What is Mailer Lite? How to use Mailerlite, Mailerlite Landing pages, Mailerlite Pricing, and Mailerlite Review.

mailerlite review and mailerlite pricing

What is Mailer Lite?

Mailer Lite is an Email Marketing platform, they provide email marketing services and in an extension of their email marketing services, they also provide. Landing pages creation, website creation among other services. For more information visit mailerlite.com . Below we are going to get into services that Mailer lite provides, how they work, pricing and other advantages included for your marketing and further use.

What Mailerlite offers for Mailerlite upgrade and Mailerlite free

1) Mailelite Landing Page Builder

For people that don’t have a website yet, or their website is under construction. This is a perfect opportunity for them. Because they can get to build a landing page, connect it to their email list on the platform and build their email list in the background while providing values to people. This can be done by sending out automated email in Mailer Lite and giving away Free e-books, guides or tips.


You get only 5 landing pages for free and also Mailer Lite logo at the bottom of your landing page. To remove their logo on your landing page you will have to upgrade.
This is done by almost all Email Marketing platforms that offer Free landing pages and a certain number of subscribers before upgrading.


You have unlimited number of landing pages creation. Unlike the free version, Mailer Lite’s logo will be removed and not be anywhere on your landing page. 

2) Mailerlite Pop Up subscribe forms

You get pop up subscribe forms for your website visitors, this is good for new users of your website to see, that they can get more information on what you offer, and it can be a good end goal for them, by submitting an email they can get access to information.

Pop up forms have an increasing number of conversions and keep relationships and communications with customers easy to handle. So to capture web visitors email you can install a pop up subscribe form. You can design the form on your own and there is also ready made templates available for your use if you might prefer to do it that way.


3) Mailerlite Mobile-friendly email newsletters

Newsletters is a convenience way for any business, to provide more information to their subscribes, that they think is important and they should know. Newsletters can include things from

  • Website terms of use and policy change alerts
  • On sale items and coupons and discounts
  • New arrivals alerts
  • Coupons and so much more..

Mailerlite Newsletters are also mobile friends, so you won’t have to worry to set up another email template for the mobile version. The email template you create for your desktop users, is also optimized for your mobile users.

This is good for search engine rankings and your business because if your store looks good on mobile and desktop, it means people are having good customer experience and you will be awarded good ranking in search search results.


4) Mailerlite Email Automation

You get to form a sequence of emails in your Mailerlite dashboard. Automate your emails to your newsletters, etc. Mailer lite pricing offers email automation, there might be limits on how many email automation you can set up for a Free Version, but the paid version includes unlimited email automation set-ups.

“This means you can set up and name your email automation sequence if you have several and separate email automations ” example: email automation for Newsletters, Email automation for new subscribers, and more. This can also be done when you are testing audiences and doing audience split testing.


5) Auto Resend Emails System

To people who did not click on the email “Not in free plan”, you have a chance to send them the email again if they did not open it the first time. Resending emails is a good option to have as a marketer because not all the time people open their email. Sometimes people give the wrong email or submit with an email they rarely open.

With this option, you can watch who open and who does not open your email hence, giving you a good survey option of cleaning out your email list and choosing to stay with people that are responsive to your content.


6) Email Set up Deliver by time zone

Send your emails according to time zones of different countries “not in free version plan”. This can make a difference if you study your data, on when people in a service that you offer, tend to open their email most, Sending an email on times that people are likely to open their email can be the difference from. People opening their email way too late or not opening them at all because they were not anticipating any important email.

  • Schedule times can be for products on sale timers
  • Time zones can determine the high responsive times when people open their email most. This is something to look out for, for anyone that offers any kind of service overseas.

7) Email campaign reports

You get to watch your email campaign reports and change things within your campaign. Email campaign reports lets you study more data about your audience in order to serve them better.

  •  You can see your email opening rates percentages
  •  You can see the opening rate responsiveness, if there was a call to action in your email, how many people followed the call to action instructions you were giving?
  • Email campaign have all sorts of important data you can read, all of them were not mentioned here, Be sure to look at the pricing and what’s included in the email campaign reports


8) Customer Feedback Surveys

You can create surveys for your customers and website users. This could be fun questions you are just asking to keep the customer and business relationship extensive, more than them just making purchases. Create fun surveys and customize them to what your audience’s interest and apply this into your newsletters too if you can and not only on the website.


9) Domain authentication Connection

You can connect your domain, to your landing page. You can connect as many landing pages you want according to the “plan version” of Mailelite you have. Connecting your domain will make your website look professional and trusted by others that land on it.


10) Multi-user accounts for team Management

You can set up a multi-user accounts for your team and set up what they can change and what they can’t change. Control what they can have control over, as your team. The back of the website is very important, sometimes not letting everyone have access to everything would save you from mistakes that someone could make without knowing.

Mailetlite lets you set up accounts for multi users so that you avoid costly mistakes that could happen in the future and also just o give you control of your whole account.


11) Mailerlite Ai Integrations

Add testimonials, videos, countdown timers and more. Integrate these into your landing page, emails you send out, newsletters and more.


12) Other features that Mailerlite offers

Digital product selling:
Sell digital products directly from your landing pages! You can now sell digital products and subscriptions using their Stripe integration.

Save templates for future use
Save your favorite landing page designs as templates. You can access your personal template gallery to quickly build new landing pages with the same style and layout as your template.

Site-Pro Websites
You can publish as many websites and landing pages as you need, access your saved templates and quickly make your websites or landing pages, offering your own user website layout experience



1 – 1,000
1 – 1,000
1,001 – 2,500
2,501 – 5,000
5,001 – 10,00





Mailerlite Review Conclusion

Mailer lite is an email marketing platform, that gives services from big to small businesses by providing marketing services.

Marketing services range in all different kinds or prices, choosing the right package that suits your business, can help control the costs of marketing automation services for your business.  

As at the time of writing this article, the prices of Mailer Lite are as described above. So be advised, these prices could change or could have changed by the time you discovered this review article.

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Are you going to try Mailerlite? Do you already use it. Let us know of your experience below. Sharing this article will more people know how awesome mailer lite is.

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