Trump Shut Down His Blog, But so What? Don’t Shut Down Yours.

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Getting to write what you are passionate about, describing everything as you see it, but people can’t seem to understand it, Sometimes can send you into an uphill battle that you don’t understand. But shutting it won’t help you with anything. Continue to write what you write about, post regularly like you already do and don’t second guess the value you might be putting into someone else.

It always takes heling one person not a group of people at at time because that is impossible to do. Everybody understand something you are teaching equally, is nearly impossible.
Take it like coaching, teaching someone in a one on one space and environment is better than have a group of people around you that pretend to understand everything you are teaching about but nearly maybe half of them, don’t.
This applies to classes too, think about this yourself, when you go to school or used to go to school, how many times did you seat in a class and understand everything the lecturer was talking about and how many time you understand a little bit and at times everything.

Everyone has their own time when they choose to absorb things. We as humans might not think how we block our brains from letting a certain information sometimes, but yes we do. It depends on how we are feeling, how we think this is value to us and how we can apply it in our life.

You see, in the knowing lies how we use the information to further our education in something. It doesn’t have to be something in a large magnitude, it can be something simple as cooking. Once we learn the skill we become better people, and better people can’t stop dreaming, and dreaming brings out these things that we can’t live with, and we can’t live without these things, because we are creative.

Being a creative is hard, pouring out what you have learned over the years to help other people can be a process of joy, exhaustion and also frustration. Because people don’t get it sometimes. So don’t get, let down
when someone doesn’t have an attentive pattern, rather instead help the people that already have the attention of, because they will be easier to understand and curious enough to find what you do useful to lives and intelligence growth.

It doesn’t matter if no one knows about your blog. Again!

It’s the attentiveness that matters. Once someone pays attention enough, and curious enough to want to know how things work, that’s when the utopia of understand things pours in easily. Our brains don’t just grab onto anything, we help it pick and choose, because just like everything some things are not good for us and there for we have the obligation to pick what fits our individuality and what doesn’t.

Continue to do what you are doing, being misunderstood shouldn’t be the pit of your fall. But instead should be when your voice rises strong.

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