Top 3 Email Marketing Services

Top 3 Email Marketing Services
Top 3 Email Marketing Services

The best email marketing platform

There are so many email marketing softwares, and whether you believe one is god than the other, or which email marketing services are the worst. It is important to go through a few definitions and benefits of email marketing, before we come to a conclusion of which email marketing platform is best.

Email marketing definition meaning

Email marketing, is the act of sending an email to many subjects “persons” at one. This action involves tat you have an email list that, you have built over the years, or you have acquired.

Email marketing can be done with triggers, for people who completed the “call to action (the next step)” to receive individual customized emails. For example: New subscribers receiving Welcome emails.

The purpose of having an email marketing software

Is for a business to explore :

1) Brand awareness campaign strategy

Creating a brand will give your business a face, without branding, your business has no face. The identity of your brand needs to be distinguished from others, this starts from your logo, the values of your business, your good and services, and your delivery of your goods and services.

Your customer care, will be judged by anyone you are providing value to, and this can lead you to have many returning customers or a few returning customers.

As a business, you will always be able to attract people to your business, but this is not as beneficial as it sounds, attracting the right people who need your services, is what will get you to have more conversions than just having a business following.

So, making sure you are attracting the right audience for your business, will be beneficial in the long run. This is because, Its better to have a small amount of people who like your products and services, because they are more likely to convert more. Rather than having a large audience that does not convert, and there for you do not make sells.

To avoid the mistake of having the wrong audience be interested in your products and services, avoid trying to sell to people who do not fit in your audience’s interest. To find this out, read more on How To Write a Business Plan For a Product here you will find how to create an audience that is right and meant for your business.

2) Automated content marketing

Creating content marketing for your business, will help your business’s reputation be identifies as “Experts”. Experts always get the best businesses, and quick trust from people. You want the public to feel both of these qualities coming from your business.

Write content marketing that is suitable for your business, provide content to your audience that you are absolutely sure, it is of interest to them, providing the wrong content, can sway your audience into unsubscribing from your list. You want to provide the right content, and the right content only, only the content your audience is interested in.

With creating and scheduling your content marketing, your automation software will help you to building even a larger audience, because of the education purposes of your emails, because people are learning from your emails, and you are getting more referrals from your customers, and more.

Word to mouth marketing is very powerful, most of the time, your customers will do this for you. So be sure to provide your customers with the most valued content, that like your business so much and become long term brand followers, and bring for you new clients, and customers.

Learn more on Automated email marketing formula.

3) Email marketing campaign

Email marketing campaign services will provide you with tools to make your campaigns easier. Your email campaigns will be able to collect data, if set to do so. Disclaimer: this feature might not be available with every platform.

Email marketing campaigns will help you to sell your products and services without having to do this physically. Since everything comes in digital form (like; blogs, articles, and podcasts). You will be able to schedule these events to be sent out to your email subscribers, customers, and new subscribers.

By setting when emails should be sent out, and how frequent your email list should be getting emails from you (Example: one email everyday). Will help in reducing you emails to going in the spam folder or the promotional email folder, and instead into the email box, where most of the attention is paid to.

Email Marketing lists and Email Segmentation

is going to be an important factor you are going to have to pay attention to, this is for all businesses, or business persons who plan on having, or managing more than one email list a time. You need to know how to handle your email lists and how to segment all your audiences right.

Learning about email segmentation, will help you to avoid mistakes of promoting the wrong materials to your audience, and there for having a high rate of unsubscribing individuals and high website bounce rate.

A high website bounce rate

This is when individuals don’t stay on your website for too long, before they close the window of your website that was opened to them. High bounce rates, can be caused by many number of reason, but below are a few;

  • A website takes too long to load
  • Visitors are not interested in your content
  • Visitors are not interested in your products or services
  • You are a stranger and there for they do not trust you
  • and Visitors do not understand what you do right away

An email marketing software is important for

1) Email marketing analytics

You can collect and put into analysis all the data that you need, to make the most effective decisions for your business.

Reading data will give you opportunities of improvement, according to what you are working on, you will evaluate your business according to your needs and make adjustments where you think it’s needed most.

