Using Email Marketing to Connect with Customers, Is it Possible?

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Benefits of Email Marketing

Many are saying email marketing is dead, but is it true?. The misconceptions of using email as your form of communication between you and your customers should be appreciated more than ever. Businesses are shifting into an online space and more communication is happening there too. Businesses are able to talk to their audience, grow their audiences and keep their audiences.

Having Authority and Building Reputation can be make or break for a business. Let’s get into the discussion

Why people say email marketing is dead

When someone doesn’t know the benefits of what something holds, they will always look down to it, but those who see a gem in something will always carry on and do something that is ignore by others. Not knowing causes a lot of people pain in the end, Not knowing there is money in email marketing causes a lot of business to fail or not, take full advantage that is already there, and that is to increase their profit margins.

Why you shouldn’t listen to people who say email marketing is dead

1) Large companies use email marketing, and in each and every year they bring in more profits because of the heavy email marketing system they have got in place to send to their customers. If email marketing is good for big companies then it must be good for small businesses too.

2) You can start Email Marketing for free. For Example Aweber, they let you sign up for free and start marketing with your emails, they provide you email templates that you can use or decide to customize. And they have simple instructions on how to get around their interface and you don’t even need to know coding to use their platform, because the instructions are so simple.

Other Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business

They offer email marketing, building landing pages, domain connection to your landing page and website, already made templates and so much more. Just visit their site to see the updated versions of their services to get started.

Another Industry Favorite is

They Include email marketing, landing pages building, contact list building, list uploading, and scheduling events like sending email according to time zones, among other services. Again visit their website above to see the latest updated versions of the services they offer.

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3) Nurturing Customer Relationships
Nurturing customer relationships to your business, will earn you lifetime fans and customers, of your brand. Brand awareness will multiply your brand growth because you talk to your customers and they know your business. “People are less likely to buy from people they don’t know, higher conversions for long term businesses, comes with relationships that have been build up over the years to create that trust that will not easily be broken.

4) All in one Marketing Package
There are many people that don’t know this but, you can conduct your business using a landing page and make sells without have a website at all. Having an Email Marketing platform that provides you with email marketing, a landing page, and an embedded sign up form, can make put you in the same position as someone that has a website.

If someone has a website and they have an email marketing sequence formed to their business, they can email their customers and they can create content to send them too. But if you don’t have a website you can do this too. Send your customers emails and content using your Email Marketing funnel, to schedule emails to subscribers and new signups “this works well for affiliate marketers, and it also works well for people who sell only using apps.

5) Grow your list over time
Growing your email list is what will keep you from running Ads all the time because you don’t have people to send your promotions too. An email list is a must have, and any business that is not collecting emails yet, please get started. This will save you so much headache in the future. High Marketing Budgets, expensive Ads creation, Cold emailing that takes time to over turn good results and so much more.

The Pros and Cons of email marketing

Just like in everything else, there are the good and the bad, and not trying to run away from the subject, lets talk about the pros and the cons of email marketing.

Pros of Email Marketing

  • You get to gather analytics, and read you data to better improve your campaigns, Ad runs or Ad spend
  • You get to do A/B Spit testing, testing audiences is something every business needs to practice especially if you are in an online marketing space. Knowing your audience will help you provide your services better and laser focus on a certain individuals.
  • You can try multiple landing pages for different customers to see which one converts the best “in whatever item you might be testing”. Having Email marketing work for you, you reduce future mistakes that could happen without testing your audience reactions first, with what you are trying to d, put in the market or sell.
  • Each and every year, big companies pull in huge profits from email marketing, keeping their relationship with their customers. Helps them study their consumer behavior in order to serve every unique individual the way their would want their services delivered
  • You can run a profitable business without having a website. Sometimes having a landing page and a sign-up form for new customers is enough, you can distribute your content by email just like big companies do.

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Cons of Email Marketing

  • People sometimes sign up for email by curiosity but never end up opening your emails, so you might end up with some subscribers that never open your emails.
  • Its time consuming to write emails, the perfect email that needs to communicate with customers has to be written in a certain way or order to get the message across Marketing Emails Platform
  • Because of people who don’t open your email, you will have to clean up your contact list now and then, just to keep your email list fresh and performing with only responsive members.
  • Not having a website means people can’t visit your web page and have to wait for you to send them content and keep them engaged in anything do, the downside is that people might want to know you more, see your web page, read your story and more.


The cons in email marketing do not out weigh the pros, and that is why this is a good reasoning that you should keep on doing email marketing. Online communication has become so popular in the 21st century that not jumping into the opportunity as a business would guarantee, that you will be missing out on so many opportunities that are already there, like communicating with your customers and using more sales channels.

Email marketing email templates, make it easy to send professional emails to your email list, so customizing the look of your email should be important as what contains your email. Free email templates are provided by email marketing platforms, the opportunity of testing your emails and designs will help you to figure out what your audience likes, you can figure this out by looking at your email open rate.

Email marketing is crucial to small businesses, because you are able to build an email list, not only that, an email list that is responsive and has customers that are seeking your product or services. An email list will not grow overnight but building your email list overtime that is how, you will get to have more customers and increase in sales in your store.

Having an email list, means you have an advantage over, growing your brand reputation because of the close relationship you have with your audience. You are able to take advantages of other sales channels and practice, cross-selling, and up-selling.

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