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Best hosting for WordPress ecommerce

Dedicated hosting service

Website hosting in general is super important, if you plan on exploring options for your business online, whether it is capturing leads, acquiring customers or selling products and services, hosting is what will help you have a well build functioning website without having a physical store location or with a physical store location.

As a business all the functions that drive your website will be the results of your decision making and website development ideas. This can start from as simple as, the templates you choose to use for your website, the plugins that you install, to the general look your website carries.

Finding the perfect home, for your website and storing your data, might seem like a huge task, but that is exactly what we are here talk about.

The best hosting platform for your website

SiteGround, is way by far the best website hosting platform for any kind of niche website you want to build. Siteground hosts over 2,000,000 websites. In these websites, exists agency websites, marketing websites, lawyer website, restaurant websites, and so many more.

Being the number 1 WordPress website hosting service provider in the world, and personally recommended by wordpress.org. SiteGround keeps growing everyday and acquiring customers for their fast servers, top notch customer service and hosting prices.

With SiteGround you can…

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SiteGround Review WordPress

Best place to buy a domain name

How to buy a domain name
When you host your website with SiteGround, You have a free website domain that you can claim for a period of one year. When you register your domain or claim your free domain name, the registration will check domain availability for the domain you choose and tell you if it available or not, so you won’t have to worry about checking the domain name availability anywhere else.

Domain meaning: A domain name is the name of your business. If you would like to have a website online you will call your website the name of the business, and choose if you want the end of your website identity to be, a .org, .net, .com, .io, or any other. And here this is what is a domain name

For example if your business name is: Thinkers Inc
Your domain name will be: thinkers.com, thinkers.org or whatever identity you choose at the end. It is good practice to name your business the same name as your domain, so it’s easier for people to identify your brand and find you.

Best website hosting for ecommerce

There are so many ecommmerce hosting platforms for example, Shopify, Mangeto, Urbelo, Shopify and many more, but here we will talk about the best woocommerce hosting.

Best hosting for WordPress ecommerce, SiteGround WooCommerce review

With woocommerce hosting with SiteGround, you have functions to control your woocommerce inventory management, build your woocommerce webshop using the woocommerce developer plugin, edit, for example, your elementor woocommerce website and manage your orders all in one place.

Whether you want to provide fulfillment services, become an order fulfillment associate, or start a fulfillment company. SiteGround is the best website builder for you.

Managed hosting services SiteGround Pricing

According to your website needs with shared hosting options, you can choose from:

  • The Starter Plan
  • The Grow Big Plan
  • and The GoGeek Plan

It is totally up to you, to choose which plan is right for you, If you tend on building more than one website, the GrowBig plan and the GoGeek will be right choice for you. Depending on how big your website is going to be, you should make a good estimate on how much storage you will need in order to choose a more effective plan (so be sure to look at your bandwidth storage).

Like all things, we should be warned. With self hosting websites or managed hosting websites. You will grow with adjustments. You will change your website now and then, run configurations, and before you settle on any hosting, you should know these things.

A nutshell of what you should pay attention to when it comes to choosing good hosting.

Things to avoid when choosing a website hosting platform

  • Cheap website hosting that is just attention grabbing and provides no value to your customers.
  • Hosting that can not handle the amount of visitors you get on your website, if the host’s server is weak, this can cause your website to break.
  • Avoid free website hosting because it holds so many bugs and you could potentially get hacked, if you tend on growing your business aim for a secure website, for you and your customer’s information.
  • Avoid hosting that does not provide Free SSL certificates, your site will be shown as not secure to users and this can cause next to zero conversions.
  • If you have a WordPress website or want to create a WordPress website, avoid hosts that are not experts at managing WordPress websites, because when you are having trouble they won’t provide you with any services.
  • Avoid hosting that does not provide troubleshooting resources on the platform, figuring out things by yourself can sometimes be frustrating and time consuming.

The best Website hosting platform

SITEGROUND – How To Configure SiteGround and Know Your Settings

Why you should choose SiteGround

  • Fast website loading speed
  • Free SSL certificate instalment
  • Drag and drop website builders
  • Free plugins from developers
  • Develop staging sites without compromising your live website
  • You get a free backup of your website daily
  • With a GrowBig plan you can build up to 100 websites for free
  • 24/7 siteground customer service support team.
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Best hosting wordpress 2021

People also ask

Which is the best web hosting company in 2021?

The best web hosting company in 2021 is SiteGround, not only do they have fast loading servers for your website, their customer service offers the best support for your website at all times.

Is SiteGround the best WordPress hosting?

According to wordpress.org Siteground, is the best WordPress hosting provider for WordPress websites. This endorsement speaks volume to both web development companies that has more than two million registered users.

Which Hosting is suitable for small businesses having average traffic?

SiteGround hosting is best for small or medium sized business having average traffic, because of their different pricing plan options they offer. Check their pricing here

Is SiteGround good for WordPress?

Yes, SiteGround is good for WordPress, You can easily Install WordPress with an Installation click, and start building your website.

Conclusion review of siteground

When it comes to hosting, you want a hosting provider that has fast servers, to provide content to your visitors fast and not have lazy loading times before your audience sees the content they searched for.

If you have a wordpress website, having too many plugins than normal, can cause your website to load slow. Depending on the plan that you have and the bandwidth of your hosting service plan, you should be okay achieving a fast loading website.

Siteground login can be created for different users. As the owner of the website, you can choose what your users can see on the website and what they can’t, you can control if the user is able to edit your site or not, This can help you with team tasks management.

A siteground phone number is available and so is a live webchat that you can reach out to whenever you fail to troubleshoot something. Siteground customer service is available 24/7.

Siteground webmail login (sending and receiving emails with SiteGround Webmail login), will help you, represent your business on a professional level, if you don’t want to host your business email else where. You get to choose the email extension of your services with your domain name attached, so anyone can reach out to you. For example (customerservice@website.com)

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