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What is WordPress?
WordPress is a self hosting website, that you achieve by buying hosting and installing WordPress to your website for free, and by putting your website together, you creates more function that other people can use, depending on your end goal.

What are Plugins?
Plugins are Installations you can make to your website to add more function or functions. Depending on the creation of your website, you are going to need plugins that are different from other websites. Example, blogs, ecommerce websites etc.

What are themes?
Themes are the arrangements of what your website looks like, You can download a theme of what you think your website should look like and customize it. A theme can affect how your website looks to other people, rather making it a complicated subject on what industry theme fits a particular industry the best.


Below we have got the best plugins for your WordPress plugin needs. Some of them are completely free and some of them have paid versions.

Like most plugins with WordPress, you can use the free version of the plugin without ever needing the paid version (with functions limited to non paying members).


With WordPress, if you are creating a website that you are going to offer an option for to log in or sign up. You are going to want to create a member’s login page and inside of your member’s page. You are going to need to do this so your visitors of subscribers don’t see the default WordPress login page when signing up or logging in, to their account.

Default WordPress Login Page
Customized WordPress Login Page

If you want a smooth looking page, that is customized, looks good and represents your business well, Whether you have a personal blog, an agency, or a photography website, You will love this plugin. Customize and create your member’s page area easly.

With creating the member’s area page, you can

  • Sell digital products that can be downloaded
  • If you have a subscription payment for your website, you can choose to lock your content and let only a certain members see your content, by choosing those members.
  • You can set up video courses and release them according to your schedule to your members.
  • And you can also use your WordPress email marketing integration to do lead generation and find yourself more clients by running campaigns and using lead magnets, all with this oe plugin.

Find out how Members creation page works, here Customize WordPress login page design plugin

WordPress Member’s page FAQ

Does the plugin only work with WordPress?

Yes, The Plugin is a WordPress plugin and you can only use it with self-hosted WordPress website by installing WordPress and the plugin yourself.

Can I also create Membership levels?

Yes you can create membership levels for your members and choose names for them such as Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Which payment providers can I use?

Paypal, stripe, Cleverbridge and 2checkout.

Which email marketing providers can I connect to with my member page plugin?

You can connect with AWeber, Mailchimp, CleverReach, GetResponse, MailJet, MaroPost and ClickTip.

What is WordPress Admin URL?

A WordPress admin Url is your domain name slash wp-admin
Example: mywebsite.com/wp-admin

How do I create a front end login page in WordPress?

You can create a login page for your website by creating a default one on your WordPress site as shown here or, you can use a custom plugin for page customization as described on this blog.

Find out More on how your member’s page creation works Customize WordPress login page

free wordpress themes, the best wordpress themes


Themes make for the largest look of your website, putting aside functions and other belongings. It is important that you know, your website needs a theme that tells a story, is Industry related and compelling to look by the user (your website visitors).

As of up to date, WordPress has 8,517 themes. So, you have a lot of options and a lot to choose from, to break it down so you don’t feel overwhelmed and confused here are some of the best examples of WordPress themes

30 Top Free WordPress themes

1) Astra
2) WP Ocean
3) Kadance
4) Inspiro
5) Hestia
6) Storefront
7) Zakra
8) Newsup
9) Bravada
10) Imperion
11) Color Mag
12) OnePress
13) Customify
14) Blocksy
15) Enter News
16) Calliope
17) Chic Lite
18) Total
19) Shop Online
20) Mesmerise
21) Phlox
22) Yummy Recipe
23) Big Store
24) Pliska
25) Envo Market Place
26) Avril
27) Spacious
28) Page Builder Framework
29) Envo Shop
30) Uptown Style

To cut through all the endless themes that you have available to download at wordpress.org/themes/ for absolutely free.
Below are some of the website themes we thought we would recommend for you to look at, as a beginning point or point of reference.

Agency websites wordpress themes

1) Blocksy
2) Avril
3) Consulting
4) Designxeo
5) SpinTech
6) Coin Market
7) Sipri
8) Business Focus
9) Anexa
10) Agency Up

News website wordpress themes

1) Newsup
2) EnterNews
3) NewsLive
4) DarkNews
5) Envo Shop
6) PressBook News
7) Newsberg
8) Just News
9) Newslay

If you want to start a celebrity gossip site, a sports website or a general news websites, these themes will fit in with your vision, all you have to do to get started is to download the theme and customize it in your website builder to your liking.

