What is Email Marketing and Its Benefits? 4 Types of Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a practice of collecting emails in order to use those emails for the end goal you have in mind, and to what people agreed to, anticipated from you, when they signed up for your email list.
Email lists can be asked from an individual with a promise, of a delivery of something, from an individual that is promising in exchange of something. This something could be more information on something they found interesting from the third party, a blog post, a guide about something etc…

Promotional Emails for Email Marketing
1) Brand awareness
Brad awareness emails that let anyone interested in what you are doing, subscribe to your email list for further details. This kind of email submission can be held on the website’s main landing page which is the home page. Embed a Sign up form and connect it to an email marketing platform that’s assigned to your email list funnel creation

– Authority and value education
Sending tips and guides to your list of subscribers, is another way to entertain them when you don’t have a product to promote. This process can be a good one to further educate your audience on what is coming up and what they should expect from you in the future.

2) Email marketing
This is described as solving problems by marketing a product that you trust people need by sending them email of the product, ready for purchase. Selling to an audience in your email list is easier because these kind of audiences are “warmed up audiences”, they know your product, they know who you are and most of all they are glad to get a product from someone they trust rather than a stranger.

– Email discount coupons
Sending discount coupons to entice your email subscribers to buy something that is at a discounted price can build trust, that on your part, you are not pushing to them expensive products buy you are offering them affordable prices and you care about solving their problems for them. This can lead to people buying from you over and over again. Coupons are good to send out to your email list on holiday times, and also to new subscribers to your list.

News Letters
Blogs; pieces of content that aligns with your industry that will help your audience be educated of their problem and also make it a natural process to buy from you.
Tips; tips and features and highlights of a product can be done in a newsletter to further explain to the customer why they need to buy your product.
Guides; writing e-books and giving them away to your audience for a free download or even sometimes selling them, can be another way of educating and also growing your business.

3) Up-selling, Down selling and Cross Selling
Up-selling; Selling an expensive product because it is packed with a lot of value and it deserve the price that it has, because it has a combination of things that wouldn’t exist in a down-sale.
Down-sale; Selling something cheaper by taking away the things that make the up-sale function well. The values of the down-sale are down graded from the up-sale to make it less functional but is capable of functioning but not better as the up-sale.
Cross selling; Selling something that you think complements a product that you would like a buyer to purchase without ever thinking of the cross sale, but when the cross sale is introduced, it makes sense to buy everything together, because the items function well together. Not all products stand for this case, but cross selling is always a way for the customer to save more if they purchase “a product being offered and a cross-sale” product being offered.

Email Marketing is beneficial and can help you with a Product Launch and behind the scenes Testing phases, campaign structuring testing phases, and more examples as follows:
– testing multiple landing pages
– testing product design and packaging
– surveys and contents
– give away and discounts

4) Relationships and Brand awareness growth
– Reputation hacking
To an audience, when you are a stranger for the first time they ever hear about you or see your brand. The best chance you have is to give them the best reputation you can, that will stand in for your brand. Practicing good reputation hacks from other brands and turning those into your values will help your brand build the reputation it needs, Brand Reputation Hacking

Building you brand around values you trust in and make sure put your business under a good spotlight, can only bring brand awareness growth and this is what is a pay off, of a long term strategy in practicing your values to your customers.

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