Writing to Communicate Versus Writing to Sell

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When you are content writer or creator you have to have a line that separates you from educating and selling.

Both educating and selling have different lead magnets to acquire customers and should be treated as separate identities, that have one common goal, and that is lead generation.

If you are business and you provide content on your website, you might have been writing to sell instead of writing to communicate. In this article you will learn the difference between communication and selling to customers. Both of these resources can work with you or against you at any time.

What is content marketing

Content marketing, is the act of providing resources to your customers or an audience with educational materials, and useful purpose information.

Useful information can range from a blog, a video tutorial of product or services, digital files downloads, a podcast etc. Marketing can take many shapes and forms, it just depends on how you are doing it, involving your why, how and when.

Marketing Content

Marketing content can be a tricky thing when it comes to new businesses, and this because you are still learning about your audience and learning how to communicate with them, can sometimes be a learning curve.

Every business should have content, providing content will help you attract organic traffic and build brand authority in terms of being an expert who always provides the right information.

The content marketing world is broad, before you find your niche or what the the foundation of your business is all about. Identify the problem you are trying to solve and then work to find your audience and business functions liabilities.

The unity of moments that can make us all feel like a community, is what make brands what they are in our world’s prospective. You have to look at things in a micro lens when it comes to brand communication.

Its not about you, it’s about one common shared solution you are willing to provide to to people who have pain points with something.

Writing to communicate Vs writing to sell talks about story telling. Being able to tell a story of your brand in writing without selling at any point, but only educating.


Think of it this way:

When you are sick and you go to the Doctor, the doctor will try to find out what is bothering you, by taking tests.

You will be diagnosed by the doctor. After your problem is found, you will be educated on your condition first before you are explained to the available solutions. This flow of information is provided to you so you are able to understand, where you are in your life, before your “pain points” are given a solution.

Being explained to, where your pain points are and what solution you can get for them is crucial.

Give your audience enough information to understand what you are talking about. This approach is beneficial in the long run, because you will be building authority and and brand awareness over time.

Not all of us are exposed to the same content, and this might lead to different understandings of information among people. Your business values have to communicate with your desired community effectively.

Content Marketing Strategy

Identify what kind content you would like to provide people with, narrowing down your content topics will help you structure a proper strategy that is customized.

Providing customized topics of information will help people understand that you are an expert and trust will come easy, because people who are consuming your content will relate to you.

Try and learn how to relate to people, be more understanding for their problems, and seek to provide solutions for them.

Optimizing your content for your website is very important, do keyword research and find high volume searched keywords per month. Do blogs help with seo, will help you understand what content to create, and why it’s beneficial to have organic traffic.

Content Marketing Strategy Plan

1) Strategies for Content marketing plan

The first thing you should do before writing your content, plan your content marketing plan. Your content marketing plan will help you to identify, when you need to promote your product or service because you will determine when a customer might be ready to buy from you.

Drawing out your customer’s journey in your content marketing plan will help you to further study your audience, learn how you can turn your content consumers into paying customers.

2) Social media content marketing

Most people are social and this leads to most audiences to hand out in certain groups or pages on the internet. Identify which social platforms your audience like to hand out in.

This will help you to further target and provide relative information that is relative to your customer’s needs. Promote your content using successful influencers and also optimize your own page too (with relative content)

3) Website content marketing

Have available blogs, videos and presentations in the form of infographics or pictures. This will lead to more people engaging with your website and showing good signals to search engines to rank you better in search results.

Only provide useful information that is high value that people would want to become customers or subscribe to your email list.

4) Video marketing platforms

Join video hosting platforms to optimize for other audiences. You can find your audience this way, or it can work best in you favor and find that you influence intrests in other audiences to want to seek more details about your business.



All your content marketing shouldn’t be marketing content. Look at content marketing examples from other businesses, and even further go on to sign up for their email lists and see what kind of emails are sent to customers.

Content marketing strategy templates can be found on Pinterest, Google images and more. For more inspiration check out platforms that offer this service. If as a business would like to hire someone to do content marketing for you, you can always hide freelancers from third party websites like Fiverr.

Producing seo related content will get you indexed in several search engines. Writing content that is optimized will work in your favor, rather than against you. Collaborate with seo content writers. For example with Accessily for better optimization for search engine results

If your subscribers will be receiving your blog content, if you have more than one email list for the services of your business, learn Email marketing lists and email segmentation to further serve well your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the sale of digital products, products that are only available for the purpose of educating and promotions.

The main role of content marketing is to educate people, market to people and even promote goods and services you want people to be aware of.

An example of content marketing, can be in the form of a free or paid downloadable e-book, a blog information website, a tutorial or video illustration, an article and also a podcast.

This is the form of providing information to people only on the internet. Digital products are not like physical products, these are forms of products that come in files or have an existence within a website.

There are different types of content marketing, But what most businesses practice these. Blog content, Video and tutorials content, Podcast episodes and discussions, and downloadable digital products.

What type of content marketing do you practice? tell us down below in the comments. And also feel free to share this article with anyone.

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