Ecommerce websites wordpress themes

1) Customify
2) Rife Free
3) Shop Online
4) Big Store
5) Envo Market Place
6) Envo Store Front
7) Orchid Store
8) Royal Shop
9) Woostify
10) Top Store

If you are in an ecommerce space and you can’t find the perfect theme, Not only are these ready made templates for your quick website building needs, but it also minimal changes that you have to make and personalize it to your style. Replacing color, pictures and menus, will give you the perfect fast start that you need.

Personal blog wordpress themes

1) Ashe
2) Chic Lite
3) Bard
4) Polite Blog
5) Fiona Blog
6) Peronalistio Blog
7) Influencers blog
8) Dash Scroll
9) Blogling
10) Rebecca Lite

If you blog about your life, fashion, travel or own a lifestyle blog, you need a website that has a good interface that will help people understand more, of what your blog is all about. You will find it easy, to build connnection and build an audinece with these personal blog themes. Choose fromthe above.

Fashion blog website wordpress themes

1) Uptown Style
2) Feminine Fashion
3) Vilva
4) Hello Fashion
5) Color Blog Dark
6) Signify

These themes are perfect for designers, designers that would like to sell their products online, tell their business story and have a presence in an online world space.

These themes are perfect, for clothing designers, jewelry designers, shoe makers, painters and more. If you are into the art space. This will be a great point to start in choosing your website theme.

Magazine websites wordpress themes

1) ColorMag
2) Bosa Blog
3)Oh My blog
4) MH Magazine Lite
5) Envo Magazine Boxed
6) Hit Mag
7) Cream Magazine
8) Travel Magazine Lite
9) Color Magazine

If you have a project or would like to create a magazine story business, looking at themes that can make you stand out from the rest will always get new audiences to visit your site. By creating a unique portifolio, business and story line, a theme cal elevate your business.

Photographer portfolio website wordpress themes

1) PhotoFocus
2) Signify Photography
3) Blossom Travel
4) Travel Nomad
5) Bosa Blog Dark
6) CWW Portifolio
7) Bulk
8) Blossom Studio

Photographers who are looking to make their own website, to get more jobs or create a portfolio for freelancing work, these themes will work well with your vision, Customize the whole look of your website web pages by replacing pictures, telling your story with words by uploading pictures and videos, illustrations and inspiration to make your website whole.

Restaurant, food, cooking websites wordpress themes

1) Ashe
2) Yummy Recipe
3) Kale
4) Food Blogger
5) Food Up
7) SilaSlite
8) Hantus

Whether you are a home cook or a master chef, telling stories through a webpage is more than just having a website on the internet. Tell your stories with videos, recipe blogs, teach a course, put out tutorials, and build a following with your audience and your community as you grow.

Real Estate, local Businesses website wordpress themes

1) Envira
2) Conceptly
3) Thai Spa
4) House State
5) Nisarg
6) Avail
7) Architect Design
8) Aera
9) Yoga Fitness
10) Financey

Whether you are into finance, you wan to start a spa, own a repair shop, or a small business. You will love these themes. The unique look will help you customize your website and make it more personalized to your customers. A starting point to your online website is above.

Artist, Musician Website free wordpress theme

1) Music Focus
2) Consultare Music

Not many suggestions with this category, but most definitely the most effective themes for musicians. These comprehensive themes will make personalization easy. Just replace the pictures and add texts of your own to further express your career and you should be good to go. Build a unique concept of what you want your website to feel and look like.

Like we mentioned above, WordPress has 8,517 themes listed on worpress.org please feel free to go and take a look at more themes, if you don’t find the one you on our mentions.

Happy browsing:)

NOTE: Be sure to read the Details provided for the themes you are interested in, before downloading. To fully understand what you will be able to do with the theme. Preview the theme to see how it will look on your website for further re-assurance.

Disclaimer: If these themes are no longer free by the time you come across this article, we do apologize for any inconvenience it might have cause you.

Find more themes at wordpress.org/themes

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