Why your Brand identity needs to be memorable enough!

reputation management and brand identity

A Logo and a presence online is not enough. Your brand needs to be memorable enough to find room to grow and be identified in people’s minds. You need to be in front of people’s faces enough to make your mark, so they are aware of your existence and identify your work
These are just some of the ways you can help your brand find identity and life into people’s memory and lives. Apply these methods, and your brand should leverage on the relationship it can build with people on line and off-line.

1) Create Content with value
Whether you decide to do videos or write a blog, your content needs to be packed with value and interesting information that would want your reader to stay. Content that is an extension to what you do, will further explain what knowledge lies behind your products and this can further increase your chances of having future sells from people who are paying attention to your content.

In this world of too much content creation, you have to be unique and different. Yes it’s all been done but you can still make yourself stand out from the rest because of your delivery and how your communication come across. To provide more value to your audience you can create a

  • Blog
  • Video of explanations
  • E-book and more..

2) Work on Your Relationship with your audience
Your audience needs to be friends enough with your business for your products or services to be an extension of them. So be sure to entertain your audience with more of what you think they would want to see from you. Being social is the new marketing in this century. Communicate with anyone that shows an interest in your product, because leaving a good reputation in people’s minds is valuable. A brand with bad reputation has a hard time being valued by people and often struggles with getting rid of their reputation

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To build a relationship with your audience you can

  • Hold contests you know they will be interested in
  • You can announce give-away
  • You can have content that has questions and discussions
  • Collect emails for Newsletters and Email marketing

3) Have a clear explanation of what you do
What you brand should have one service that it’s known for and if you have other services, those services should be an extension of what you do and not the main focus. Don’t push every service to be the main focus of your brand, treat each service differently but make one service as the main one, because it will be easier to build authority that way.

If you are known to do that one thing well, it will be easier to see the other products or service you carry because it a “side” complement to what you do.

Everything you offer as business person is important, and personally you would want everything to be at the fore front, but this sometimes for most business owners, makes a weaker marketing strategy when it’s time to sell, because it will cause all the product to look the same if you are pushing all of them at the fore front or even worse way too different from each other when they are all made to look as equal. This approach cause confusion to your audience and potential customers and will be greatly advised not to do.

Use both Online and off-line Platform Appearance

  • Social media
  • Forums and discussion groups
  • Directories and Listings
  • Conference and Event Attendance
  • Annual selling events for more exposure
  • Advertisements, Interviews and podcasts

What do you do to go over and beyond to help your customers?
You need to define this carefully because most of the time it doesn’t mean doing anything to get a sale or over pleasing people, because this can sometimes be impossible to achieve. Be an over achiever for your customers but don’t be desperate either.

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