Your email marketing software provider, will provide you with email marketing campaign tools, that will be able to be at the service of your business. You can always look at what your plan includes, when it comes to marketing tools options dedicated, and made available to your chosen email marketing service plan.

2) content marketing automation

If you ten on producing content for your customers, your email list, needs to receive emails consistently as you set your emails up. Your content should be relevant to your customers, and should always seek out to help them, before you introduce a product or try to sell anything.

You can set your content marketing into automation, by setting up your emails with content on;

  • Blogs
  • Articles case studies and research
  • Podcasts
  • Video illustrations
  • Infographics and chart content

Note: You do not have to include the whole blog, or podcast into your email. You can decide to give a glimpse of you content, nd them provide a a box or words that say Lear More, that you can highlight, in order for anyone interested to continue reading more, by going right to your website, or to where the information is located, according to your specifications.

You can also provide a link to your content, but with this, just make sure the link is short and looks clean. Avoid providing a long link, and also links that have numbers in them, this can sometimes look as spammy, and not provide as many positive results as you would like.

3) Trigger email marketing

Setting up, the actions to follow after your trigger setting, Is what is called trigger marketing. The completion of a trigger with a to follow action (the next step, nextdestination), is a journey marked up for products and services.

As a business, you will set a lot of marketing triggers, according to the products and services you have, and also to your content marketing.

Your links will act at your triggers, that if clicked on, the next action to follow, will be the destination your user will experience or see, by you leading them there.

Your triggers can be put in place, in order to perform a sequence, that is mapped out for the customer experience.

4) Email marketing campaign services

In your email marketing campaign services you will find that, your marketing software will provide you with tools, that help in running an effective campaign.

All your campaigns will be recorded in data, that you will be able to read and evaluate for best optimization in the future.

Email marketing campaign services include, setting up your email sequences, the time zones of which to deploy your emails, to customize your emails list the fist names of individuals in your emails list or not, and so on.

To best have a high performing email marketing campaign, make sure your platform is providing services that your business can be able to use and benefit from.

5) Connect with customers using email marketing

This is the point as you, the business entity, gets to build a connection with your customers, your customers will need to feel, why your business is important in their lives, evaluating these question, a customer can decide whether they are developing some interest in what you have to offer, or not.

The interest of the customer, is what will be your starting point in developing a relationship with them. Customer management is not something all businesses do, so you have an opportunity of shifting your competitor’s customers to becoming yours.

Taking care of your customers, and making them feel care about and confident in your products or services, will earn you good reputation in your community, and also maybe worldlwide (if you provide worldwide services).

Connect with your customers using email marketing by creating content marketing, and also the best products and service than anybody else. You can always study your competition as see what they are not including, so you can better your services by including something you know your customers will need, but your competitors are not offering.

This marketing concept can as deep as making, bundles for your goods and services, offering competitive prices, delivering of fast shipping, and secure payment.

Now that you know the importance of email marketing softwares, and why you need email marketing softwares for your business, Lets take a look at the Top 3 email service providers, that rank high world wide in business email marketing software.

Top 3 Best Email Marketing Software 2021

1) AWeber

  • Crm marketing automation
  • Ecommerce marketing automation
  • Mobile marketing automation
  • Digital Marketing automation
  • Selling digital products

2) Karta

  • Schedule your emails
  • A/B split test audiences
  • Audience segmentation
  • Analytics and real time data
  • Abandoned carts automation

3) Mailerlite

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Connect and verify your domain
  • Create custom email forms
  • Send and schedule emails
  • A/B split test email campaigns


Do marketing automation comparisons, to see which one best fits your business. Email marketing softwares offer free trials, you can always sign up for a free trial, ad see how you like the software, and decide to sign up for a plan or not.

Exploring softwares can be done, and should be considered as an exploration your business can take, this is because, you can always change / move from one provider to another, if you are not satisfied with the services your business is getting.

Email service provides that rank higher in the Business marketing softwares worldwide is AWeber, Kartra, and Mailer lite. Signup for free trials to try these platforms before brushing them off your shoulder, because they could work wonders for your business.

What email marketing software do you use? Do you find your software useful for your business? tell us below. And also feel free to share this article with anyone you might know.

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