross-sale products, down-sale products, give coupons, run contests and more. This is for audience engagement, to keep your brand fresh in people’s minds and not be forgotten.

4) Collaborations
Paying influencers for collaborations can be a new ground for most businesses, this marketing strategy costs an investment and belief of finding part of your audience on someone else’s platform. Using third platforms to find your audience can be frustrating and wonderful experience at the same time, depending on what achievement you were looking for.
Investing on a couple of influencers will increase your chances of having your investment should good results rather than investing in one influencers. Be aware to ask the influencer you approach what their services contain of and if you can both agree on those terms

Some of the Services you might find influencers offer are,
— Story times and social mentions
— Shout-outs, comments and tags
— Posts that will never be removed and those that last for a couple of hours.

5) Paid Ads
Pick platforms that you know people will be interested in and. Test placing Ads on websites that are close to your niche or, relate close to what you do and track for results to see if their audience is interested in a service like yours.
Placing banners on other platforms in hopes of bridging traffic to your website, sometimes can be a hit of miss marketing strategy. As business you are always trying to find your audience, and that is why it very important to research and find out what your audience likes, where the tend to hang out the most on social media, what other websites they visit, what most of them are willing to spend on an online item and so forth.
Know your audience well than your audience knows themselves, pick up on your audience’s behavior, sometimes you find audience behavior tends to be the same, it’s better described as a group of people that like the same things, tend to have tests that are not far away from each other, probably most of the time they have the same purchasing behaviors, tend to buy a certain things and obsessed about a certain brand. Take time to study about your audience.

Some examples of Ads
Native Ads
Push Ads
Banner Ads

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