Top Marketing Automation Platform

Top Marketing Automation Platform

What is a marketing automation platform

A marketing automation platform is a company that gives email automation services to businesses.

The robotic process automation software, delivers emails as instructed, by an email curator within the call to actions and scheduled events specified, by the email provider / sender.

Top Marketing Automation Platform

Top marketing automation platforms are, platforms used by marketers to strategically perform email marketing sequences to customers. These emails can range in series of education, promotion of offers, introduction of offers and alerts of new arrivals and more.

All marketing ranges from products to services. With owners of physical stores or without physical locations. Email marketing is a sales channel for many businesses, and mostly today more than ever before, it is encouraged that business owners channel marketing automation, to grow customer relationships and provide brand awareness.

Marketing automation platform comparisons

Marketing automation platforms are all the same, some might perform slightly different, but they all share a common identity, and that is to send out emails.

Marketing automation platforms might differ in a way that some have an extension in other marketing services and catering to customers.

Some of the extension services email providers might provide are

1 – Abandoned cart reminders

If you have an ecommerce store, your email marketing platform might be able able to remind customers who abandoned their cart at checkout to go back and finish their purchase. This is not a feature that is offered by all email marketing platforms. If you need this feature, be sure to check for it in your plans package.

2 – Website Live chat bots

Some email marketing platforms are able to offer chat bots for your eCommerce store or website. Live chats can encourage customers to trust a website that goes out of their way to give customer service.

3 – Email Capture

Individuals that attempt to sign up for your subscribers email form sometimes might change their minds and not complete the action of signing up. Your email platform is capable of capturing abandoned signup form emails, and sending reminders to those people go go back and finish their sign-up process.

This works the same like abandoned cart email reminders. Not all marketing platforms have this feature, check for it in your plans if you think it could be of use to you.

Why use automation

  • Saves times form manually sending out emails
  • Emails are sent on time accurate to the schedule
  • Makes life easier for the busy entrepreneur
  • Automation works effortlessly for your business in the background
  • You collect data in real time events that can help you study your audience
  • In case of any emergency, your business will function without missing a beat

A/B Split testing – Audience Segmentation

A/B Split testing

Test audiences and know how they respond to your emails, by watching your email open rates and email ignored rates.

People who open your emails and people who don’t open your emails, might be able to help you learn something and make necessary adjustments to your emails. On Example: Changing your email templates, fonts etc.

Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation, might help you to segregate demographics, gender and age, to know how to serve better your audience by studying their preferences they get from your products or services.

Top Marketing automation platforms in 2021

1) Kartra

  • Crm marketing automation
  • Ecommerce marketing automation
  • Mobile marketing automation
  • Digital Marketing automation

2) Mailerlite

  1. Landing pages creation
  2. Drag and drop website builder
  3. Domain name connection and verification
  4. A/B split test and email segmentation

3) Aweber

  • Schedule your email to audience time zones
  • A/B split test and segment your emails
  • Connect a form to your website
  • Affordable prices and free trial

Having an email automation service platform might be amazing, but you need to know how to write your emails, when to send your emails, and how to push your promotional materials. Know how and when to write your emails, What is Email Marketing and Its Benefits? 4 Types of Email Marketing.

Email Automation FAQ

What is automation in email marketing?

Email marketing is an act, of sending out emails in scheduled events. For an event to happen a trigger has to occur.

What are the 4 types of marketing emails?

1 – Promotional emails
2 – Product and services educating emails
3 – Customer relationship nurturing
4 – and Brand awareness emails

What is the best automation software?

The best automation software is Mailerlite, Kartra and AWeber

How do you automate many emails?

You automate many emails by creating emails within email templates and scheduling those emails to an individual or a certain email list that you have.

Best Marketing Automation Platform Conclusion

Marketing automation platforms give marketing automation services to small businesses to thrive, with plans and pricing that ranges from different sizes of businesses, you can choose a plan according to the the size of your organization to fit your costs and need.

There are a lot email hosts out there, but without automation, you still cannot use automation to automate your business. Being able to send emails in a sequence of triggers is what is ai automation platform. “Sending emails even when you don’t know about it”.

A marketing automation list contrary to the best automation platform, will do nothing for your business unless you know how the platform works and are familiar with their services.

Functions, settings, the full packages that come with email marketing service platforms needs to fulfil the service plan that you are paying for. Know the functions you are paying for, for your marketing automation platform.

Platform automation pivital points of automation is reading data and being able to understand your business, to make enough factual decisions for the better of the operation of the business as a whole.

Automation platform for digital business, ecommerce business, attorney, dental office business, bakery, restaurant, lawyer’s offices and more. All work the same, the emails of purpose might be different. but the email marketing platform serves the same purpose, and that is to send out emails.

Marketing automation platform and email marketing service for more on marketing email for all your business purposes. Get Marketing Emails written by professional who understand your industry.

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