Top marketing automation platforms

Top marketing automation platforms
Top marketing automation platforms

With email marketing there are some definitions you need to understand before choosing the right marketing automation platform for youself, and your business.

Your business will depend on these definitions, when it comes to choosing the right payment plan, the right platform, and the right functions within the software in order to find the right useful solutions for the functions of your business.

Marketing automation definitions:

1) email marketing automation

Email marketing automation, is the intentional act placed upon an email, to act in a certain way when someone trigger an action.

Example: If someone signs up to receive a PDF Book, according to the person that is giving the PDF Book, the book will be received by the person that signed up to receive the PDF, immediately, or after two days, depending on what the person giving the PDF has set the trigger of email delivery.

2) automation solutions

Automations solutions, are companies that offer email marketing platforms, and these platforms are able to offer services in email automation, data collection, and data evaluation, among other services set within the software.

Automation solutions work in the background of a business, so no manual work is required, thus fur to reduce the backlog of emails that would have to be sent out daily if everything was not scheduled.

With automation solutions, you can set and schedule your newsletters, your email marketing campaigns, your data collection analysis, etc.

3) marketing automation

Marketing automation is an automation signal that is put in place, to automatically act when a certain trigger is set.

4) email marketing software

An email marketing software, is a software that is enabling you to do all your email marketing needs, purposes, and functions.

5) email sequence software

This is the act of setting up your email, to follow up with the command you put onto them, the following action after the action is takes to create a trigger, there is an email sequence that is needed, in order to make the following action successful.

6) what is email marketing definition

Email marketing, is an act of sending out emails to an email list all at once. These emails can be for content marketing, a marketing campaign, or any other purpose that a company that owns the email list, thinks it would be important to make their email list aware of what is going on “whatever the purpose of the email might be, “the message needs to be clear”.

7) trigger email marketing

These are the following actions that are supposed to happen, after a trigger has been sent to your email list folder, email sequences can follow up, to an email list, so as to accomplish the triggers put in place.

8) email marketing campaign services

Email marketing campaign services are provided by the marketing software platform. You can find these services in your plan options or package options for your marketing software services.

These services range from different prices, according to the platform you are looking at, or considering. Other platforms are more expensive than others, and others offer more services that others, so be sure to go over, of what your company needs before signing up to any software.

9) email marketing campaign tools

Email marketing campaign tools include analytics. Analytics data, that is able to show you how your campaign is doing. Marketing softwares offer different kind of analytic dats you can collect. If you will need to collect data, find out if their platform is easy to use, and what kind of date they are able to collect. before signing to a plan.

10) email marketing tools

Email marketing tools that you can use from any kind of marketing software, is being able to send digital products for free, and other services that you think are suitable for your customers.

Email marketing tools range from:
You email marketing form template, Your subscribe form, and how fast you are able to deliver your promise “the email”. Being on time with your emails, can either cause you to lose a subscriber because they unsubscribe to your email list, or cause more people to join, because everyone is having an amazing experience, with you delivering on your promise.

Marketing automation software for small business

The best email marketing software 2021 for email marketing are Aweber, Mailerlite, and Kartra. These email marketing platforms, have been able to help small business grow and expand, because of the accurate mail delivery, nd fast following triggers that occur.

You will surely notice how fast your emails are delivered if you join the trial period before choosing a firm plan. With an email marketing platform you will be able to do.

A) Opt in email marketing services

With opt in email marketing services, using your subscribe opt in form embedded on your website, you will be able to ask for people’s emails and grow an email list, that you can in return use to educate your subscribers of your products and services and also market to them with content.

Your subscribers will be able to get marketing materials that are educational and also promotional from you, by you, using your email list

With this exploration, you will be able to come up with branding ideas, and explore brand awareness campaign strategies for your business, al this is done for future growth and expansion.

B) Opt in email marketing software

An opt in email marketing software, will help you integrate your website and your email form, so all the people who are subscribing to your email list on your website, will directly be added into your email list, that is hosted on a thrird party email marketing software.

This service will help you grow your email list, without worrying on if your new subscribers are getting your emails. Emais will be sent to your new subscribers automaticall, because of the trigger of someone joining your email list.

Example: If you gain a new subscriber in your list, the moment a new contact enters in your email list, a trigger of sending a welcome email will be the followed action, from your opt in email marketing software, if set.

C) Content marketing automation software

Content marketing is another way of keeping your email list entertained, and also education them more on your products and services. Content is another way of being in front of your customers all the time. Brand are easily forgotten, if you are not constantly communicating with your customers.

Come with a schedule to structure your content for customer communication and improved updates, or notices you should let your customers know of, if there is any.

Content marketing, can consist of blogs, podcasts, infographics, research, contests, give away, and more.

Best email marketing software 2021

1) AWeber

  • Crm marketing automation
  • Ecommerce marketing automation
  • Mobile marketing automation
  • Digital Marketing automation
  • Selling digital products,

2) Karta

  • Schedule your emails
  • A/B split test audiences
  • Audience segmentation
  • Analytics and real time data
  • Abandoned carts automation

3) Mailerlite

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Connect and verify your domain
  • Create custom email forms
  • Send and schedule emails
  • A/B split test email campaigns

Email marketing tips

1 – Know your subject (the individual you are speaking to)
2 – Know your email (the intention of your email)
3 – Read your data (email opening rates)
4 – Evaluate your data (collect and study data on your customer’s behavior)
5 – Make improvements (on your email titles, email body & ending)

Get an automated email marketing formula that works and know How to write an email marketing strategy for a Small Business Product Launching Road Map and also learn Entrepreneurship Business Plan How To Write One for the best product launch and all the email marketing efforts that you put into your business.


Email marketing for any type of business, will need
Products : Goods & services
Marketing services : Content marketing & brand awareness
Campaign tools : Email marketing tools & Campaign strategy
Brand awareness: Trigger email marketing & Call to actions

Choosing an email marketing software that supports your business and needs, will make a difference. You can always change your email marketing software if you feel like trying another software, that is the beauty of email marketing.

So, whether it is trying a new platform or staying with the platform you have, email marketing still has many options where you can explore the tolls that you have, and also talk to customer assistance to learn more, and customize the package for your business plan, if that is what you need.

Email marketing works best when it comes to managing your customer relationship with your business. Helping your customers to build a relationship with your business, will be up to you, and what king of content you want to create for them, so they form a strong relationship with you.

Customers will not build a relationship with your business, unless they see that you are helpful to them. Being helpful to your customer’s needs, and educating them with problem solvers, will put you on a higher platform of consideration, rather than your competitors.

If you found this article useful in one way or another, share it with more people, and communities that you know, so future marketers and small businesses, can learn more about email marketing.

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