Why You Need To Build An Email List – How Beneficial Is an Email List?

email list building and growing subscribers

If you learn how to build an email list, your business will have website visitors, an audience that knows about your business, and these opportunities can welcome new opportunities of growth.

What is an email list

An email list is a contact list that is in the form of emails, these emails are collected on website landing pages to create a contact list with an email list.

Email lists can be collected by using an email software. The email software will help a business send out emails in sequence, in order to customize a customer’s journey and experience. An automated email marketing formula is needed to avoid spam and be a professional business. Learning How to write an email marketing strategy, will elevate your business even more.

Being responsible in sending emails on time and applying the right call to action, and so much more, you will have to get a email hosting provider, in order to automate the whole thing so you don’t have to do everything manually.

What is a Mailing List

A mailing list, is a list of physical addresses of people. The location addresses, for marketing purposes are used by companies to send offers, discounts, new products promotions, and so forth, to attract new customers, and acquire new clients.

This is the form of marketing that are not practiced more by small businesses, but more by big companies.

Scenario: If you probably get mail in your mail box, you have seen mail from food companies, cosmetic companies, home goods companies and many more’s emails and flyers in your mail box. Well that is the practice of campaign mailing by those companies you received mailing from.

Why is an Email address list important?

An mailing address list is important to a business because not everyone is subscribed to their newsletters online, so take advantage of more marketing opportunities as business by creating mailing lists and also if needed, consider mailing list buy to grow your email list while taking appropriate steps as discussed below.

Email Marketing lists and Email Segmentation should be applied accordingly when you have an email list.

Email Hosting

Hosting your emails with a email hosting service provider that you trust, and has a good reputation, will give you less worry and let you work on other areas of the business without worrying about your emails being delivered on time.

When it comes to emails being delivered on time after your set triggers, these are the best responsive email marketing softwares that are used by businesses worldwide.

Examples of Email Hosting Companies

1) AWeber aweber.com

  • Crm marketing automation
  • Ecommerce marketing automation
  • Mobile marketing automation
  • Digital Marketing automation
  • Selling digital products

2) Karta kartra.com

  1. Schedule your emails
  2. A/B split test audiences
  3. Audience segmentation
  4. Analytics and real time data
  5. Abandoned carts automation

3) Mailerlite mailerlite.com

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Connect and verify your domain
  • Create custom email forms
  • Send and schedule emails
  • A/B split test email campaigns

What you need to know before you sign up for email hosting

  1. What kind of reputation does the company have in the industry
  2. How many customers do they have with businesses
  3. Do they have programs to assist small businesses
  4. Are their platforms easy to use and is their interface simple to navigate
  5. How well does their software rank, check this on Alexa Ranking
  6. Do they have testimonials from other companies who have used their services?
  7. Are they quick to communicate? is there customer service 24/7 or do they have hours?
  8. Consider looking for a phone number incase you would like to call and talk to someone on questions or problems you encounter.
  9. Can you customize your email hosting plan if you have a large enterprise?
  10. Can you migrate your email list to another platform easily, if you ever want to change platforms? some email hosting providers don’t offer this service.

How To Build An Email List

In building an email list, there are practices you are going to have to follow. With steps mentioned below, building your email list should come easy,

A) Email List Services (Buy email list)

When you are looking for the Best email providers, companies that provide email list services, there is a little bit of research you have to do. This is a list of email list to buy do’s and don’t for companies.

1) Know how the email list was compiled
Knowing the demographic and the residence of the people in your email list, will help you not target people who are not able to get your services. This can be from country location, education level, language and culture backgrounds.

2) Know how long the company has had the email list
To avoid getting an old email list that might not have people who are interested in what you would like to offer anymore. You have to know when the list was compiled to have confidence on people have interest in your product or service.

3) Ask if anyone else has used the email list
Sometimes email list providers can tell you if other companies have used the email list before. Knowing this information can help you determine if you want to use the email list yourself or not.

4) Know how many times the email list was used by other companies
If this information can be made available to you, then it’s good asking how many companies have used the list, and if those same companies re-used the email list more than once.

A company using an email list more than once, can sometimes mean the email list was good. Consider using or not using the email list for yourself if you offer the same services as the previous company that used the email list.

