Why Your Business Needs Listing To Survive

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1: Introduction to business directories

Its you first time to introduce yourself as a business, and making a clear representation is crucial. A potential customer looking at your listing shouldn’t wonder what your listing was trying to offer to them. ]

Your services in your listings should be made clear and additional information should be given, in the form of FAQ, review answers, your business physical locations, public email contacts, opening and business closing hours, the business website link, your about us or me page, and more… As long as you think it is relevant for someone that is looking at your listing to see, you should include this in your list.

The more information you provide the more unanswered questions, and the less details you provide the more confusing your services tend to be. Don’t be over looked by making a grate introduction page on your listing. NOTE: Include pictures, of your business location and products, these pictures need to be big and clear “Don’t use small images”.


2: Product Introduction and brand awareness

Showcase the products or services that you offer in the your product page. YES! this feature is available in many listing directories, A lot of businesses skip this highly converting conversion customer product introduction offer page and it is, leaving money on the table.

Your product page should create brand awareness, be mindful on the products you decide to put on your listing service product page, feature only your best products and play this around with good imagery.

Good imagery gives good click through rate, and this might create brand followers that might be your customers forever. Use videos to add onto your product showcase and explain the features and benefits of what you offer.


3: Business reputation management

List your business in classified directories, list your business in directories that get visited. Directories that have high relevant traffic per month, tend to convert better for any business that directories that do not have as much traffic.

Without traffic, your business will have a hard time seeing positive results unless you are spending money on advertisement. Either way, organic traffic should be optimized because this brings customers from search results and not bought traffic.


4: Customer Reviews & Authority Building

Get reviews from your customers, if people like your product, chances are they would like to talk about how good the experience was with your service, ask your customers for reviews so you can showcase your customer satisfaction with your service.

Reviews are a stamp of approval from the public to the public. Reviews can create a brand and give it a name and reputation that no other business can try to outdo. Reviews are a voice for other people to try your brand, schedule your customer review requests. Customer review requests can be done by email or by mass text, it is your choice which one you use. Review Management Tool from Multiple Listings.


5: Advertisement Targeting & Retargeting

There is a lot of opportunity with advertising. For the advertising route as a business, if you decide to do advertising, there are platforms that will have settings for you to retarget your audience after having proven “the pool” of responsive people to your product.

Use this strategy, for up-selling other products to your retargeting audience after they have bought the first product from you that you think will complement the up-sale. Your up-sale product needs to be the next problem solver of your first product, or the cant complete the achievement without the second product mindset.

Listings help you figure out your best audience and target a certain areas, cities or regions. Run your Ad tests on responsive listing and scale back on unresponsive listings.


6: Brand Reputation &Customer Experience

Create customer experience first before you think of brand reputation, because your brand reputation can come from lessons of your customers and help you shape the values of your business and help you add more services onto your catalogue that you did not think of at first that you could do well in.

Welcome suggestions from your customers, ask how you can make your service better. People make brands, brands don’t make people, You don’t become a big brand just because you want to. Listen to your customer feedback, try and be helpful with answering questions in detail. All this can be done in your listings.


ALL THE SOLUTIONS YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS: Business Management Reputation,  Local & Global Directories,  Reputation Management.


Not Convinced? Think of shopping centers, Lawyers, Dentists, Restaurants, Car shops, Bakeries, small business, large enterprises and so much more… A business is never too big or too small to have listings. Most business have both or choose one from the other. Listings & reputation management, or listings alone. You can have listings without reputation or listings alone, but you cant have reputation without listings because listings create reputation.

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