What Happens When You Promote A Post On Instagram?

what happens when you promote a post on instagram

Instagram post Promotion

So you want a much larger audience to know about your brand. And you are thinking about doing instagram post promotions. Well before we get started on this topic, lets talk about some definitions;


What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform, that regular people and business owners, join to promote themselves and find audiences.
Instagram being a social media platform and also a business platform for people who own a business or businesses, anyone can post anything related to their account keeping in mind that you are not allowed to break Instagram rules if you sign u p for an account.

Instagram promotion services

Instagram promotion services, this is when you want to run a post promotion or a campaign on Instagram for your post. These Instagram services range from likes, comments, geographic targeting, gender and even age targeting.

How do you post on instagram?

You post on instagram by slicking the (+ “plus”) button and adding a new picture or, you can clink on the video selection to add a video to your post, or click on your profile to add a story on your profile.

After a couple of introductions, lets talk about a few things about Posts, Campaigns, Pros and Cons.

How does instagram promotion work

How instagram post promotion works, is that you choose the post you want to promote, and run a campaign to get the most engagement out of your post.

On your Instagram account, when you clink on promote a post option under your post, you will be walked through a process of filling out the information needed to run the campaign, after a successful completion and setting up a payment method.

You will get a message that says instagram post promotion pending approval, You will have to wait for a couple of hours for your campaign to be approved, that is why it is recommended to set your post campaign to run after 2 or 3 days ahead of having created the campaign.

If your campaign is allowed to run you will be in the clear and your campaign will start running on the set date, but if not you will get a message that says instagram post promotion not approved and you will have to read Instagram’s reasons of why your campaign was not approved.

If your campaign was rejected, this might not mean anything serious, it could just mean that, you need to change a few things around, and resubmit your Ad to get re-evaluated again, that is why it is important to read Instagram’s guidelines before submitting or creating your campaign, to make sure there are no set-backs that you could face.

How to promote on instagram

1) You can use geo locations for targeting
Choose a country, regions and even areas you want your Ad to target.

2) Create interest audiences for your Ad 
For your Ad to be only be shown to a certain people who are interested in a certain interest “eg: movies” specify your audience of interest you would like your Ad shown to.

3) Select the gender that you think will be interested in your Ad
You can select both female and male, or just female or just male, depending on what your campaign is about.

4) Choose the age of the individuals you are targeting
Knowing what the majority age will be interested in what you are trying to promote, could make an effective Ad campaign. So be sure to know the appropriate age your campaign is targeting.

5) Campaign optimization
How long you will be running you campaign, could determine the level of optimization it achieves. Don’t run too short campaigns, like campaigns for one day.

How to promote instagram post for free

  • Post eye catching pictures, also give guides and tips
  • Go live on your Instagram to talk about relevant topics
  • Post right content for your audience and use relevant hashtags
  • Tag the location you are in for geographic content sharing
  • Tell friends and family to like your post
  • Encourage your followers to like your post
  •  Share your post on other social platforms and and give people a reason to like your post on Instagram.

How to promote your business on instagram for free

Create social media profile stories

People love stories, share your story and give tips in a series or short videos, doing this will grow an interest in wanting to follow and see what your brand is all about.

Post content marketing videos

In a series or short videos, educate your audience in the niche that you are in, so they can get to know what problem you are good at solving.

Grow social media content shares

Encouraging people who find your content useful to share it with others, will only lead to more referrals and customers.

Give promotional codes and discounts

To entice more customers to buy, or raise curiosity for them to check you out, use discount codes, promotions and coupons.

Run contests

And reward those who participate with points or gifts, to get engagement on the content that you post. Testimonials from people who won something from you, will make your business look legit.

Collaborate with Influencers

Most of the time, people think you have to pay influencers up-front for them to work with you, but that is the misconception. You can look for an influencer that can collaborate with you without paying them anything.

Instagram post promotion tips

Know your audience
Know the audience you want to target, this will help you run the most effective campaign to only people that will be interested in your content. Define what your audience likes, what kind of content they consume, and other likewise content they might be interested in.

Know your audience interests
Knowing your interests, narrows down from general targeting to specific targeting. General targeting is much harder to convert into anything, but specific targeting has more chances of converting, because of the interest that already exists in people.

On the dashboard of your campaign that will be available to you, to see how your campaign is doing, Yu will be able to read data that can help you determine whether you need to scale or stop the Ad campaign.

What happens if you promote a post on instagram

Pros and Cons of Promoting Posts on Instagram


  • Overtime You will learn to laser target your audience
  • You will learn how to run successful Ads for future Ads
  • You will get to create brand awareness and advertise your brand
  • You will have the option to look and study analytics with your team
  • You will build an audience and create authority around your brand


  • Engagement does not mean you will get more followers
  • Traffic might not refer back to your Instagram account
  • You promoted post will not reflect the engagement of your none promoted posts
  • Promoted posts might not be ideal to your business
  • You might not get the results you desire.


Things to keep in mind when promoting a post on Instagram

Instagram promotion guidelines

Instagram has guidelines to advertisers that apply to everyone, so whether you have a small business, a big business, or just promoting a personal post, make time to read their guidelines so you don’t get in trouble and risk your account being closed.

Instagram promotion payment

For your campaign to run, you need to have means of payments. Without payments you can’t run your campaigns. Set for how long you want your promotion to run and how much you are willing to spend.

Instagram promotion cost

It is very important to be aware of the budget you want to put into your instagram post, so you are not surprised by the charges later. Promotion for instagram posts can be very cheap, but numbers add up and you should set up your daily limit spending.

People also ask

Promoting a post on instagram does not guarantee you will get followers in return, but rather just works to get you the most engagement on that particular post that you are promoting.

Instagram promotion posts costs are different to everyone, you have the choice, on setting how much you are willing to spend as an advertiser. You can set your daily budget and for how many days you will be running the campaign. Be sure to have enough funds in your payment method.

It depends on what your targeted outcome is for the post. For example; as a business sometimes you will have discounts in your store, if you want to increase your sales and know the right audience to target, promoting a post can be a quick way to do advertisement for your store.

Promoting a post on Instagram gets you the most engagement on your post. Engagement reaches more audiences, and depending on if you have a personal account or a business.

Promote Instagram Post Conclusion

Don’t just promote any post on insta, Know what your goal is!. The goal might be to get more followers, to bring attention to your offer, send traffic to your store, or send traffic to your blog. Either way you should have a reason for your promos.

If you have a business, and you are doing post promotion. Highly recommended!, is that you set up and email collection form on your landing page, so people who are keen and interested, give you their email because they would like to know more of what you have coming up.

Email Marketing Emails will help you send emails to your subscribers without having to hesitate if they are good enough or not. Get Email Marketing Emails. By using an Email Marketing Software of your choice, you will be able to automate the process of sending emails to your subscribers easily without having to do everything manually. In the industry of Email Marketing, these are the best Software platforms Aweber, Kartra, and Mailer Lite

Share this post with anyone you think it might be to help. Send questions our way, and we will do out best to answer each and every one of them :).

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