5) Know if the email is for rent or purchase
Knowing if you can rent the email list, or purchase it, will help you make an appropriate use of the email list. Renting an email list, gets you to use the email list and then move on. But purchasing the email list, will require you to maintain the email list.

Maintaining the email list will include activities like, sending entertaining information to your email list, this can be in the form of blogs, videos, tutorials, behind the scene videos, podcasts, and more.

B) Email lists for marketing

Collecting emails with opt in forms, is how businesses collect emails. An email list will only grow if you offer an incentive.

People need to know why they are subscribing to your email list. You need to come up with the “Big Gain” people will take away, by giving you their email.

Include discounts, Freebies on something that you think your audience will want, educate on topics that your audience is having problems with, etc, to entice more people to sign up to your email list.

This is the most organic way to grow an email list, but it also the most effective. Knowing that people gave you their emails intentionally means there is a real problem that they would like to solve, and you can take advantage of this by providing them with the best service they will not be willing to loose.

This is how most companies grow authority over time, by customizing services to their customer’s problem and also by educating.

C) Email list free

Free email lists being offered on the internet is nothing new, this method of enticing businesses to buy email lists by offering free emails first, has existed for a long time.

Companies like these do not offer legit services if they are not willing to speak with your business first. Knowing the needs of a business and their targeted audience is so important, that any email list shouldn’t be offered before hand, before any of these discussions are expressed first.

Businesses should stay away from companies that offer free email lists you can download and promote to without offering customer service first.

An email list to buy is the best option considering you have done what was mentioned above in section (A). Free email list providers most of the time provide black email list that will not be able to help you accomplish the goal that you have in mind.

Why You Need To Build An Email List

Whether you have a small business or a big business, you need to build an email list. An email list will help you take advantage of many things. Am email list is important for the following reasons;

1) Increase customer conversions by sending different kind of offers
2) Be able to study data and consumer behavior to improve your business
3) Customize your customer’s journey by specifying services to them
4) Educate your audience with blogs, videos, and podcasts
5) Manage customer relationship with your business
6) Up sale, down sale, and up-sale your services and products
7) Build authority in your community and worldwide
8) Become an expert people trust in your industry
9) Build authority and be competition to others
10) Study your business and repeat success and improve faults

The Pros Of Building an Email List

  • You can turn your email list receivers into customers
  • You get to create more brand awareness
  • If your service is good you get to build brand authority
  • The audience you are educating will look at your as an expert
  • When it comes to getting a service people will consider your business first before they look at someone else

The Cons Of Building an Email List

  • You have to clean your email list data base every 3-4 months, to avoid having an old email list.
  • The time to delete contacts from email list needs a dedicated time to look through your email list and deleting emails you want to get rid of.
  • It takes time to grow an email list, depending on what services you are offering.
  • You need to know how to write Marketing Emails
  • You have to have the right email title email body and email ending with the right call to action to have a high click through rate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Email Lists

Email hosting is storing your emails lists on an email service provider, to form sequences that can be sent out to the people you have emails of.

This depends, there is no exact numbder you can put on this service. Businesses operate different, and also have different pricing. To get pricing quotes approach the companies you are interested in. A phonecall is always the best to get information straight from the email list providers.

This question depends on if your are on a campaigning season, or you are just sending emails to entertain and manage customer relationship with your business by keeping your business relevant in their eyes.

Figuring out how often to email customers also depends on what customers signed up for. Did they sign up for newsletters, discounts, coupons, freebies, etc.

Thinking about all this will help you figure out how many emails you need to spread through out the month depending in the industry you are in.

Email List Conclusion

The use of email lists have come a long way, as one of the best practices in the 21st century, email lists building should be taken advantage of by any kind of business, big, medium, or small.

Buying an email list or going for email list for free kind of scheme both will not give the same results. Its best for companies to by a email list rather than get a free email list online.

Its crucial to have a better understanding that,

Free email leads list downloads are not for serious businesses, new marketers who still don’t know the difference between spamming nd promoting to real people, are the only ones that still do this practice and look for free emails to download online.

If you are a serious business, you want to acquire your customers in a natural way, there for you know that your email list is built from real people with real interest and not just.

Avoid downloading free emails from the internet with a promise of the lists being legit, because you won’t have a good foundation to build your customers relationships from.

If you enjoyed reading this article, feel free to share it with anyone that you think might benefit from learning about email lists.

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