The 6-step formula for writing emails that sell

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Formula for writing emails that sell

How to write emails that sell, can sometimes seem impossible. Below is guide, to writing any business marketing emails, in any industry, and profession, providing that you offer goods and services, whether they are physical or digital. How to write a marketing email in 6 steps.

1) The subject line

This is what people see in their inbox, before they even click on the email, to open it. The subject line of your email should provoke emotions, that it leaves the reader no other option but to open your email.

The subject line can ask a question, make someone wonder, evoke curiosity or fear by asking a question or stating the fact. Choose emotion out of these four headline suggestion, and create a headline that you, yourself, if you were reading the email headline, you would want to open the email and take a further read.

Put yourself in the position of the reader, and see what kind of reaction you would have if you were reading someone else’s email, and if you would be interested, if it was written the way you have written it. Practice writing your headings using the above mentioned emotions in the paragraph before writing the email body or proceeding any further.

2) The lead

The first 1-3 sentences of your email. the lead needs to grab your reader’s attention, here your plan is to get your reader to read the next line. If your first or third line is not demanding attention from your reader, there is a chance that they will not read the whole entire email.

Keeping your reader wanting to read more of your email, will help you get closer to them seeing your call to action. and this is the very thing that you want at the end of your email, is your reader to know and be aware of your call to action. Don’t reveal too much on this section, think of it as the teaser of whatever you are selling. Leave the reveal to the body of your email. Perfect your lead, before you move into writing the body of your email.

3) The Body of the Email / The Meat / Value

This part of your email, holds the most purpose. Providing your reader with valued advice and concepts of solving their problems is valuable. Know the purpose and the why of your email. Know what your email is supposed to do to for your reader, before you make a decision of sending out.

Ask yourself these questions as you compose the body of your email. And when you finish writing your email, look over these points again, to see if you addresses each of them.

  • Is your email telling a story
  • Is it giving a study case for proof of your story?
  • Are you giving tricks and tips on how to do the desired achievement?
  • Are you educating using videos and podcasts, graphs or infographics?
  • Are you nurturing your relationships with your email list?

With these points, You should be able to manage your customer relationship system. Know why you are suggesting the products you have chosen, so your email serves a purpose in people’s lives and to you too.

Know the end goal of your email and why you are sending your emails out to begin with. Have your emails serve a purpose on your product’s behalf.

4) The transition

This part of the email connects the purpose of the whole entire email, summing up your the next journey you want your customer to take action. This part of the email should be giving your customer and potential clients the end solution they should get from using your product or service.

At this point of the email, your reader will feel and expect to be asked something of them at this point, they know they are going to have to take the call to action if they are interested enough, in order for them to get to the next stage of of solving their problem.

At your customer’s point of decision making, they will choose to take your offer, or choose to abandon it, because they decide are not interested enough, at all or at that particular moment but maybe would at a letter time.

Transition your email into a clear call to action in your email marketing campaigns.

5) The call to action CTA

The call to action should be what it is, without hiding behind words or the next promise. The clear call to action should serve a purpose on why people red your whole email. So don’t hide behind a clatter of things to reveal your call you action.

Ho to write a clear call to action in your marketing emails, Be clear if you want them to

  • Click a link and watch your video
  • If you want them to register for a presentation
  • If you want them to read an article or blog
  • If you want them to book a call with you
  • If you want them to check out your product page
  • Download a pdf file, listen to your podcast etc….

Be clear with your call to action. Emphasizing one call to action. The email should have 1 or 2 links of call to action or not more. This is because sometimes when an email has too many links, it can start to look like spam, and come of as desperate on your part, and this is not good, especially if you want to turn them into your buyer’s list.

6) The end of the email

Here. re-state what the purpose of the email in a different way, then re-inviting the call to action that you want your reader to take. This can be the perfect place to place your send link, leaving the one remaining link somewhere in the body of the email, or just having one link is okay for your call to actin. Just like we discussed above.

If you email has more than 2 links, place them carefully, and make sure you are giving high value, a lot of information that people can take away and love your email, and not instead be turned off by your email.

The end of your email should get readers excited to receive more emails from you. By keeping email subscribers and action takers, it is the only way that you are going to have a successful business. So take care of your email list and remember, by sending the perfect structured emails is how you can get high click through open rates and customer responsiveness. Here you can get tested Marketing Emails.


How to write an effective email, will come to the responsibility of the business owner. Small businesses that tend to do everything independently will always have find challenges. But these challenges shouldn’t stop you. Whether it is coming up with the right email campaign, running ads, or finding new clients, trial and error is the practice of every potential successful business.

Learn to see the best outcome of every potential opportunity. Your business shouldn’t be treated like a separate entity from you, but the root of who you are. This will help the company have values that you believe in, and this practice can further help you, in the way you provide customer service.

How to grow your business with Aweber Email Marketing, will help grow your business and perform the best email marketing campaigns, because of the data you get to collect and read, in order to expand more on better decision making for your business.

If you happen to have a podcast, You can promote your podcast using Email Marketing. Not everyone reads these days, so taking the initiative to produce other content your audience might prefer is crucial. People listed to podcasts more these days, Try promoting your podcast using Email Marketing with Aweber, to notify your audience when you have a new podcast out. 4 Things you must know before Writing Marketing Emails.

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