When to Post on Instagram for High Engagement – The Best Times to Post on Instagram

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media app, where people post pictures, videos and reels for further engagement on the content from audiences. Audiences can be anything you choose to do and post on. Posts can range from 1, to however many you want to post a day. Instagram has all kinds of app users, there are personal accounts, Business accounts, Hobbies accounts and more, If you can think of it! it is already there. You just have to search for your audience by using #yourkeyword and you will find a community you can engage with.

On Instagram, you can post any time you would like to post. But for engagement Purposes. Posting on Instagram between 6AM – 11AM (PST) is better for high quality engagement on your post “this depends on how many followers you have and the relevant hashtags you are using along with your content.

Being aware of the time zones that exist in other countries, your posts need to collide with those countries if you have high engagement with those countries, so you are not posting at times where there is low engagement.

How you can find the best times to post on Instagram for your Business.

To rank on a user’s feed, In 2018 Instagram made a change to it’s algorithm, making timeline a factor, depending on these three factors

1) Your own Interest
Posts that you have engaged with on the app or showed interest in, will appear on your feeds.

2) New Posts
New posts that are relevant will be prioritized for a higher ranking on other feeds instead of older posts from other people that are days or weeks old.

3) Engagement
Posts that you engage with the most, or the accounts you visit the most, will rank higher on your feed and home page.

So what does this mean for you?
It means it is important to look at your analytics after a period of time, of you posting. Look at the successful posts, look at how many accounts it was able to reach and how much engagement your content got. To imitate the success of the successful post, create the same content and watch your engagement for a week and see if people like that kind of content and if they do, then you should implement more of those kind of posts.

Posting frequently and watching which hours do the best for your content, will help you in getting engagement for your posts.

Get familiar with your account and find the Creators Studio or the Analytics dashboard and see the location of your followers, their gender, their age, and when they re most active on Instagram. You cna access all this by have an Instagram Business account, which you can change from your account settings.

Suggestions of what are the best times to post on Instagram are so many out there. Just for a word of advice, don’t stick to a fixed template of best times and collect your own data to find the best to post for your own kind of business, account or engagement. 6:00AM -11:AM is the general time if you are new to Instagram and you would like a good time frame to start with.

The following data is from popular social media marketing companies suggesting when is a good time to post on Instagram

Later: A cross posting social media account
Suggests time frames between 9 A.M to 11 P.M (EST).
Hubspot favors the time between 2 P.M and 3 PM (CDT) and Thursday as the best day to Post.
Sprout says Wednesday at 11 a.m. and Friday from 10 a.m.–11 a.m
Search engine Journal suggests Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 11 a.m. and Tuesday at 2 P.M.

With the new algorithm now in play, now you know the best times that can work for your post engagement. If you are handling more than one account, it would be best if you got a scheduling post account to connect to your Instagram so you don’t get overwhelmed with content creation when it’s time to post your content.

Happy engagement! and share this article with someone you think it might help, comment and suggest topic to us to write on next.

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